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Outlander fans played this game for years before the STARZ series.  Unsurprisingly, not a single fan pick was cast.  But almost everyone is pleased with actors picked, who were all relative unknowns.

The key to an excellent adaptation, either film or series, is to have a producer who cares and active author participation that really matters.

The producer's wife is big fan.  He said that if he messed things up, she'd murder him.  So we've got to have a homicidal spouse in the mix! ;)

Another series that might be coming is Eric Flint's 1632.  I posted the same analysis on Baen's Bar.

Alexander Siddig as Azim.

Yeah, this topic is still on my mind too. Have been thinking of James McAvoy for Derry...

A Deryni movie doesn't seem likely  :'( but it's still fun to imagine who might play who...

One actor could play Brion and Nigel Haldane (like the twins in the in the two Parent Trap movies). My vote is Brendan Coyle (Bates from Downton Abbey). He's older than they were but makeup could fix that.

Many years ago I thought that Brian Blessed (Duke of Exeter in Henry V) could play Brion and Nigel, but he's 79. A very young-looking 79 but still too old.

Also from Downton Abbey, Rob James-Collier (Thomas Barrow) for Morgan and Allen Leech (Tom Branson) for Duncan. It would be nice to see the two of them as allies instead of adversaries. It would also be nice to see Rob James-Collier in a likeable role.

Someone else suggested Jessica Brown Findlay (Lady Sybil) for Rothana. Maybe we could just move the cast from Downton Abbey to Rhemuth Castle...

Sohpie McShera (Daisy) could be Araxie; Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith) could be Richenda; Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) could be Charissa; Joanna Froggatt (Anna Bates) could be Jehanna.

Getting away from Downton Abbey...

Kenneth Branagh could play Archbishop Loris; Gary Oldman could play Ewan, Duke of Claiborne; Alan Rickman could play Barrett de Laney.

When I saw the 2012 version of Les Miserables I thought Eddie Redmayne (Marius) was perfect for Dhugal. Now I think he's too old for Dhugal but he could be Wencit.


I still think about this myself (you can see an extensive list earlier in this thread). These days most of those recommendations stand, though of late I'm contemplating Yannick Bisson as Nigel and maybe James MacAvoy as Derry. This is still a fantasy subject, since the movie seems to be in development hell.


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