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A Leap of Faith - Chapter 24

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"Can Deryni do that?"

It seems that 'can' and 'need' or 'want' are closely related.  Time and again we have seen Deryni do things that they didn't know they could do, or that the official line was that they couldn't do them, when there was an urgent need to or a very strong desire to do them.

E.g., Richenda's attempted friccaseeing of Bran, or Rhy's healing of Cymber.  In the first case, Richenda had never been taught offensive combat magic, and only very little defensive; but her need and desire to protect her child called forth the ability.  (I'd like to see an AU in which she did succeed in serving up a dish of "Errant Husband Flambee".)  In the latter, while Rhys knew that there was such a thing as Healing, he didn't know he was a Healer--until he had an injured cat that he had to heal or risk making Evanie cry, and even at 11 he didn't want Evanie to cry.

I have truely loved this story, and am sorry to see it end, but know that it must, for now. I love the voice you have given to Richenda, and to my favorite character, Duke Alaric. You have portrayed events so closely to what I had imagined, I could swear you read my mind. This is one I shall read over and over again, probably as often as Richenda reads those letters from her love.


--- Quote from: Elkhound on January 12, 2011, 09:21:59 PM ---... Richenda's attempted friccaseeing of Bran, or Rhy's healing of Cymber.  In the first case, Richenda had never been taught offensive combat magic, and only very little defensive; but her need and desire to protect her child called forth the ability.
--- End quote ---

We don't know that she hasn't had that sort of 'offensive combat magic' training at all.   Indeed, she actually sobs to Duncan that she probably would have succeeded in killing Bran, had Derry not impeded her and Wencit arrived.  SHE doesn't seem to be in any doubt about her skills / knowledge, and I have always interpreted her words as meaning that she could have killed Bran, and knew that!   We DO know that she had formal training from some of the same people who trained Morag in Torenth (like Azim), and the Camberian Council were apparently concerned at the extent of that training, given her marriage to Alaric.  We also know that Denis Arilan (who tends to look down on the skills and abilities of both Alaric and Duncan) respects Richenda's training and abilities enough to allow her to take the lead in the ritual for Nigel.  And he is also clearly very comfortable with her skills as she functions in the links to Kelson and Alaric in TKJ, and there is never any hint that he disparages her abilities.   The fact that Denis essentially treats her as a magical equal probably says a very great deal about what she does know!!   So I don't know that you can include Richenda's actions against Bran in HD as the same sort of spontaneous "as needed" magic as Rhys's healing of Cymber.

Alaric's discovery of his Healing powers was a far better example of 'as needed' powers, because he didn't 'know' he could do that - he was just plain desperate.  In the rediscovery of the old Deryni skills as the Schola takes shape after KKB, it will be interesting to see how they are able to develop and learn from Deryni who evidence particular types of magic in this way.  It may be, for example, that someone finds a reference to something in an old manuscript and someone just tries it, or experiments with the general idea.  I suspect that the schola's formal learning / discovery process will tend to have that element of 'as needs' discoveries as a critical part of the new regime.

Well, if we're talking about need-induced results, let's use Jehana in Deryni Rising when she tries to protect Kelson from Charissa.  We all know for a fact that she hasn't had any training whatsoever.

Looking though The Priesting of Arilan last night, I spotted this - Denis is 20 at the time and presumably on a par training-wise as Richenda.  In fact probably ahead, since her's would have stopped by the time she married and the implication here is that Denis's is ongoing.

"If Denis had known how to turn his powers to destruction at that moment, he cheerfully could have blasted the archbishop into Hell for that - but he had not yet been taught how..."

So it's obviously not something they let the younger members of the community loose with too early!


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