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Pretender's Gambit - Chapter Six

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--- Quote from: Evie on May 09, 2017, 09:33:24 am ---

LOL!  "Creepy" worked just fine.  The original Stark Raving Guano version made me wonder why our heroes didn't just run straight back out the church door at the sight of him!    ;D

--- End quote ---

*Laurna is giggling at the thought of three tough warriors running fast & furiously away from a stark raving Torenthi impersonator.* LOL 

More like they would have run him though with their swords and asked for forgiveness after.

This is a great example why I would recommend Evie's 'content-checker' to everyone. (P.S. don't forget to give her a donation for her time and effort. It is so worth it.)

Thank you, Evie, you are my teacher, councilor, and editor all in one.

Oh and by the by, Evie, I do not think I can finish this off this week before your vacation. So please, forget about this and start making your plans. We can take this to its conclusion after you get back in June. That is, after all the photos and stories of river cruising have been shared. Enjoy!

No worries, Laurna. Remember, I won't be offline until the 24th, and might find a few off moments online even while on vacation, but probably not more than a few minutes at a time, so not the most optimal conditions for careful editing. But before the 24th, I'm as available as my usual work schedule will permit.


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