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Camber the Heretic ebook not available...can i help???

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I have been reading these since the early '70s. I have all of the books... well multiple times if the truth be known, 1st editions, reading copies and a paperback to take in the car. I am finally moving my library to epub format and I have a problem... I can't find a copy of Camber the heretic anywhere.

When they finally put me in the home I know they won't let me take my room full of several thousand books, so I want to start converting now since it will take me several years at a bare minimum.

I have purchased everything I can find in the US, but some of them have no official epub/ebook out there. Being a retired IT worker I can edit the html and fix up even a horrendous copy that has been scanned in, but I never really worked in html (yes I really am old) and am not up to doing it from scratch. I also have a real bug about copyrights and such.

In desperation, I did just finish editing a 'very bad' copy of "Saint Camber" into epub format, page by page against my 1st edition (only took a month or so).  (Would you like for me to give it to someone to sell for you?) I refuse to put it out on one of those sites that don't pay the author, but I am sure others are also frustrated by not being able to find these.

Is there some way to volunteer to edit the remaining books for you?  I am not fast, but when I re-read them I do it in order, so I will eventually make it through the whole series.

Sitting here with my reading copy, frustrated that I can't us my Nook.


This is a very cool idea, and I can forward it to KK.

Also, if you can come to chat on Sundays, you can ask her then.  This Sunday is early chat (5pm Eastern as opposed to the usual 7pm Eastern), but being Easter Sunday, I'm not sure how many people we'll have or if Katherine herself can make it.  She said last week she'd try but that sounds like she might not make it.  In any case, most Sundays are 7pm Eastern, and KK is there more often than not.  :)

I'd be glad to give Katherine a heads-up to check the forum for your question, or DesertRose can. What I can tell you is that her publisher has not yet released an e-book version of the Camber era books, although I think KK said in our Sunday chats fairly recently is that hopefully this is planned for the future.  Unfortunately I'm not sure how much leeway she actually has in self-publishing and selling her own copies of these books, as I think the rights to them are still retained by her publisher, so I'm not sure if she can legally do that. Though if I'm wrong, I'd certainly love to see these books in e-book form sooner, since her publishing house is certainly being slower than molasses in releasing them in electronic formats!  (I think there are plans to release them eventually in audio form as well, which I have very mixed feelings about, since I really dislike the present narrator and wish they'd go back to using the narrator they had for the Deryni Chronicles trilogy.)

Oh, and in regards to chat on Easter Sunday, I think I remember KK saying she had some family plans earlier that day, but was still hoping to make it back in time for the early chat that afternoon. No ironclad promises, though, since...well...Easter.  :)

I will try to make it to the chat this Sunday... but that is actually 4pm my time so I will probably still be doing the Easter thing (with my adorable 3 yr old twin grandsons, so it is hard to get away). Maybe the following week.

I appreciate your help with getting the info to Katherine, I was sort of hoping she could funnel things through her publisher if nothing else. I would say surely they would not refuse free labor, but knowing how things go they might.  I mean you would have to be crazy to do this just because you love these books...right?

I find it very odd that the newer novels come out as ebooks without a pause for thought, but the foundation material that makes them possible... somehow that is not on the list. 

I have the same issue with the Anne McCaffrey novels.  The UK does much better than the US, but Barnes and Noble won't let me buy the UK versions. And don't get me started on how many Marion Zimmer Bradley books are missing, and Tolken and Herbert and...and...and aw heck; I've gone and dragged out my soapbox now. :)

Sorry, I get carried away sometimes.  Thanks for any help you can give.


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