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A Leap of Faith - Chapter 20

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OK, my 2p on this.

I was coming at this from Richenda's side, obviously.  To me, her taking Alaric through to show him Brendan asleep on that first visit he makes to her tent is her saying to him "This is the package.  You accept him along with me or the deal's off."

We know that Alaric has twigged that there is a child involved as he sees Brendan at St Torins and again in Dhassa before he even knows who she is, and I'm sure he's well aware that Bran Coris has a young son (he's probably been told how perfect he is often enough too ;) ).  So Alaric making it his business to get Brendan back to her is both concern for a distraught mother and a probably very confused and upset little boy BUT also him saying indirectly "I know he is your first priority - see how I'm making him a priority too."

And I just read the "all's well that ends well" comment as being support for Richenda as the main character of the story - no more than that - and certainly not anti-men, since derynifanatic is a man!


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