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Title: Memo to the Filmmakers
Post by: BalanceTheEnergies on February 09, 2009, 06:57:35 AM
I've been continuing to consider all the casting notions for a while, since I stumbled upon this site--hmmm, does Malcolm McDowell still have that youthful face with grey hair, for if so, he'd do very well as Judhael of Meara...and wouldn't Sam Neill do nicely for Ciard O Ruane--and I've thought back to the recent NPR series of memos to President Obama. Since we've been casting the piece, why not be hanged for sheep as well as for a lamb? In other words, if you were to be able to tell the filmmakers what you want to see in Deryni movies, what would you say? Are there scenes that must stay in the films, and why? Is there a director whose style you think would be most appropriate? How do you imagine MindSpeech, shields, Wards Major, healing, or any of the other wondrous things being depicted onscreen?

I'll start by suggesting the films be shot in HD. I finally got around to watching The Other Boleyn Girl this weekend, and like a lot of film geek types, I had to start by viewing the featurettes, watch the film through once, then watch the film a second time with the commentaries on. The director was pointing out the details captured by the HD cameras, singing the praises of the set designers and costume designers since the technology captures so much detail. As he was talking, I found myself thinking several things about Deryni films:

So what about the rest of you? What do you think the MindSpeech voiceovers should sound like? How would you handle the memories, the mental summaries of events the audience has already seen? How would you depict Dhugal's reaching through the horse to connect with Ciard? What about the emotions that get Sent? The wordless "sounds" of inquiry?
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