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This isn't a new project at all. In fact this is one that came and went back in 2001-2002. Within the chats of those days and yes they have been going on for that long. The idea was kicked around and approved. The die's struck and the coins minted.

There were 6 coins in the entire set.

Follow the link to see them.

Those are incredible!  Is there any chance of more being made?

Wow, Those are Awesome. Who carved the original molds/die? Great work.

I think they were made outside of the United States. I'll have to make some inquiries.

Those coins and (wasn't it keychains as well) were awesome; iirc they were made in Turkey.  If you do find the answers as to where they come from and are potentially getting more of them, I need a new Kelson Keychain.  I lost my first one. Thanks.


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