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KK Chat - 19 Jan 2020
« on: January 19, 2020, 07:33:08 pm »

[18:11] --- KK ( has Joined #deryni_destinations
[18:11] derynibot gives channel operator status to :KK
[18:11] <~bynw> hi Bee
[18:11] <~bynw> hi KK ... many hugs
[18:11] <KK> Hello, ALL.
[18:11] <Bee> Hi KK!
[18:11] <KK> How's the weather treating everyone?
[18:12] <Bee> Snow here, not as bad as some places
[18:12] <~bynw> it's 4 degrees here ....
[18:12] <~bynw> i'm freezing
[18:12] <KK> We dodged the bullet here.  Driving up to Jasta's memorial service yeaterday, I only got wet roads and a smattering of snow from time to time.
[18:12] <Eris> <Shiral> Hi Katherine
[18:13] <Eris> <Shiral> It's been a chilly gray week where I am
[18:13] <KK> Bright sun here today, though very, very cold.
[18:13] <Eris> <Shiral> And wet.
[18:13] <Bee> How was the service?
[18:13] <~DesertRose> Hi KK and Bee and Shiral.  Sorry, I was AFK dealing with laundry.
[18:14] <Eris> <Shiral> Hi DR, Bee, and Bynw And DarkSir
[18:14] <Bee> My computer is giving me a severe weather alert.
[18:15] <~bynw> friday it was the start of our snowmeggedon got at least 5-6 inches of new snow on top of the snow we got the weekend before
[18:16] <~bynw> today and tomorrow we have arctic like temps it will be in the negatives tonight without windchill and the same for monday but it warms back up a little near 20 by tuesday and into the 30s after that
[18:18] <KK> Service was very good.  Lots of her friends from various circles, good reminisces, a dynamite reception afterward.  Her ashes were buried next to a longtime choir director she was close to.  It was well worth the drive up, though I was wavering for days, trying to decide whether the weather was going to let me go safely.
[18:18] <~DesertRose> It's been dreary here all day, and the high temperature tomorrow will be about 20 degrees F cooler than the high today.  I hate actual cold, and I'm glad I don't have to deal with it, but I could cope more easily with this time of year in Florida if it would pick a direction and stay there.
[18:19] <HoundMistress> Sounds like a nice service for JastaElf.
[18:19] <KK> It was.
[18:19] <HoundMistress> 20 F in
[18:19] <HoundMistress> Jax tomorrow?
[18:19] <Eris> <Shiral> Was thinking of Jasta and of you, yesterday, KK. Glad you were able to go
[18:20] <~DesertRose> No, it was in the 70s today but it'll be in the 50s tomorrow.
[18:20] <HoundMistress> We'll have 50s tomorrow, too.
[18:20] <~bynw> i would love the 50s right now
[18:21] <~DesertRose> I wouldn't mind the 50's if it hadn't been 75 today.
[18:21] <HoundMistress> That was us Sat. 70 then on Sunday 40s & 50s
[18:22] <KK> A sad thing I found out yesterday.  Jasta's beloved horse, Jasper, had to be put down only a few days after she passed.  They didn't tell her he was sick, so as not to distress herself, but I think she needed him in heaven, so he was also called Home.
[18:22] <~DesertRose> Like, I do own sweaters (jumpers for the UK English folks) and long-sleeved shirts and -- gasp of shock -- socks, but yo-yoing between t-shirt weather and sweater weather is doing a number on my sinuses.
[18:22] <~bynw> oh that is sad KK
[18:22] <~DesertRose> Oh, no.  But I bet she was glad to see him.
[18:23] <HoundMistress> He knew she needed him.
[18:23] <KK> I'll bet she was.  And hopefully, she and Scott were soon able to meet up.
[18:23] <~DesertRose> And I bet Thranduil greeted her, too.
[18:23] <Bee> ?me watches Jasper gallop across the Rainbow Bridge, welcomed by Jasta on the other side.
[18:23] <KK> He was a lovely horse; an ordination present, nearly 20 years ago.
[18:24] <Eris> <Shiral> I hope Jasta and Jasper have had time for some lovely rides, then. But poor Jasper. I remember how excited she was when she first had him.
[18:24] <Eris> <Shiral> Yes, all the cats she's loved were surely there waiting for her.
[18:25] <Eris> <Shiral> I hope she and Scott have had some great times, also
[18:26] <KK> Jasper was a very kind horse, for those of you who know horses.  They had some good times together.
[18:26] <Eris> <Shiral> I know she would have wanted to spend more time with him, if she could.
[18:26] <KK> And Shiral, it's my understanding that, beyond the Veil, there's all the time in the world.  :-)
[18:27] <Eris> <Shiral> So hopefully, she's having plenty of Jasper time. =o)
[18:28] <Eris> <Shiral> But I was referring to down here on the mortal plane.
[18:28] <~DesertRose> He was also just beautiful.
[18:28] <KK> Yes, she didn't get to ride him as much as she would have liked, but she visited him regularly, and loved him to bits.
[18:29] <Eris> <Shiral> That I definitely knew.
[18:29] <~DesertRose> I'm not sure I know enough about horses even to be dangerous, but the pictures of him she shared were absolutely lovely.
[18:29] <Eris> <Shiral> He was a very lovely horse.
[18:29] <Bee> pics on the website?
[18:30] <Eris> <derynifank> Hi all. Having coputer problems so don't know how this will go
[18:30] <Eris> <Shiral> We can see you
[18:30] <Bee> Hi DFK.  Enjoy the chat while you can
[18:30] <Eris> <derynifank> So glad that you were able to go to Jasta's service KK
[18:31] <~bynw> hi dfk
[18:31] <~DesertRose> Bee:  Here's one of Jasper with his human.  ;)
[18:31] <~DesertRose> Hi DFK
[18:32] <Eris> <derynifank> Is the weather improving Bynw? Hope so. We have had 60's then 50s today. But cold fry windy and temperature pluningont has arrived so now ver
[18:32] <KK> Given that I was one of the eulogists, it was kind of important, though I'd made contingency plans for someone else to read it, if I hadn't been able to make it.
[18:32] <Eris> <Shiral> What was the nature of Jasper's illness?
[18:32] <Bee> Yes, he is very beautiful
[18:32] <KK> I'm not sure what he had.  It wasn't a term immediately familar to me.
[18:32] <Eris> <Shiral> I'm glad you got to go, since Sharon was a very important person to you.
[18:33] <KK> And the pic of Jasper is wonderful.  He was a very handsome boy.
[18:33] <Eris> <Shiral> She would definitely have wanted you there.
[18:33] <Eris> <derynifank> He is a beautiful horse. Hope they are having fun together
[18:34] --- jerusha ( has Joined #deryni_destinations
[18:34] <~DesertRose> There's another picture on her Facebook, of her and Jasper with their faces together; she's wearing a Red Sox ballcap.
[18:34] <Eris> <derynifank> How is Jasta's family doing?
[18:34] <Bee> Hi jerusha
[18:34] <Eris> <Shiral> Hello, Jerusha
[18:34] <jerusha> Hi Everyone
[18:34] <~DesertRose> Hi jerusha!
[18:34] <~bynw> DFK, it's bitterly cold here today and tomorrow 4F for the high and negatives for the low not counting windchill
[18:34] <~bynw> hi jerusha
[18:34] <Eris> <derynifank> Hi Jerusha
[18:35] <Eris> <derynifank> Wow. That is way too cold.
[18:35] <jerusha> Normal for Canada
[18:36] <KK> Family are doing as well as can be expected.  It's been almost 3 months, so the immediate shock has begun to wear off. 
[18:37] <Eris> <Shiral> But they have an awful lot of Life to get through without her.&#129402;
[18:37] <~DesertRose> How are YOU doing, KK?
[18:37] <Eris> <derynifank> OK bynw, I won't complain about low 30's, high 20's
[18:38] <KK> I'm ok.  Life continues to  be busy, but my friend Martie and I have begun the decluttering process on my house.  Hopefully autioneers will come this next week to look at the furniture in the cottage, which is the only things left to be done out there.
[18:39] <jerusha> Decluttering is an intimidating challenge
[18:39] <Eris> <derynifank> Are you planning to sell or rent the cottage?
[18:40] <~DesertRose> I've been doing a bit of that myself, that, and reorganizing things.  I may have reached the point of pure fussiness over it, though.  I keep fiddling with things that are just fine.  :)
[18:40] <KK> Will rent the cottage.  It's part of the property parcel.
[18:40] <jerusha> Fiddler on the roof, DR?
[18:40] <Bee> I've become very adept at ignoring messes.
[18:41] <jerusha> Yes, KK; that would be a selling point
[18:41] <~DesertRose> LOL, no, if for no other reason that I no longer live on the top floor.  ;)
[18:41] <Eris> <Shiral> Decluttering is daunting. Everywhere  I look in my office/studio, I see decluttering that needs to be done.
[18:42] <~DesertRose> Going to lose the internet for a minute.
[18:42] <KK> I've got 8-10 items to take to the consignment store in Waynesboro.  Discovered that just about all my formal wear either doesn't fit anymore or isn't of a style I'd wear over here.  Fortunately, I was able to cobble together an outfit for the black-tie dinner I attended on Friday night.
[18:42] <Eris> <derynifank> So fiddler in the apartment?
[18:42] --- DesertRose (desertrose@DesertRose.Editor.Writer.Creator) has Quit (Quit: DesertRose rides off into the sunset. . .)
[18:42] <jerusha> Black tie dinner?
[18:43] bynw gives voice to :Eris
[18:43] <Eris> <Shiral> I'd definitely be stumped about what to wear to a black tie occasion. Not many of those in my life.
[18:43] <~bynw> i'd have to rent something :)
[18:44] <KK> Men weear tuxedos, women wear long gowns or formal pants suits.
[18:44] <jerusha> I have one dress that might work; if it still fits
[18:44] <Eris> <Shiral> evening gown supply is....nil.
[18:44] <KK> It was in someone's home, so dress code was not as stringent, especially for the women.  All the men were in tuxedos.
[18:46] <jerusha> I would be tempted to channel my inner Phryne Fisher
[18:46] <Eris> <Shiral> I hope it was a pleasant evening, KK
[18:46] <Eris> <derynifank> Wish I had Phryne's wardrobe, wouldn't mind her looks either.
[18:47] <Bee> What was the occasion for the dinner?
[18:47] <jerusha> Or her jewelry
[18:47] jerusha does drool over diamonds
[18:47] <Eris> <derynifank> That too
[18:47] <KK> It was in honor of the somethingth anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill.  Ten people, roast beef and all the traditional accompaniments, including Yorkshire puddings.
[18:48] <KK> Very British, of courser, Our host is a formidable chef.
[18:48] <Eris> <Shiral> I have  soft spot in my heart for 1920's fashion, also
[18:48] <Eris> <derynifank> Sounds lovely
[18:49] Bee pictures Shiral dressed as a flapper.
[18:49] jerusha coverts Phryne's hats
[18:49] <Eris> <derynifank> Me too, Shiral although I don't have the figure for it
[18:49] <Eris> <Shiral> would DEFINITELY not make a convincing flapper
[18:49] <~bynw> well it's the 20's again so have at it
[18:49] <jerusha> Now that's a thought!
[18:49] <Eris> <Shiral> I'll stick to learning the Charleston
[18:50] <Eris> <derynifank> Just so they don't end like the 1920's did
[18:50] <Eris> <Shiral> I'd want to have Lady  Mary Crawley's clothing budget if I were living in the 1920's
[18:50] <jerusha> Great Depression we do not need!
[18:51] <Eris> <Shiral> Good point, DFK
[18:51] --- DesertRose (desertrose@DesertRose.Editor.Writer.Creator) has Joined #deryni_destinations
[18:51] derynibot sets mode +q #deryni_destinations DesertRose
[18:51] derynibot gives channel operator status to :DesertRose
[18:51] <~DesertRose> Sorry about that, y'all.
[18:51] <Eris> <Shiral> Welcome back, DR
[18:51] <jerusha> wb, DR
[18:51] <~DesertRose> Thank you!
[18:52] <Eris> <Shiral> puts out hot chocolate and fresh baked bread
[18:52] <Eris> <derynifank> I'd like to have her house. Saw a program on Highclere and they mentioned what it would cost to run it in today's dollar. Not even a remote possibility
[18:52] <Bee> rehi, DR
[18:52] <~DesertRose> Rehi!
[18:52] <jerusha> I might cough up the money for Mr Butler
[18:52] <Eris> <Shiral> The heating bills would eat us alive. So....just as well it's a fantasy. Where one doesn't have to pay the bills.
[18:52] <Eris> <derynifank> Hot chocolate. Yumm!
[18:53] <Eris> <Shiral> adds tea and crumpets, to keep the British at heart feeling happy
[18:54] <Eris> <derynifank> Throat a little scratchy so just had some hot tea. Alas, no crumpets. WIll have to have one of Shiral's
[18:54] <Eris> <derynifank> WB DR
[18:54] <jerusha> Don
[18:55] <jerusha> t  get sick, DFK
[18:55] <Eris> <derynifank> Trying not to. Thanks
[18:55] <Eris> <Shiral> I was having a sibling day with my sibs at my sister's house last Sunday. We did some baking and BOTH my sister and I felt like our respective projects didn't work. Mine came out okay, but was rather dense as the yeast was less than cooperative. So I baked it again on Friday and it came out much better.
[18:56] <KK> Practice makes perfect, at least sometimes.
[18:56] <Eris> <derynifank> what did you make?
[18:57] <Eris> <Shiral> I made  Rosinenzopf, which is a kind of German cousin to Challah. More milky and less eggy.  But you knead in some raisins at the last step, and you braid the loaf. Looks very pretty and makes fantastic toast. My sister made a fantastic batch of Chocolate babka
[18:58] <Eris> <derynifank> What is Babka?
[18:58] <Eris> <Shiral> Bread is often exciting as there seems to be the possibility of disaster when it doesn't go right.
[18:58] <Eris> <Shiral> It's a sweet loaf, and you cut the dough into strands and add chocolate, then twist it all up before baking it.
[18:59] <Eris> <Shiral> Kind of like something to have for breakfast or for tea.
[18:59] <Bee> Mom was a teacher.  We often made bread on snow days.
[18:59] <Eris> <derynifank> It all sounds really yummy
[18:59] <Eris> <Shiral> It smelled really wonderful while it was baking
[19:00] <HoundMistress> Bread always smells so good!
[19:00] <Eris> <derynifank> Nothing smells better than baking bread. I really miss the aroma since the two big bakerys we used to have are gona
[19:01] <Eris> <Shiral> I don't often bake as I know I shouldn't have it lying around.  My sister, much though I love her, is weird. She loves to bake, but doesn't want to eat it.  She went all the way to Vienna, even went to Demel, which is like the temple of Austrian pastry....and didn't even HAVE a pastry there. I just don't get how I could be related to someone who could DO that!
[19:01] <KK> I gave Mother's bread machine to my friend Martie, who's been helping me so much, and she's made some astonishing bread in it.
[19:02] --- imladris ( has Joined #deryni_destinations
[19:02] <Eris> <derynifank> I think it is illegal to go to Austria and not have pastry
[19:02] <jerusha> I had a similar problem in Germany: too may cream filled pastries
[19:02] <Eris> <Shiral> Chocolate is wonderful, but it's always baked goods that get me into trouble.
[19:02] <Bee> Hi, Imladris
[19:03] <jerusha> Hi Imladris
[19:03] <Eris> <derynifank> Hi Imladris
[19:03] <Eris> <Shiral> I'm thinking we should check our DNA, in case ONE of us was left on the family doorstep in a basket.
[19:03] <imladris> waves..   trouble logging into Rhemuth castle.  said possible hijacked site.  and had to go and add to accepted sites
[19:03] <Eris> <Shiral> Hi Imladris
[19:03] <Bee> LOL!
[19:04] <Bee> to            DNA
[19:04] <~bynw> what browser imladris and what antivirus or security software are you running
[19:04] <Eris> <Shiral> Jerusha, cream filled pastries would do me in, also
[19:04] <imladris>  Making a microwave drownie   as we speak..   Both IE and Firefox.   Malwarebytes.
[19:05] <imladris> never had that problem before?
[19:05] <imladris> in years
[19:05] jerusha wonders about Firefox drownies
[19:06] <~bynw> we had a server move back in december so our ip address changed and we went from http to https too
[19:06] <Eris> <derynifank> Drownies sound dangerous
[19:06] <Eris> <Shiral> I personally  prefer Chrome Drownies. =o)
[19:06] <jerusha> They are much shinier
[19:06] <Eris> <Shiral> And somewhat more....crisp
[19:07] <Bee> I'm using Chrome and Windows Defender.  Getting pop-up ads from Norton and McAfee
[19:07] <imladris> the drownies  brownie with butterscotch schnapps
[19:08] <Eris> <Shiral> KK seems to have disappeared...
[19:08] <Bee> I still see her.
[19:08] <KK> No, I'm here.
[19:08] <imladris>  hugs KK
[19:08] <Eris> <Shiral> Oh! There you are =o)
[19:09] <imladris> Anything new going on in the Seven Kingdoms for someone who has been away for a while?
[19:09] <~bynw> Eleven :)
[19:09] <Bee> Imladris, are you another friend of Jasta's?  IIRC she was into Lord of the Rings matters.
[19:10] <imladris> Eleven   <blushes>
[19:10] <KK> Nothing new, writing-wise, imladris.
[19:11] <Eris> <Shiral> Other than, they lost four Kingdoms somewhere....
[19:11] <imladris> ummm  not knowing Jasta..  used Imladris in the VERY  early days of the internet..   ummm and CB....  feeling old.
[19:12] <imladris> well you know how they got incorporated into various other kingdoms....?
[19:12] <jerusha> Mooryn will always be a favourite
[19:13] <imladris> Thanks KK
[19:13] <Bee> I get the impression Mooryn was a great power in its day.
[19:13] <Eris> <Shiral> Tatiana has popped in to say hello.
[19:14] <Bee> Hi Tatiana
[19:14] jerusha offers Tatiana scritches
[19:14] <Eris> <derynifank> Pets to Tatiana
[19:14] <~DesertRose> Hi Tati!  *offers scritches to the Grand Duchess*
[19:14] <Eris> <Shiral> Her Grace the Grand Duchess purrs in response
[19:15] <Eris> <Shiral> I have a blanket over my lap, and she likes sitting down there, as there's some shelter from draughts.
[19:15] <~DesertRose> I hardly know what to do with my left arm, since I'm at my parents' house and thus Carys-less for a few hours.   Layla came up for a few scritches, and PJ is crashed out in my stepdad's recliner to my left.
[19:15] <Eris> <Shiral> 0.........................................
[19:15] <~DesertRose> Tati typing?
[19:15] <Eris> <Shiral> That was Actual Tati-Type
[19:16] <jerusha> There's an app for that
[19:16] <Bee> What's on your mind, Tati?
[19:16] <Eris> <Shiral> She spelled it perfectly, too
[19:16] <imladris> My dragon doesn't weigh enough to move the keyboard.
[19:16] <KK> Thought trails off into the wherever that cats go to daydream.
[19:17] <jerusha> It may have to do with mice...
[19:17] <~DesertRose> Oh, I was laughing at myself last week for receiving (per my request) a handheld vacuum cleaner for my birthday.  I took it for its first run today, and they are Not Kidding calling it high-powered.  Carys, as is her wont, seemed less fearful than indignant, because she didn't authorize that much noise, however short in duration!  :D
[19:18] <Eris> <Shiral> A warm sunny spot for a nap, I'm guessing. It's been very gray and chilly here. So not a lot of sunny spots available.
[19:18] <~bynw> my baby bengal just looks at me when i'm on the computer going "daddy you are supoposed to pay all attention to me" ... she is very jealous of everyone and everything
[19:18] <~DesertRose> Sun-puddles are Good Things.  :)
[19:19] <KK> Sun-puddles.  I like that.
[19:19] <Eris> <Shiral> Last year I bought the cats a felt-cat cave. Which is like a felt bubble with an opening for a cat to get in and out. My two will lie ON it, but not IN it
[19:19] <~DesertRose> Can't claim credit, nor can I remember to whom credit is due.
[19:19] <Eris> <derynifank> According to Murray, you can't do better than a sunbeam for napping
[19:19] <~DesertRose> But it is a good turn of phrase, and any person who's ever been a cat's servant knows exactly what "sun-puddle" means.  :D
[19:20] <Eris> <Shiral> Tati definitely approves of Sun Puddles
[19:21] <~DesertRose> I have met very few cats who disapproved of sun puddles as a concept, although I've seen a few get a little out of sorts when they had to bestir themselves to follow the sun-puddle.  :)
[19:21] <KK> I have promised my critters that ouir next house will have sunny places wehre they both nap and look out.  This house really has neither.
[19:21] <Eris> <Shiral> There  is a sun puddle almost all day in front of my bedroom sliding door. It's cat country.
[19:22] --- judyw ( has Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[19:22] <~DesertRose> My parents' current house has a window seat in one of the bedrooms.  That area is prime cat-nap real estate.   Fortunately, it's long enough that all three of these fuzzballs can get in the seat with room to spare, if they want.
[19:23] <Eris> <Shiral> That's all a cat can ask, KK. Well, other than laps and food
[19:23] <~DesertRose> BRB, laundry check
[19:23] <KK> Yes.  And Gus's idea of bliss is to sack out with me at night--and as late in the morning as I can stay in bed.
[19:23] <Eris> <derynifank> My house has a bay window that is quite popular both for lounging and looking out
[19:24] <Eris> <Shiral> I've been very popular this month. No three dog nights, but plenty of two cat nights.
[19:25] <Bee> Melantha has become quite a chatterbox lately. I have no idea what she's shouting about.
[19:26] <Bee> when I'm trying to sleep.
[19:27] <imladris> Started a sericulture to feed My Bronwyn
[19:29] <KK> I'm going to fold, guys.  It's been a long and intense weekend, and my bed is calling.  Also my cat.  See you all next week.
[19:30] KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:30] <imladris> Sleep well and sweet dreams
[19:30] <jerusha> Nighters, KK.  Thank you for coming
[19:30] <Bee> Nighters, KK.  Thanks for coming. have a good week.
[19:30] <KK> Thanks.  I'll do my best.
[19:30] <KK> Nighters.
[19:30] --- KK ( has Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)


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