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Is it really wrong of me?

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the Bee:
How about Handfire?  Something like a flat, disc-shaped flashlight, attached to a finger-ring to hold it in place on the palm.  Changeable colored glass or plastic click-on lids to provide different colors. 

miniature holographic projector to simulate hand fire.  with option to select personal color

"Realised the flaw in my plan.  We don't see the Camber medal till Checkmate, do we?  Drat!"

not a flaw - they existed for 200 years, just didnt read about one until DC

like ensign Chekov and ST Wrath of Khan.  He wasnt in the original episode, probably on a wodka break

And the St. Camber seal is in Deryni Rising, in the floor of the cathedral.  Medals would be a more portable version of that sort of thing anyway, right?

How about an earring(s) called "The Eye of Rom"?  Or the wands of the Coadjutors of the Camberian Council?


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