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Well, Evie would say that no-one could possibly be "too sexy" to play Duncan!  :D     It's the Alaric fans you may need to worry about ;)

As for flame wars on the newsgroup, I guess no movie of a favourite book ever satisfies everyone.   There are always compromises that have to be made in any adaptation of a book for the screen, especially where you are dealing with a complex story over several books with lots of characters.  I for one had no major issues with the LOTR adaptation, and in fact was surprised that the movies turned out as well as they did, because of the complexity of the novels.  And let's face it, I don't recall Jane Austen including a "Darcy strips off and goes swimming in the lake before meeting Elizabeth at Pemberley" scene in Pride and Prejudice - but the BBC saw fit to include one in their TV adaptation of it.   (DOWN Evie - Duncan is NOT going to go swimming in the Eirian River on a snowy night in mid-November before the coronation in DR!!   Not unless you want a blue and very frozen Duncan ... )

I am sure KK realises that some modifications need to be made, and IF the movie goes ahead, we can only hope that she retains final approval rights over the script, and is happy with the actors cast.  KK's suggestionfor Kelson looks a great choicfe, though given the delay in making the movie, the kid will be far too old for the role by the time it goes into production!  But if she as author is happy with the final script for her creation, and approves the actors, then that's fine by me.

Duncan needs to at least be attractive enough to make it believable that the women at Coroth are dreamily sighing over him and wishing such a handsome man wasn't under vows of celibacy, since they do exactly that in one of the books (DR, I think?)  And that's probably not going to happen if he's got a face like a beaten carpet and a body as fit as over-boiled spaghetti.  I'm just sayin' is all.   ;D

And I certainly hope he's not planning on diving into the Eirian, but if he ever does, don't look for me to resuscitate him afterwards.  Forget blue and frozen, have you considered how much sewage is probably running through that major river, especially with a city the size of Rhemuth right on it?  Ew!   My love for him has some limits!  :D

It's DC you're thinking about.  And he has to be fit, because he fights well in all the books.


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