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Does it have to be a theatrical release?

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--- Quote from: Jerusha on April 11, 2014, 02:20:56 PM ---I might worry that they would want to make it more risque or sensational to draw a larger viewing audience.

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Unfortunately, I can see that happening. I also doubt they would portray church ceremonies and clergy as respectfully and accurately as Katherine has.

One of the things I love is that Katherine takes faith seriously, even when it is being distorted and used for wrong ends. I would hate for that to disappear or have a cynical spin put on it.

Those things could happen just as easily in a film as a TV series. 

Part of the reason I'd prefer a (mini)series is that for even a LONG film, the story would have to be severely compressed--lots of things taken out.  This would be less necessary in a (mini) series.

there is a lot of stuff on cable shows criticizing the catholic church, if they played that angle (I see some similarities between the former pope and a couple bishops in deryniworld), it might get made.  However, the biggest ratings draws in cable series are sex and violence.  KK hasn't been shy about violence, but I fear the sex angle is what draws a lot of the audience.  While I would not mind watching a magic-enhanced bedroom scene, its not in character with these books.  But maybe a generation raised on Harry Potter might provide the ratings needed.

Remember the joke about the BBC survey that said that the three most popular subjects by soap-opera viewers were the aristocracy, sex, and medicine.  They concluded that the ideal title for a series would be "Lady Chatterly's Liver."   :)


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