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Title: Character Advancement
Post by: Bynw on January 13, 2018, 07:22:23 pm

You can teach an old dog new tricks.

Adventurers start as full-fledged characters, but many players like to see their Adventurers grow over the course of a campaign. These rules allow Adventurers to learn up to four additional Traits.

Step One: Choose one Trait you want to learn.
Pick one Trait you want your Adventurer to develop. You can only be developing one Trait at a time.

This choice has to make sense. You could, for example, decide that your thief would benefit
from the Precise Attacker Trait. That makes sense. You could not, however, decide that your human Adventurer will learn to grow an extra set of arms.

Step Two: Explain how you will learn the new Trait.
How exactly is your Adventurer going to learn the new Trait? You need to establish this in the collaborative story. Does she have a mentor? Can she learn from another party member? Finding an appropriate teacher can be its own quest!

Step Three: Practice makes perfect.
Once your Adventurer has a mentor (or other way of learning the Trait), she needs to learn and practice. While learning, the Adventurer Tests with one less die than the Trait usually uses. A Trait that usually grants Advantage only allows a normal Test. A Trait that usually has a normal Test only allows a Test with a Disadvantage. If the Test is usually at a Disadvantage, then the Test is only successful on a roll of 6.

If a Trait grants an extended range of results which count as a success, the Trait only is successful on a 5 or 6 while it is being learned.

The bottom line is that your Adventurer is not as good using the Trait as someone who already has it.

Step Four: Learn from success and failure.
When learning something new, we gain knowledge from our successes and our failures.

Once your Adventurer has used the Trait successfully six times and failed using the Trait six times, she has learned the Trait. From this point forward she uses the Trait normally.

The first attempt to use a developing Trait in an encounter is the one that counts towards the accumulation of success and failures.

For example, your party is ambushed by a group of highway men. Your Adventurerís first attempt to deliver a Precise Attack is a success. You now have one of the six successes needed to learn the Trait (along with the six failures you need). All other uses of Precise Attack for that encounter are not counted as successes or failures for learning the Trait. If your second attempt in the encounter is a failure, it does not help you get closer to learning the Trait.

You must attempt to use the Trait youíre learning at appropriate times. Trying to be Sneaky when infiltrating an enemy stronghold makes sense. Trying to be Protective when alone does not
Title: Re: Character Advancement
Post by: Laurna on January 13, 2018, 10:07:39 pm
Looking for clarification.
If I chose to improve my character with the Spell trained trait then I need to find someone to teach that character and then Is it every time that character uses magic, once per encounter, that the 6 success and 6 failures count. Or does it have to be specific kinds of magic, such as casting spells only.

Before you had mentioned about using a Hero Point if attempting to Heal when you are not a known Healer;  use a hero point and roll at a disadvantage. Trouble is, I don't have 12 hero points to do this every time. Is the Hero point a necessity every time, Is it required for the first time tried only?  Or is a hero point not necessary, but it does improve the 6 only success roll to the added benefit success roll of 5 and 6.

And yes, I see that I can only learn one new trait at a time. Just trying to figure out which one to focus on.
Title: Re: Character Advancement
Post by: Bynw on July 05, 2018, 05:53:34 pm
Having given this some more thought. Both advancement systems are going to be available. But keep in mind this one is only for Traits. You can not get new weapon proficiencies or mastery with this method. You also cannot gain hit points or more movement.

Also if you declare that you are using this system to learn a new Trait. You cannot change your mind later on and pick up that Trait with XP.
Title: Re: Character Advancement
Post by: Laurna on July 05, 2018, 10:28:09 pm

Also if you declare that you are using this system to learn a new Trait. You cannot change your mind later on and pick up that Trait with XP.

Well darn, Bynw, Wash has been working on Healing for months and months, and he is not even half way there. Doesn't look like he can get there any time soon either. No Deryni powers! Since this is a change in the rules. Can I drop the 6 successes and 6 failures now to opt for the XP points instead. Am I stuck? Or tell me what Wash needs to do to use the xP's for the new trait of Healing. I have a Healling scroll that he can study if that helps.  ;)
Title: Re: Character Advancement
Post by: Bynw on July 06, 2018, 07:17:49 am
Due to the change ... you can drop it and spend the XP
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