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Deryni Rising

Started by Rex_Kelsonus (RIP), July 04, 2007, 10:39:56 PM

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Rex_Kelsonus (RIP)

Yes, I'm actually being brave enough to post the first one on the Kelson side of the Deryni stories.

Being one of the youngest members of the channel #Deryni_Destinations on the IRC network, It doesnt make it easy for me to make my point clear sometimes, cause almost everyone else has had a large number of years between when they were Kelson's age. I haven't. I'm only 20, not that much older than Kelson was in Deryni Rising.

I was kind of forced to grow up quickly, like Kelson. That may be one reason I identify with the character so much. But every time I read this book, I seem to grow closer to the character. He is such a dynamic character, adjusting, reacting, moving with or against whatever forces were in motion at the time.

At the same time, he is young, innocent, and afraid, without much company, save for his few protectors, namely Duncan and Morgan. He adapted to his father's death, having his right to the crown challenged, and, in the end, betrayal by Ian, beautifully, and secured his right to Gwynedd's throne by overthrowing the powers of someone who had a lifetime of experience to play on.

I have a few favorite moments in this book.

First, there's the arresting of Alaric, and the trial that happened afterwards. It was amazing to read, and I never get tired of seeing how Kelson trumped the council, without being overly cocky, or overly arrogant, and he used their own rules to do it.

Second, the stenrect scene. Amazing, simply because I'd love to know more  about them.

Third, the inheritance of the Haldane power ritual. Very deep, very moving, and just amazing how KK put the imagery into it so well. Enough said.

Fourth, The healing of Derry. I loved this part, because eventually, Derry becomes one of my favorite characters. Also, Morgan sits steadily at number 2 on my top three, though it's close between him and Kelson. I loved the fact that, since Morgan ahd read about Healing, he had to try desperately to try and save his friend's life. It was beautiful.

Finally, the coronation battle. Single favorite part of the entire thing. The climax of the book, and absolutely amazing how it was described. The ritual of the battle had me enthralled from the start of it. The waxing and waning of power at the end....just brilliant. And the setting of the crown upon Kelson's head, with the Other pair of hands.....well.....just left quite the impression on a young mind.

Well, that's about it for my favorite parts, and why. I'd like to know what you guys thought of the book, what parts you liked, why, and if it has, how the characters ave affected you, because I know the introduction of Kelson and Morgan has literally changed part of who I am. Before reading this book, I dont  think I've ever identified with a character as much as I do with Kelson.

So, there we go. First post about one of the most amazing books I've ever read.


Out of that book, my favorite parts would have to be the council meeting/trial (you gotta love how Kelson just shows up all his elders--how could they all forget his birthday!) and the aftermath of the fight in Kelson's apartments and how Alaric and Duncan figure out about Kelson.
I don't reread this one all that much (compared to some of the later books) but it's still a nice one.


I always come back to Deryni Rising with a lot of affection. In fact, I like Kelson best in this trilogy. He shows that the pains Brion and Alaric, and undoubtedly Nigel to bring him up so that he would meet the challenges that would be thrown his way were not wasted. Especially in the Council Scene. The Court realizes they can't just walk all over a young, relatively inexperienced king--he's a force to be reckoned with, already.  And Kelson manages to shake up the church nicely by the end of High Deryni. Turns them into a body politic that he can live with. 

I wish Kelson had been MORE like his earlier self in King Kelson's Bride.  I found him rather whiny and self-pitying twenty-one year old, while as a fourteen year old, he'd managed to step  up to the plate bravely and meet the challenges that faced him despite his grief over Brion's death. I don't blame him for feeling hard done by in KKB, only that he maundered on and on about it for too long. I can't imagine either Nigel or Alaric putting up with much self-pity from him, or Dhugal either. I thought a good bracing talk from one or all of them would have done Kelson a world of good.

See, Bynw? I'm posting stuff!

You can have a sound mind in a healthy body--Or you can be a nanonovelist!


One of my favorite scenes is how Alaric and Duncan managed to free Brion from the spell that Charissa used to bind his soul and change his appearance.
We will never forget the events of 9-11!!  USA!! USA!!


I think that Shiral's point that Kelson changed (not for the better) in some ways... The whining being one.

Perhaps his earlier "growing up" put him into a position where he could have what he wanted without limitations too soon?  I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.


My favourite bit has to be the council scene too.  I particularly like the part when Alaric appears to be preparing himself to fight his way out, but goes along with Kelson and that Kelson gets him out of it in the end.  Appointing Derry to the council is just class!

I like that from the word go Nigel, although he isn't part of the threesome that take centre stage in this book, is shown as solid and reliable.  Alaric clearly feels he can depend on Nigel, even though he (Alaric) is being accused of being implicated in Brion's death.

But the bit that annoys me is when Alaric turns his back on Ian in the cathedral.  Don't you just want to slap him?  Stupid?  Or arrogant?  But turn your back on a wounded enemy and you deserve what you get, mate!


Even the best of warriors, like Morgan, do make mistakes.  Morgan was very lucky he survived Ian's attack.  Never turn your back on an adversary until you are absolutely sure they are no longer a threat.
We will never forget the events of 9-11!!  USA!! USA!!


I am also a Kelson fan in this set, for many of the reasons already given. I was about Kelson's age when I read the books, so it was awesome to dream of what it would be like to have adults listen to you. My favorite characters change almost book to book. Each with their weak points and strengths. I agree that by KKB he is a little whiney, but then again, if he was perfect, what would Araxie have to work on for the next 40 years?



I'm a long-time fan of swashbuckling movies - and that moment when Morgan turns his back on Ian is a classic swashbuckling cliche!  It's almost a 'panto' moment, where the audience/reader can squirm in his seat and shout "No!  He's behind you!" and it shows how dastardly the baddie is, that he'll attack a man from behind.


The battle during the coronation is one of my favourite scene of all the book (but I love it all); I'm agree that Morgan maybe has been a little ingenuos to turn his shoulder to Ian but, well, he's not perfect!


Quote from: morgan on February 09, 2008, 06:56:36 AM
, well, he's not perfect!

He's not????  (ducking and running)

Actually, Rising is one of my favorites, as well, for most of the reasons outlined above.  I really admired Kelson for his maturity and intelligence.


Morgan, just so you know, there is a (Mostly)friendly rivalry between those of us who love Alaric Morgan, and those who love that uptight Bishop, Denis Arilan.

(I really liked Arilan originally. But then I felt he turned into an uptight snoot.)

You can have a sound mind in a healthy body--Or you can be a nanonovelist!


Quote from: Shiral on February 09, 2008, 02:26:37 PM
Morgan, just so you know, there is a (Mostly)friendly rivalry between those of us who love Alaric Morgan, and those who love that uptight Bishop, Denis Arilan.

I am VERY friendly.  Can't speak for the Morganites...  :D

And I like Morgan, really I do.  Properly cooked, of course.


I think Denis Arilan was born uptight and snooty.  I would like to bring him down a bit.  If I were to visity Rhemuth, I would help Kelson with my knowledge of Camber.  And if Arilan were to doubt my knowledge, I would threaten to reveal to Nigel what Arilan told Morgan and Duncan during the time Kelson and Dhugal were missing in that underground cavern:  "There are steps that can be taken to ensure that Conall's bastard is never born".  If Nigel were to ever find out that Arilan had threatened to kill his granddaughter Conalline, Arilan would be in big trouble.  Arilan has done good things, but he needs to be less uptight and snooty for me to be able to really like him.
We will never forget the events of 9-11!!  USA!! USA!!


Ah, but isn't that imposing modern morality on a time period when it is inappropriate?  Remember, when Conaline was first brought to court, no one dared tell Nigel who she really was, for fear of his rejecting her.  They let his innate love of children endear her to him.  And even then, there was a moment, but then he did realize that the child was more important than her siring.  But I do not doubt there has been (in real history) more than one royal or noble bastard miscarried intentionally.  And I think that is part of the function of Denis' character: to give voice to the less than pleasant possibilities that everyone else is thinking, but is too nice to give voice to.

Not that I think he's perfect, by any means.  And it is the imperfections that make him my favorite character.  He has a temper, and when it gets the best of him, he can certainly be arrogant.  But at least he's had some issues and problems to deal with.  He hasn't had the charmed life that Morgan has.  It's not that I truly dislike Morgan- he's ok.  It's just that things always seem to fall into place for Morgan and that makes him just a little too perfect for my taste.