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Let's all keep our fingers crossed on this one. Who knows how Hollywood can "modify" a subject. Hopefully it gets a treatment like LOTR.   ;D

you never looked at the Tolkien usenets I take it.:)  Some really nasty stuff about Peter jackson and people who dared praise his version of LOTR.
luckily this group is much more tolerant of ideas (which it should being about a series of books on intolerance)


--- Quote from: tenworld on December 02, 2008, 07:48:12 PM ---(which it should being about a series of books on intolerance)

--- End quote ---

One would think so.  But it is amazing how intolerant some people who profess to be tolerant can be of ideas they don't agree with.

Look at Proposition 8.  Mind you, I am disappointed in what the people of California decided, but if we believe in democracy, why should we try to circumvent decisions (as some people are) arrived at democratically if we disagree with them?  If we go only by results, what is to be preferred between a democracy whose policies we we approve of and a tyranny whose policies we do not approve of?  And who anointed us as the arbiters of what is approbale and what is not?

After all, Mussolini stopped littering in Rome and made the Italian trains run on time (neither of which nobody has ever managed either before or since); Hitler was a vegetarian and promoted organic farming; Franco gave refuge to Jews from the Holocaust; Stalin promoted public libraries--all things that many, if not most, of us would approve of.

In truth -- the longer they postpone making the movies -- the happier I will be.  It is definitely not because I wish Katherine any ill, I wish her the best and I'm happy for her, but because I have yet to see a book made into a movie that wasn't a huge disappointment.  LOTR came closest to NOT being disappointing.

I think Hunt for Red October movie improved on the book, but the other Clancy-based movies went downhill fast.  So it can be done, but not often.  Both Ivanhoe movies missed the essence of the book (which dealt with similar persecution of people because they were misunderstood on 2 levels, the Saxons in Norman england and the Jews in Christiandom).
And then there are the adaptations of Asimov that were horrible.  There are rumors of a Foundation movie (another group of people with mind control) but I have loe expectations. 


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