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Re: Generosity: Epilogue
« Reply #30 on: June 22, 2017, 02:41:53 PM »
Laas will go to Brecon on Jolyon's death. Rory's duchy was Ratharkin so another albeit royal one. Interestingly most of the royal duchies seem to have no known subsidiary title although the four non royal ones (Clairbourne, Cassan, Corwyn & Laas) do. Ok in case of Cassan & Corwyn they have come from marriages of heiresses into line (or to be technically correct in Corwyn case marriage of Earl to heiress). Marley from memory is descended in male line from MacEwans (well Sighere) but Coris was nickname adopted as surname.

Yes as it stands the title of Duke of York will revert to crown on Andrew's death. Current Duke of Gloucester seems to be doing ok with heir & grandson. Interestingly, there is two extant English dukedoms that have passed through female line recently (and can do so). One is Marlborough where it passed through to Spencer family from Churchill's due to lack of sons of first Duke. Fife title has passed through female line but it was via granddaughters of Edward VII. The Norfolk title was recreated for female line descendent way back when but has not passed through female line. Of course most English titles cannot pass through female line although very different in with Scottish titles. The only English/British title that I am aware of with female line descent is Mountbatten of Burma for similar reasons to Marlborough......
   The Mountbatten title's succession is relatively unique in the peerage of the UK:  the first Earl's two daughters were in the succession, but after them, only their male heirs are.  So, on the death of Patricia, 2nd Countess last week, her eldest son Norton will become the 3rd Earl with the succession now solely through his male line and that of his brothers. If these lines fail, the male line from the younger daughter, Pamela Hicks, will inherit.  Failing that, the title goes extinct even if there are female-line descendants.  The Fife title is somewhat the same:  only the  the first Duke's daughters and their male-line heirs were/are eligible. The current Duke is the grandson of the younger daughter, HH Princess Alexandra of Fife, who married the Earl of Southesk. The succession is now the standard male-line primogeniture - the current Duke has three sons and the line ends with them.

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Re: Generosity: Epilogue
« Reply #31 on: June 26, 2017, 03:45:29 PM »
And from memory the Marlborough title is the same - female line descent in first generation and then normal male-line. Scotland has a completely different set of rules and there are a number of titles there that have passed through females - Countess of Sutherland and Countess of Mar spring to mind immediately. Looking up the Earldom of Mar (first creation - there are two due to complicated Scottish politics) it seems the next two holders will also be female :)

It is interesting to note in Gwynedd that some titles can pass through the female line whereas others cannot.... Both Corwyn & Cassan have of course passed through female line although the ladies in question were never Duchesses suo jure. Duncan's grandfather was Duke of Cassan on birth and we all know the story of Corwyn :D
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