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Brandon Sanderson mentions KK on his blog

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Not sure if I'm allowed to post on here, but none of the other categories seemed to fit.

Brandon Sanderson won a Hugo at Worldcon at the weekend, and he has posted his feelings on receiving it to his blog. He talks about how he first got involved in fandom, and mentions KK particularly as having been generous with her time and encouraging him.

Full post is here

I'm a big fan of Sanderson, and I was thrilled to see that KK had been there at the start!

Yes, I think this was a fine place to post that.  I'm sure Katherine would like to know that Sanderson appreciates the help she gave him back in the day.  :)

What a lovely tribute to KK, and shows us once again what a great person she is  :)   

I listened to a live video chat with Brandon Sanderson last night, and he mentioned Katherine again. Seems like that conversation with her was a really big deal for him, back in the day. And since the Stormlight Archives are my current obsession, it's nice to think that KK played a part in getting it written!

That's awesome!  I wish more authors were as approachable as KK is.


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