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A Leap of Faith - Chapter 21

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--- Quote from: Alkari on January 09, 2011, 04:34:42 PM ---Yes, the aftermath of a battle.  Just as stressful as the waiting, and often a lot more painful, physically and emotionally.   

--- Quote ---I still canít help worrying that he may change his mind Ė decide I would be safer to him in a convent and Brendan fostered to some loyal house.
--- End quote ---
  No my dear, believe me that you are most definitely NOT headed for any convent!  ;)

--- End quote ---
Tee hee! Nope! No convent can keep Morgan from his chosen wife.  =o) I doubt Kelson would dare

Poor Duncan. =o(  Amazing that heís even functional to the degree that  he is, right now.  But as Alaric observed, keeping busy must be all thatís keeping him going.


Well I figured Duncan wouldn't be allowed the luxury of flaking just yet.  We've seen Duncan able to hold things together pretty well, as he did the Mass for Kevin and Bronwyn (and I wonder how he gets through it every time I read that part :( ).  And Kelson will demand it of him as long as there is stuff needing doing - after all Kelson called Morgan on it pretty fast when Morgan had his self-pitying moment at the end of DC.

Three more chapters to go and then I can go gibber in a corner somewhere! ;)


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