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Fun with Merasha

Merasha can be delivered to its victim in a couple of different ways. The first way is to hide it in food or drink. Thus any taste of it is masked by whatever one is eating.

If it is delivered via food or drink a Human gets to make a Standard Test. Failure means that they become a bit tired and fatigued. But are able to push through it. All tests while under the influence of Merasha are one pip higher. Thus a regular test will only succeed on a 6. And a Focus will only succeed on a 5 or 6. It is hard to focus when very sleepy. A roll of double 1 could mean that the Human has simply gone to sleep. They can be woken up.

Any Deryni that gets a taste of Merasha in his food or drink must make a Standard Test. Failure means that they loose the ability to use their powers. They also cannot use the Focus action as their minds are out of focus. Rolling a double 1 will cause the Deryni to have convulsions. And like their Human friends. All other tests are at 1 pip higher.

The 2nd delivery method is via a sharp instrument. Be it a hidden needle on a door latch, or from a Deryni Pricker of old Gwynedd. Or even the blade or arrow of an enemy. In addition to any damage in HP that the character may receive from such an attack. Again a Human gets to make a Standard Test to resist the sleeping beast. With the same results as above on Failure.

A Dernyi is not that fortunate. If one is attacked in this manner. The Test to resist is at a Disadvantage. Rolling a 1 on that test and the Deryni will go into convulsions just like he would with the food method of delivery. Again Failure means that the Deryni cannot use Focus and all of his powers are unusable.

And lastly. Any Deryni that links his mind with a Deryni who has been poisoned (failed the Test) must make a Standard Test to resist the invluence or suffer the same fate as his companion.

Merasha's affects don't last long. They generally leave the body after a day or two. Depending on out potent the dosage was that was received. It of course can be extended indefinitely if the victim keeps getting a fresh dose of the poison.

Healers  and some trained Deryni with some experience with Meresha poisoning have proven (in the books) that they can help the victim reduce convulsions and ease the victim's muddled mind to sleep. Are you going to allow this. Can a test be done for this? Although (again in the books) a healer can not attempt to heal wounds, as it muddles their mind's too. Is there any practical "first aid" means of healing to help a Meresha victim survive to gain back, say one hit point, until they have had time to recover from the poisoning.

Yes I'm sure there is a way to do that ... and we may discover it sooner or later :)

unnamed Deryni-specific drug. Used for healing of course.

It works faster than Merasha, robbing the victim of his powers instantly. Like it's cousin Merasha, it also renders the victim physically helpless. All actions are at a 6 only Disadvantage. With one's powers gone, the Shields of the victim are erroded and contact to his mind is easier than entering the mind of Human.

Unlike Merasha, there are no ill effects for making mental or physical contact with the victim in question. And Humans are completely unaffected by the substance.

This drug can be given with food/wine or via any piercing of the skin by any object. A needle, a blade, or arrow. 

No ill effects from making mental contact. Renders victim magically and physically helpless? Contact to the victim's mind is easier than entering a Human mind?
Are there no savings for the victim at all?


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