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KK Chat -- 11 August 2019
« on: August 11, 2019, 07:44:21 pm »
[18:13] ---» KK ( has Joined #deryni_destinations
[18:13] <Bee> Hi KK
[18:13] <Derynifank> Hi KK
[18:13] <~bynw> you would notice the connection with any streaming if its dropping and of course with live chat of any kind
[18:13] <~bynw> Hi KK
[18:14] <WidowSon> KK is inda house!
[18:14] <KK> Hello, all.  Sorry I'm late.
[18:14] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Any idea why it might not be affecting him in a way he'd notice? Because he browses the web constantly when he has free time, so it's not that he's just never online.
[18:14] <Derynifank> Evie is having technnical difficulties
[18:14] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> ah. THat could be it. He doesn't really do streaming except to watch the occasional FB video
[18:14] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> HI KK
[18:14] <WidowSon> How’s all going KK?
[18:15] »» Derynifank puts out blueberry scones with cream
[18:15] <~bynw> Evie, a website only needs to be connected to the internet when it pulls down content. once its pulled down you can look at it for hours without an internet connection. just dont refresh it
[18:16] <Bee> Is your house approaching readiness for sale?
[18:16] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> He mainly does web browsing /researching and Facebook
[18:16] <Derynifank> How is the downsizing going KK?
[18:17] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> What do decent routers go for these days?
[18:17] <~bynw> Evie, sounds like he spends more time reading than he does getting content. so he may not notice the drops
[18:17] <~bynw> a decent one i would say $50 range, perfect for home use
[18:18] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Yeah, I had thought that might be the case, but it's good to have someone who does IT for a living confirm I'm not just freaking insane.  :-D
[18:18] ---» jerusha ( has Joined #deryni_destinations
[18:18] <Bee> Hi Jerusha
[18:18] <~bynw> routers arent very expensive unless you get something super high end
[18:18] <Derynifank> Hi Jerusha
[18:18] <~bynw> you arent freaking insane Evie
[18:18] <~bynw> :)
[18:18] <jerusha> Hi Everyone.  Why is Evie insane?
[18:18] <KK> My mom fell this morning while trying to get into her wheelchair.  They sent her to the ER to get checked out--slight fracture in pelvis, not requiring surgery, but she's to take it easy for a few weeks.  I was with her from about 1000 until just now. Not what I had planned to do today.  And no, Bee, not much closer to being ready to put the house on the market. 
[18:18] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Just insane in the usual-for-Rhemuth-Castle way?
[18:18] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Oh no!
[18:19] <~bynw> now it MIGHT be something between your router and the rest of the internet. could be the modem. could be something further along the path.
[18:19] <jerusha> Oh, glad it was not more serious, KK, but still distressing
[18:19] <Derynifank> So sorrry to hear that KK. Glad it wasn't a bad fracture
[18:20] <~bynw> poor LBM
[18:20] <Bee> You're not insane, Evie, you're just demonically possessed.  Or your router is.
[18:20] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Hopefully just the router!
[18:20] <Derynifank> Probably the router
[18:20] <jerusha> There is a small demon meant just for routers
[18:20] <~bynw> could be charter/spectrum/time warner/whatever they are calling themselves this week
[18:21] <WidowSon> KK please tell her we are all sending healing energy her way! Sorry that happened. Much love to her!
[18:21] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> It's what Titivillius has moved onto now that scribes aren't around to be hassled.
[18:21] <Bee> How is LBM doing mentally?
[18:21] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> I'm glad it won't require surgery
[18:21] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> LBM's pelvis, that is, not my router
[18:21] <Derynifank> Healing for LBM
[18:23] <Laurna> Oh KK, I am so sorry to hear about your mom falling
[18:23] <KK> Memory is increasingly unreliable, but she's reasonably mellow...for now.  Frail, though.
[18:23] <Derynifank> Hi Laurna
[18:23] <Laurna> Hello ladies and gents
[18:23] <jerusha> Hi Laurna
[18:23] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> hi
[18:24] <~bynw> hi Laurna
[18:24] <Bee> My mom had a fall downstairs once.  she ws okay.
[18:24] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> ow!
[18:24] <Bee> Hi Laurna
[18:24] <jerusha> My Dad is doing very well physically for his age, but his short term memory is gone
[18:24] <Laurna> My dad fell a few days ago, but no harm done. just scared the caregivers.
[18:25] <WidowSon> I know it’s stressful KK. I wish there was something I could do.
[18:25] <jerusha> Wow, glad he is OK. Laurna
[18:25] <Bee> Does Prevagen work?  I've seen the ads.
[18:25] <jerusha> I read that as "pre-vegan"
[18:26] <Bee> I'm post-vegan.
[18:26] <Laurna> Right? Jerusha
[18:26] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> I'm secondhand vegan. I eat things that only eat vegetables.
[18:26] <KK> Who <ever> got the idea to look for a usefulness for jellyfish?
[18:26] <Bee> Every bright idea has to start somewhere.
[18:27] <Laurna> Jellyfish are the oddest of creatures.
[18:27] <WidowSon> Nature holds so many cures for so many things......many yet to be discovered.
[18:27] <KK> Of course, what they're now suggesting for my right knee is casually called "chicken grease," and is extracted from rooster combs.  Go fiture.
[18:28] <jerusha> When we were last in Florida, they kept washing up on the beach.  I almost avoided stepping on them and then, squish
[18:28] <Bee> How many plants have gone extinct before their usefulness was discovered?
[18:28] <Laurna> yuck
[18:28] <WidowSon> My sister had that done for her knee KK. It really helped.
[18:28] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> You stepped on rooster combs on the beach, Jerusha? ;-)
[18:28] <jerusha> Nope, jellyfish
[18:29] <KK> When I was a kid, my sister and I used to gather up jellyfish and Portuguese man-o-wars and mash them to soup in a pit in the sand.  Not too fond of jellyfish or man-o-wars.
[18:29] <jerusha> I don't think they are too fond of you either, KK
[18:29] <WidowSon> Ewwww that musta been a mess.
[18:30] <Bee> I remember as a child a beach covered with jellyfish.
[18:30] <KK> Had a jelly splat across my facemask once, and stingers brushed against my shoulder.  Rarely has anyone gotten out of the water so fast.
[18:30] <WidowSon> OUCH! It burns too!
[18:30] <Laurna> Yeah that would do it.
[18:30] <Bee> did you ever get stung by a man-o-war, KK?
[18:30] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Ow!!!
[18:30] <jerusha> Oh my, yes!
[18:31] <Derynifank> Vinegar helps get rid of the burning
[18:31] <jerusha> I'd rather avoid the whole thing
[18:31] <Derynifank> LOL
[18:31] <KK> No, when they were running, we Did Not Go into the water at all.
[18:31] <WidowSon> HOT water really helps with jell stings
[18:31] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Is is an alkali, then, the chemical that causes the stinging?
[18:33] <Bee> because acid helps?
[18:33] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Yes, that's what I'm wondering
[18:33] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> If it helps because it neutralizes it
[18:33] <Bee> I dunno.  It makes sense.
[18:35] <Bee> OTOH, I've read that treating skunk spray with tomato juice is not that helpful.
[18:35] <jerusha> You end up with a red dog that smells bad
[18:36] <jerusha> tried it with a white boxer.  Trust me
[18:36] <Bee> I'll take your word for it, Jerusha.
[18:36] <KK> lol  I've heard that, but can't remember what was recommended instead.
[18:37] <Laurna> Nothing helps skunk spray. One of the enginers at work got skunked just outside the door about two weeks ago. he had to go home and boy oh boy did we have to deal with the smell coming into the office area
[18:37] «--- WidowSon ( has Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:37] <Bee> There's something with Dove Dish detergent and other stuff I forget that's supposed to help wit hskunks.
[18:37] <Derynifank> the server seems a little temperamental today
[18:40] <Derynifank> Not seeing any discussion. Did I get booted?
[18:40] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> no
[18:40] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> we just all went quiet
[18:41] <Laurna> Are there storms happening in the eastern area?
[18:41] <jerusha> Trying to avoid skunk spray
[18:41] <jerusha> We are clear here for now
[18:41] <Laurna> That is good.
[18:41] <KK> None expected here today.
[18:41] <Derynifank> Not where I am. Had a beaytiful day today but understand that will change by Tues
[18:42] <Laurna> Today is a cool warm day for us. only 88F  and I am loving it
[18:42] <Laurna> Got some gardening done
[18:42] <Bee> I've sometimes seen a skunk in my back yard.  I kept a respectful distance.  Once I saw a rabbit crossing the street.
[18:42] <Bee> Cool for August today.
[18:43] <jerusha> The nights are starting to be cool here.  :(
[18:43] <Bee> here too
[18:43] <Derynifank> more pleasantly warm here
[18:43] <jerusha> Summer flees too quickly
[18:43] <Laurna> We use to have quail and roadrunners. and coyotes and bobcats. but then they built more homes and the wildlife has decreased.   still have owls at night .
[18:44] <KK> The last of the brutal heat is easing in.  Evenings are cooler.
[18:44] <Derynifank> Yeah, the wildlife always  loses
[18:44] <Laurna> That is good
[18:44] <KK> Speaking of evenings, Perseids meteor showers are supposed to be heavy tonight, nearly one per minute.
[18:45] <jerusha> I'll have to have a look.  Sky is relatively clear here
[18:45] <Derynifank> Cool
[18:45] <Bee> sooutheastern Mass.  had a human case of EEE. first in several years.
[18:45] <Laurna> Oh that would be neat
[18:45] <jerusha> EEE?
[18:45] <KK> EEE?
[18:45] <Derynifank> Eastern equine encephalitits
[18:46] <Bee> Nearly full moon hinders meteor sightings
[18:46] <Laurna> don't want that
[18:46] <Derynifank> Not a good thing
[18:46] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Eee was the notebook computer I was using when I first joined Rhemuth Castle
[18:46] <jerusha> Ouch
[18:46] <KK> Ah. Way out of context, it didn't register at first.
[18:46] <Bee> spread by mosquitos
[18:46] <Bee> Yhey're spraying on Cape Cod.
[18:47] <Derynifank> Have never understood why we have mosquitoes, all they do is spread disease
[18:47] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> and serve as bird food for some species
[18:47] <Laurna> mother nature fills every nitch possible, even the bad ones.
[18:47] <Bee> I've heard talk of making mosquitos extinct.
[18:47] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Bat food too, I think
[18:48] <jerusha> I could happily live without mosquitoes, but not without the birds
[18:48] <Derynifank> LOL
[18:48] <jerusha> We are having hummingbird wars again
[18:49] <Laurna> Make sure you have mosquitoe fish in every pocket of standing water
[18:49] <Derynifank> Mosquito fish?
[18:49] <jerusha> Yes
[18:49] <Bee> hummingbird wars/  What are they fighting over?
[18:49] <jerusha> Fish that eat mosquitoes
[18:49] <Derynifank> Ahhh
[18:49] <Laurna> I dump the horse trough out every day and refill it.. or I would have them in there too.
[18:50] <jerusha> Territory.  We have two hummingbird feeders, and the little buggers won't share
[18:50] <Laurna> need more feeders than
[18:50] <Bee> Oh, I thought you meant the birds were fighting with fish.
[18:51] <Bee> over mosquitos
[18:51] <Derynifank> dragonflies also eat mosquitoes
[18:51] <jerusha> No, they would just fight over all three.  They will sit and wait until another comes near, and then ATTACK
[18:52] <Laurna> never seen that in a hummingbird
[18:52] <jerusha> They dive bomb each other .
[18:53] <Laurna> I love the dragonflies around my fishpond.  I have a couple of giant red ones and some little blue ones.
[18:53] <Derynifank> and I thought hummingbirds were sweet, not ferocious
[18:53] <jerusha> And while one is chasing the other, the third sneaks in for a drink
[18:53] <KK> They can be very aggressive, especially for their size.
[18:53] <jerusha> Very territorial
[18:53] <Laurna> Plant more flowers
[18:53] <jerusha> But still cute
[18:53] <KK> That, too.
[18:54] ---» WidowSon ( has Joined #deryni_destinations
[18:54] <Bee> WB WS
[18:54] <jerusha> wb, WidowSon
[18:54] <Derynifank> WB, WS
[18:54] <WidowSon> Lost internet for a bit
[18:55] <Bee> router trouble?
[18:55] <WidowSon> Internet’s been off and on all day. Blasted cable provider....Comcast! Lol
[18:56] <Derynifank> Evie had the router trouble we thoun
[18:56] <Derynifank> thought
[18:56] <Bee> comcast is way too expensive, but I've had no luck with antennas.
[18:56] <KK> Woobles in the internet for several days.
[18:57] <WidowSon> Our HOA has a package deal for all the condos. We get a deal buy buying as a group.
[18:57] <KK> That's a great idea.
[18:57] <Derynifank> That's good
[18:58] <WidowSon> Yup! They’ve been doing that here where I live for like 10 years.
[18:58] »» ~bynw has to work on some laundry
[18:59] <jerusha> Laundry is on hold until the water pump is fixed tomorrow (I hope)
[18:59] »» Bee needs a new brain.  Does anyone have a spare?
[18:59] <Laurna> water pump is out?  not good
[19:00] <Laurna> We rent fingers around here. but be don't rent brains
[19:00] <jerusha> It's just semi-out.  A problem with the pressure gauge.  So we have water on a "per use" basis right not
[19:00] <jerusha> now, I meant
[19:01] <jerusha> I might trade a finger or two for some grey matter
[19:01] <Laurna> Now that you are at the cottege perminintly, things are wearing out?
[19:01] <jerusha> Of course!  What else would happen?  :)
[19:01] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> We've got that issue with our hot water right now. If I need to shower or run the dishwasher, I have to go downstiars and turn on the water heater valve first
[19:01] <Laurna> LOL   Sorry
[19:02] <jerusha> All will be well, eventually
[19:03] <Laurna> Yep, I keep thinknig I want to retire and then something else goes wrong with the house, and I think no retirement for you anytime soon
[19:03] <jerusha> According to the plumber, who will be here tomorrow, all it takes is for a beetle to walk between the gauge contacts and "zap!"
[19:03] <Bee> I spent nearly two weeks worrying that myclock radio wasn't waking me up.  Then it finally occurred to me to check the volume control.
[19:04] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> lol
[19:04] <KK> OOps.  I've done that on my phone.
[19:04] <Laurna> I put in a new water heater just two weeks ago.  last one sprung a leak.
[19:05] <jerusha> We did a new water heater too
[19:05] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> And we did a few months ago
[19:05] <Derynifank> My clock is gradually dying. It just keeps getting slower. Now about 1 1/2 hours behind. Changed batteries twice but that didn't help
[19:06] <Bee> BRB Melantha wants attention.
[19:06] <KK> A separate clock?
[19:06] <Laurna> what I didn't realize was that the water had run under the wall into adjoining bedroom.  I now need new carpet.  which comes next week.
[19:06] <jerusha> Oh dear.
[19:06] <KK> Yuck!
[19:06] <Derynifank> Yup, a retro design that looks like a big pockey watch
[19:06] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Oh no! Hopefully it didn't damage the floor also
[19:06] <Derynifank> pocket
[19:06] <jerusha> A pokey watch sounds interesting, though
[19:07] <Laurna> cement slab  that part is ok
[19:07] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> good
[19:07] <Derynifank> Well it certainly is pokey
[19:07] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> lol
[19:07] <WidowSon> I just got a great deal on a Schwenningen wall clock. key wind. Has 3 chime patterns. I love old clocks. $40
[19:07] <KK> Sounds like it's so retro, it's returned to that time and quit working properly.  Maybe time for a new one?
[19:07] <Derynifank> Afraid so.
[19:07] <Laurna> lol
[19:07] <jerusha> Or sleep in and have the perfect excuse
[19:08] <Derynifank> Your clock sounds lovely WS
[19:08] <KK> Sounds like the pokey watch really is pokey.
[19:08] <WidowSon> it on FaceBook Marketplace
[19:08] <Derynifank> It is
[19:09] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> DH loves old in medieval. He wants to build one someday.
[19:09] <WidowSon> I love the Windsor chime setting, but it does Whittington and St. michaels as well.
[19:09] <Bee> I missed chuch due to over-sleeping.
[19:09] <Derynifank> cool!
[19:09] <Laurna> How old do medieval clocks go?
[19:09] <jerusha> oops
[19:10] <Derynifank> the chimes not missing church
[19:10] <WidowSon> KK that would be a hokey pokey watch! Lol
[19:10] <jerusha> Oh dear
[19:10] <KK> Yep.
[19:10] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Not sure, Laurna, but quite a few centuries back.
[19:10] <WidowSon> Water clocks date wayyyyyyy back especially some of the oldest from China.
[19:11] <Bee> hourglasses, warer clocks, what else?
[19:11] <Derynifank> sundials
[19:11] <Bee> water clocks
[19:12] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Pendulum clocks/clocks with weights go back several centuries, though they started off with one hand instead of two, since minute by minute precision wasn't needed
[19:12] <Laurna> Wiki says the oldest working clock in England is at Salisbury Cathedral built in 1386
[19:12] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> You needed to know the hours for prayer, not the exact hour/minute/second.  :-D
[19:13] <KK> That's an ollllld clock!
[19:13] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> And note that's just the oldest *working* clock
[19:13] <Bee> A clock with just an hour hand would be better than one with just a minute hand.
[19:14] <Laurna> I was thinking sun dials for those centures but if they had Iron works all ready in the 1300's than wow
[19:14] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> True, because it's more important to know whether it's Three-ish or Five-ish rather than if it's 42 minutes past some unknown hour!
[19:15] <jerusha> Wasn't there a sundial in Duke Dominic's garden, or am I misremembering
[19:15] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Yes, they had iron works, since they had steel armor and swords
[19:15] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> And actually, clockwork-style (geared) machinery in bronze goes back to ancient Greece.  See the Antikythera Mechanism for an example
[19:16] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Ancient Greeks had vending machines for holy water.  Romans had a device that measured off miles along a road so they could know where to put mile markers.
[19:16] <Bee> When i was a child whad a reording about a magic clock. When a villain broke it, all the people panicked because they didn't know what time it was.
[19:16] «--- WidowSon ( has Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:17] <jerusha> A vending machine for holy water.  Now that's progress!
[19:17] <Laurna> lol
[19:18] <KK> That's a good idea.
[19:18] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> It was set up so when you put a coin in, it would dispense a certain amount of water into your container.  (Probably however much water the coin displaced, or at least that's my guess.)
[19:19] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> But I think it was Heron of Alexandria who invented a lot of cool gizmos of that sort. I checked out a library book for DH about them once.
[19:19] <Derynifank> Hey, have you seen the car vending machine. You buy your cR ONLINE nd pick it up from the vending machine
[19:19] <Bee> not enough water for a full-immersion baptism
[19:19] <jerusha> "Insert two drachma and go in peace."  (Assuming drachma were the right coins)
[19:20] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Including some early animatronics-like moving figures for religious theatrical purposes
[19:20] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> My son bought his car from them, though I don't think he did the vending machine thing. I think he just had them deliver it to his house.
[19:20] <jerusha> Wow
[19:21] <Derynifank> what next?
[19:21] <Bee> It would need to be a VERY LARGE vending machine for a car.
[19:21] <jerusha> And take a LOT of coin
[19:22] <Derynifank> oh it is, several levels
[19:22] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> I think that part of it is their special gimmick to draw buyers in to consider buying from them.  But the real draw is that they cost less than buying from a standard dealership, since you don't have overpriced cars meant to be haggled down.
[19:23] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> The price is the price, but it's up to you to figure out what kind of car meets your budget and what sort of financing options will make it work out for you.
[19:23] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> The vending machine gimmick just makes it fun.  :-)
[19:24] <Derynifank> yup. :)
[19:24] <jerusha> With my luck it would jam.  Can you imagine the customer service call?  "Excuse me, I can't get my car out of the vending machine."
[19:24] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> ROFL!
[19:25] <Derynifank> Me too
[19:25] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> "I tried shaking it, and another car fell out."
[19:25] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> "Am I insured for that?"
[19:25] <jerusha> "I kicked it, and the car alarms all went off"
[19:26] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> "I was a quarter short, but the coin return isn't working either!"
[19:26] <Bee> "and there was a dead body in the trunk."
[19:26] <jerusha> You have to pay more for that
[19:26] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> LOL
[19:26] <Laurna> lol
[19:27] <Derynifank> they couldn't get the car alarms off and the FD came
[19:28] <Derynifank> Now the cars are all wet
[19:28] <Laurna> someone needs to wash my car. It could really use a bath.
[19:28] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> hopefully they needed a wash anyway
[19:29] <Bee> "Ten people drowned."
[19:29] <Derynifank> Inside and out?
[19:29] <Laurna> both DFK
[19:29] <jerusha> Mine too, Laurna
[19:29] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> I don't think they usually have people in the vending machine.  Otherwise "Buy this car and it comes with a free passenger!" might be a little daunting!
[19:30] <Laurna> creepy
[19:30] <Derynifank> True
[19:30] <jerusha> Inflatable?
[19:30] <Laurna> LOL  for the car pool lane?
[19:30] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> They'd inflate the price
[19:31] <Bee> Mine would have to come with a chauffeur.  I flunked out of driving school.
[19:32] <Laurna> could not live with out my car
[19:32] <KK> A creepy hitch hiker in every 3rd car?
[19:33] <Bee> with a Guide to the Galaxy
[19:33] <Laurna> Horror stories are written about that
[19:33] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> lol
[19:33] <jerusha> Sounds like the Twilight Zone
[19:34] <Laurna> KK have you ever writen a horror story,  even one that was never published?
[19:34] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> It's called King Javan's Year.  :-D
[19:35] <jerusha> Yep
[19:35] <KK> Not horror per se.
[19:35] <Laurna> OOCH,  you got me Evie!
[19:35] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> It was pretty horrific from where I was sitting. LOL!
[19:36] <~bynw> Actually Legacy of Lehr has some horror elements to it
[19:36] <Derynifank> BRB gotta feed the cat
[19:37] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> I would consider "Possessed" to be a Deryni horror fanfic, given the way the Deryni powers were misused by a sociopath and also the supernatural element I won't spoil for anyone who hasn't read it yet.
[19:37] <jerusha> I still want something good to happen for Javana
[19:37] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> (One of my fanfics, KK, if you're thinking 'I don't recall writing that!"  :-D )
[19:38] <Laurna> I can see that one being horrific, Evie.  That is why it is the one have have still not read.
[19:38] <KK> Yeah, I suppose Legacy would come closest to horror.  And Javan's Year was horrible in many respects.
[19:38] <Bee> Is it in the website, evie?
[19:38] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Maybe someday, if I can ever get my brain unstressed enough to kick back into writing mode, or even creative mode in general.
[19:38] <jerusha> I would be in your debt
[19:39] <Laurna> I didn't realize Legacy of Lyhr had some horror aspects.
[19:39] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Yes, Bee, I have an entire subsection of the forum's Fanfic section
[19:39] <Bee> okay!
[19:39] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> I have to find my copy of Legacy of Lehr. I have it, but I haven't had a chance to read it, and since I can't rremember where I put it, that increases the difficulty
[19:41] »» ~bynw liked Legacy of Lehr ... would be interesting to see more of that universe
[19:41] <KK> And on that note, of looking for lost things, I think I'd better sign off.  Didn't get nearly the stuff done today that I'd hoped and planned.  The best liad....
[19:41] <KK> laid...
[19:41] <Laurna> I just ckecked my shelves,   i don't have that one.  Need to correct that
[19:42] <jerusha> Hope you have a good week, KK, with lots of progress
[19:42] »» KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodbye, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:42] <[member=684]Evie[/member]> Goodnight, KK!
[19:42] <Laurna> Good Night KK
[19:42] <~bynw> night KK
[19:42] <Derynifank> Nite KK
[19:42] <KK> Nighters, all.
[19:42] «--- KK ( has Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))