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Chat Registration
« on: October 06, 2018, 09:33:40 PM »

Just like on the forum you can register your name so only you can use it and participate on the forum. The chatroom also has a similar function:

Nick registration

If you register your nick on the chatroom, only you can use it. Otherwise it is possible for someone else to use the same nick if you aren't online. This is strongly recommended but not required. It also comes with some benefits as well.

1) A registered nick can only be used by the person who knows the password
2) If you get disconnected you can easily recover your nick if the server doesn't know you got disconnected. It's called a ghost nick and you can remove it yourself if it's registered.
3) We would like to be able to recognize some members, community supporters for one and others as well. But in the chatroom we can only do this on a registered nick.

So how to do it? That's really kinda easy.

Just like you do the actions in the chat with the /me command. You would need to register your nick with another command. PLEASE note that the nick you are currently using will be registered.

The command is:


you will want to replace "password" with a password of your choice and "email" with a valid email address, for example if you wanted to use the password of pass1234 (which isnt a good one by the way) and your email address was you would type it like this:


The password part IS case sensitive, so if you use a mixed case it will need to be entered that way later.

After you register your nick in the chatroom, you will need to verify it. You will get an email from the server (it may end up in your spam or junk email folder so check there too). If it doesn't arrive within 15 minutes let one of the forum admins know and we will check on it with the chat admins.

The email will give you a verification code. This will need to be entered on the chat server just like the previous registration command was done.


yourNICK is of course whatever nick you were using when you registered it. The key comes in the email.
For example if your nick was jenny and the key in the email was 161803399. This is what it would look like when you verify.


NICKSERV will let you know if you did it right. And it can be easily checked too.

So once its all registered and verified. The next time you connect to the chat. Nickserv will send you a message stating you are using a registered nick and you need to identify. That too has a command.


Again using our examples from above. Typing it in it would look like this:


It really isn't as complicated as it may seem. You just have to also identify at least once every 28 days or the registration will expire. Unlike the usernames on the forum that never expire.


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