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However, it has occurred to me that considering how well-and-truly Hollywood has messed up some really good books, perhaps a Deryni movie is not all that good an idea.   :'(

I've been saying that since it was first mentioned, Elkhound. Although HBO have made a darn good job of Game of Thrones so far, IMO.

*cough*Wizard of Earthsea*cough*


If I can steal your answer style:
*cough*The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising*cough*

but as those of you who experienced the flame wars on the Tolkien newsgroup understand, a Deryni movie, even a really good one would generate years of in depth discussions on e.g. whether Duncan was played by someone too sexy to be a priest, or whether that strange creature (stelrig?) from Deryni Rising had wings, and why your favorite bit character (insert name here) was not included or was merged with some other character.


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