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Hey, Im new and so glad to find this site!!

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Hi everyone,

I'm so glad to join your forum.  I've been an avid reader for years and was given The Adept series years ago and enjoyed it very much.  Through the years and so many moves the books were lost and I couldn't remember the names of the characters or the author.  I knew enough of the situations in the novels that a local librarian was able to help me with the title and author.  After I read that series again I started on the Deryni series and found new characters that I love.

I live in Odenville, Alabama and am retired so I have more time to read.  Besides reading I play World of Warcraft and enjoy cooking.  Not sure what else to say, but I can't wait to get to know people here.


*Squeeeeeee!* You're in Odenville? I'm in Trussville! Welcome, neighbor!  ;D

Welcome to the Castle, dear Betsy, avid reader you.
Glad to have you join us.
I to have played World of Warcraft, since its beginnings 14 years ago. Though I admit I have played much less of it this year. I already pre purchased the Collectors expansion that comes out in August.  and I have played some now that the transition to the expansion is up. I always like the transition period. I play trolls, by the way, For the Horde.

Enjoy your time exploring Rhemuth Castle, there is a lot here. I showed up once and seemed to have never left.
I am reading the Adept series for the first time, myself. Though I admit I am taking it slow. (Other things keep me occupied)

Welcome Betsy,
I'm one of the castle's inhabitants from over the Pond.   I don't get as much time as I would like to pop in here, but it's a great place to be. 

Welcome Betsy.

I'm likewise from over the pond. Good to have someone else to join in the fun.


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