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Maybe Nick Stahl as Kelson.  Stahl played John Connor in T3: Rise of The Machines.  John Connor didn't start out looking like the leader of the human rebellion against the machines, but ended up defeating the machines.  Kelson was more sure of his abilities to be a good king for Gwynedd and he will most likely go down as the greatest ruler of his kingdom.

Old English:
Natalie Portman as either Jehana or Charissa.  It would be interesting to see her play either role.

I would like to see Erika Christensen as Charissa.  Her role in Swimfan as the evil other woman was very convincing.  She would make an interesting Charissa.

Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter Movieverse) would make a good villain. Perhaps a good Wencit. Sam Neill would be a good Rhydon of Eastmarch

Isaacs might make a fair Morgan, but I've mostly seen him in villainous roles. And he's a little old for Morgan, now.

In terms of looks, Keira Knightley might make a good Araxie. I don't think all that much of her acting prowess, but she is decorative.

As Charissa, perhaps Helena  Bonham-Carter.

Hans Matheson could play the adult Kelson.


Old English:
Keira Knightley? *shudders*  Over-rated and talentless.

May as well just put a piece of 2x4 in a dress and wig, paint on a pout with lip-gloss, then prop it up in a corner.  Would be just as good as the real thing - and a darn sight cheaper to employ.   ;)

I love Helena Bonham-Carter, even if all she does these days is portray mentally deranged women in gothic atture, but she'd be too old to play Charissa if the film is sticking to characters' ages from the books.  If not, then yes, absolutely HB-C for Charissa.   Jason Isaacs could be Ian Howell - again if book-age is not strictly adhered to in the movies?


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