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Happy bunny thank you


I am very happy to see that I will be able to make chat every month. :) Thank you  :) Just need to work my head around the technology now :-\. So hopefully I will be able to listen to everyone on January 4th and even more hopefully will not be too shy to open my mouth :-[

You are very welcome...PLEASE come!  KK does not bite.  She's always glad to see new faces (well, names) in chat. 

The easiest way to get to the chatroom is by using the link posted near the top of the main Forum page.  That takes you to a browser page of an IRC chat client called Mibbit.  All you have to do is create a nickname for yourself (like, oh, "revanne" maybe!) and click on the button to log in, and click on the "Go" button, and you will end up logging in at exactly the right chatroom.  It is very beginner-friendly.  Here is the one downside--Mibbit is a bit persnickety and sometimes will boot you out without any notice, so if you can download another chat client (do a search for software that can handle IRC, or Internet Relay Chat) and get someone to help you set it up so that you can get to the "Otherworlders" server and the "#Deryni_Destinations" chat channel, that might be more reliable. I think there are some instructions in that section of the forum that gives the information you (or a tech-savvy friend) would need to get that set up.  Bynw is also trying to find a more reliable web-based service like Mibbit, but without all the quirks Mibbit has been having lately, that will let people log on easily without having to download and set up anything, but as far as I know he hasn't found a replacement for Mibbit yet. 

Evie is exactly right.  KK is always happy to meet her fans, and she was very amenable to trying for a once-monthly chat for the fans in other time zones (as you can probably see in the chat log from 7 December).

I personally recommend getting an actual IRC chat client, but I know that's a little difficult for a lot of people.  However, as Evie explained, Mibbit, the browser-based chat client we currently use for linking to the chat from here, is a bit temperamental and likes to kick people for no apparent reason.  There are shiploads of chat clients out there; Googling "IRC chat client" should find you a gracious plenty if you don't want to take your chances with Mibbit.  Of course, you can always use Mibbit; bynw and I tested out an alternate browser-based client a while back that seemed to be much more stable but it is a very new program and not ready for prime time just yet.  Hopefully, he's keeping an eye on it and maybe soon we can use it instead of Mibbit, since Mibbit is so determined to kick people for no good reason.

In any case, we'll be ecstatic to see you in chat, revanne.


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