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A Leap of Faith - Chapter 18

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--- Quote --- It would have been a charming family tableau, had the man in the bedchamber been my husband.  At least she could hardly suspect us of anything dishonourable with a four year old present.
--- End quote ---
Yes, even asleep a four year old can make a very effective chaperone!    Though I wonder what Sister Luke is already thinking about them ...

And Richenda says she doesn't like frogs' legs, toasted or roasted! ;) 

Well in the book there is no indication that she knows he is there until Alaric emerges from the bedchamber and blushes when he sees her, so I think she's got a pretty shrewd idea what's going on.

And being a very nice and diplomatic sister, says nothing.    I've always wondered whether she ever says anything to Richenda after they leave Llyndruth Meadows, and what she eventually thinks / says when Richenda ends up marrying Alaric the following year ;)

Ah yes, the three wise monkeys ....

It's about time for the magic (bleep) to hit the fan!  Maybe we will find out what happened to the fake Camberian Council witnesses.  KK only said that they were dealt with, but no details were provided.


--- Quote from: Evie on January 06, 2011, 01:13:15 PM ---I've heard frog legs are pretty good....

*Richenda licks fingers*  "Hm, I think I like my late husband better this way...."

OK, perhaps not.   Ew.   :D

"You did what?" -- LOL!   ;D

--- End quote ---

Plenty of women end up devouring their husbands.  Psychologically, if not physically.

"I'll ask the wife."  "Yes, dear."


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