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Greetings and well met,

I have been lurking in and out of this forum for *ahem* years. I've been lurking around KK's books for something approaching 3.5 decades.

Each on of you has been an inspiration to me as I have read many of the fanfic on this board. I recently completed a paperback buying binge to re-establish my personal KK titles. I still have holes to fill, so I will enjoy the hunt.

I picked "Korn" as my avatar because this depiction looks like it could be an KK-inspired apparition.

Greetings -glad that you are lurking no longer.

Welcome to the Castle!

BTW, if you want to change your avatar (to a photo that you own, that you have rights to use, or that is in the public domain, just for copyright/intellectual property law reasons), you can do that if you like.

I hope you continue to enjoy the forums with an actual account and not just lurking!  ;)

Welcome to the forum!  Most of KK's books have recently come out in ebook form as well, and whenever she alerts me to a title going on sale, I post those notices here, so you know, if you feel a burning need to add to your already full book collection....  ;D

Bifph,  welcome to the forum, glad to meet a longtime lurker-no-more. Join us in our many conversations, and don't worry about bringing up old posts if you have a question or an interest there.


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