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Hello everyone !

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--- Quote from: Evie on February 04, 2018, 06:36:19 pm ---Bonjour, Aang!  Bienvenue au château de Rhemuth! J'espère que vous apprécierez votre séjour avec nous.

--- End quote ---

Bonjour, bonjour !

Thanks a lot, Evie! And no worries, not a single error in these sentences (but I'm not sure you have to translate Remuth Castle...).
Strasbourg and Colmar seemed great...but I never went there myself (too far North  :P).

And château is perfect, revanne. You can use the word for middle age related topics. We say château-fort for all medieval castles. It literally means fortified castle... As for the Remuth Castle, I think we should say le palais royal (royal palace ?).


--- Quote from: Aang on February 05, 2018, 01:48:30 am ---
Strasbourg and Colmar seemed great...but I never went there myself (too far North  :P).

--- End quote ---

That's OK, Aang. I hardly ever make it over to France myself.  Too far East, and there's a bunch of salty water in the way....  ;)

Welcome to the forum Aang.  Like Revanne, who is my sister, I'm just across the channel.   

Oh, I meant to ask, did you read Katherine's books in English or in French? If in French, how were the French translations?  (I know some translators do a better job than others.)  I always like seeing the different cover art that appears in other countries.  Sometimes it's better than what we see here, sometimes...very much not!  This set is especially funny....,905.0.html

I think we needn't even ask if the artist bothered to read the books....   ;D ;D ;D

Welcome to the forum, Aang!

It's a bit colder up here in Canada.   ;)


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