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Introductions / Re: Happy to be here!
Last post by Salic - Today at 04:13:14 PM
Quote from: Evie on June 14, 2024, 12:26:38 PM
Quote from: Salic on June 14, 2024, 11:14:09 AMWelcome Frère de Saint-Gabriel to the castle!  You certainly know the Canon of Kurtz! 

Unlike you, I'm somewhat of a relearner of the Canon, reading Katherine Kurtz after many years away from it.  Unlike many residing here, I tend to be drawn not to the society of the medieval age but rather to the premedieval.  I'm drawn to the Celts and, especialy, the Viking Sagas. Among the Deryni, I'm fascinated by the Airsid.

You shall contribute much to the castle, Frere.  Again, welcome to these lands!  :D

You might like my current story in progress, then. While it is set in the Eleven Kingdoms of the 1460s, I have gone a bit anachronistic with it when it comes to my Northlands region, where some parts of that region still have practitioners of Viking seiðr magic, including the Konungamóðir, a skilled seið-kona who is using her powers of illusion to help her young son invade Kheldour and the regions beyond....  ;D

That is interesting, Evie.  I can see why you are doing so.  I think of the Deryni civilization in the Eleven Kingdoms is uneven because of it's prevalant variances in sociological and technical development.  It is logical to think that pre-medieval societies exist in the far north that lack the communications with the rest of those kingdoms. 

I think that stave churches, hill forts and markets, round houses and the later rectangular houses with thatched roofs, would be present in these societies.  Given the power of Deryni magic would equalize the sexes, that women would have a voice at the althings and could serve as chieftains.  I could well imagine the Seidr still operating in the society along with the Christian priests and monks.  My fanfiction portrays the Airsid (later which I call the Sidra) as capable of remotely establishing transfer portals and are well-travelled.  They have transfer portals and visit and are visited by people from the Far East and Far West in the Deryni world.  I think that the pre-medieval world in this fanfiction is more cosmopolitan than the Deryni medieval world.

I shall be very interested in your portrayals of pre-medieval societies that exist on the edge of the Eleven Kingdoms.

Forgotten Shadows / Re: Forgotten Shadows
Last post by Marc_du_Temple - Today at 04:04:33 PM
((Bede shoves his opponent, hopefully back into the center of the brawl. 1d6 = 6)) The threatening words from Bede did cause the bookish brute to flinch. In a moment of primal inspiration, Bede lunged forward with splayed fingers, closing them tight around the collar of the man's nicer shirt. Using his entire body for momentum, as though the leader in a dominating dance, he dragged the overall heavier man around only to throw him back where he came from, into the heart of the free-for-all. His opponent disappeared under the writhing forms of the other fighters as they fell over him like trees before the axe. Then Bede dusted himself off with a steadying breath. Onto the next thing.

"Winnifred?!" he shouted above the pandemonium. Getting to the kitchen was easy enough, with the tricks he had learned from Scimmio. It was darker than he expected, and perhaps darker than it was supposed to be, he surmised from the lightless lanterns and candles. He took one off of its perch and lit it with a spark from his hunting knife against his eating knife, and saw someone he loved. Not his Winnifred, but someone differently dear to who he once was. Her cousin Muireagáin. Cleverer than she was often credited for, it came to light too late for him to care that she had orchestrated many of the meetings between him and his beloved. What she could possibly be doing here, he had no idea. Doubtless, she would feel the same if she recognized him.

"Who are you?" she asked fearfully, clutching a hefty cleaver without deftness. Her agitation increased as she continued to speak. "One of his friends? Tell him I'll never replace my sister, and I'd sooner join her." With shaking hesitation, she turned the knife's blade towards herself and dared him with raised brows. When he slumped and began to stammer, she pounced. "Say something, or I'll scream."

Moving slowly, he took off his hat and spoke honestly. "Muirea, it is me: Bede Archer, third son of Ulrich Archer, of Meara. My loyalty is to my God, my queen, my heart, my family, my friends, and then my employers, in that order."

Recognition, relief and disappointment dawned on her beautiful face, and once again she was the sister he never had. "You've grown so much, and yet not at all, Bede. By the saints of our youth, where have you been all these years? What have you done if not repent and live?"

Four years of turmoil boiled over in his dry throat. "I waited for Winnifred! At the mouth of the River Laas. As long as my body could, I did. I don't have time to recount the rest, but I can keep you and my friends from Carbury safe if you'll follow me."

She dropped the cleaver and grasped his hands imploringly. "I'm safer here, Bede. Do you hear that? That's the sound of the bouncers getting ready to do their job. Go out the back, and sneak back to your friends how best you can. Hurry, and God be with ye!" With a shove towards the back, he was gone, circling around the block so as best to survey the situation. He saw candlelight shining out of Elspeth's room from across the street. His was the one next to it, and his new destination. But how to climb the sheer wall of the first floor was yet a mystery. Then he recalled his partner in derring, and trotted off to meet her.
Forgotten Shadows / Re: FS Out of Character Chat
Last post by Marc_du_Temple - Today at 03:58:23 PM
This Edwin guy is really agitated, huh? Can't say I'd be that much better if someone ran off with my books.
Forgotten Shadows / Re: Forgotten Shadows
Last post by revanne - Today at 03:12:30 PM
(So I decided to roll the dice to see how Edwin reacted to what was happening to his bag. 1&2 Angry 3&4 calm and reasonable 5&6 desperate 1d6 =1 angry it is.)

Edwin managed to right himself but, as he spun round to get himself back to where the man with his bag was, he saw to his horror that it was too late. The bag was in the fire and already beginning to catch. Why the hell had he ever got involved with any of this; he hated to think it but the old man was right.

"Ne'er get yoursen involved with what is nowt o' your business."

He no longer cared who was fighting or what they were fighting about, blind to all but his precious bag. All very well for Airich and the likes o' him to jump in all chivalrous to save a damsel in distress, let him get on with it. If a noble's possessions were damaged, doubtless plenty more where they came from. But without his bag he could neither study nor earn his keep. Well, he had got himself out of more fights than Airich had had hot dinners so he rapidly weaved his way round where Airich was struggling, moved smartly to avoid a guy in an eye-splitting shirt and edged himself round the back of the brawling bodies towards the fire.

His plan was to grab his bag, risking a scorched hand but no matter as long as he made sure to use his left hand, and leg it. As far and fast away from this tavern as he could make it. A pity, he had liked the place but there were plenty of other places to drink and eat in Grecotha. And if ever a plausible looking guy asked him for help with his research, well he was done with helping people.

He looked away from the fire long enough to check that he was not being watched and as he looked back he saw that a young woman had snatched the bag out of the fire. Brave lass and  someone with sense in this madhouse. His relief was short lived as the fight moved between him and the lass, giving her time to escape with her spoils, and an accomplice, up the stairs to where he knew there was a room set aside for female guests. He had got into trouble before for trying to gain entrance there but now he was too angry to care. Edwin felt red-hot rage pour through him. What the hell was going on? Was this some sort of trap set up by Airich to allow the women to steal his bag? As another fist connected with Airich's jaw he had to admit this seemed unlikely; just two opportunist sneak thieves then, making the most of their chance. No doubt they thought there was coin or something of value in the bag.

Ignoring everything going on behind him he lunged for the stairs and hurtled up them just in time to see the door slam closed. Barely stopping in time to avoid crashing into the door he lifted the latch. Locked, of course! In rage he hammered on the door yelling words that even his father would have frowned upon when addressed to women.
Birthday Wishes / Re: Happy bIrthday Anne and Pa...
Last post by Marc_du_Temple - Today at 12:57:18 PM
Happy birthday!
Forgotten Shadows / Re: FS Out of Character Chat
Last post by revanne - Today at 10:46:55 AM
I am perfectly certain that your lovely sinister students will find that the university and royal authorities would have something to say about a student lynch mob. Especially one that burnt humans.
Forgotten Shadows / Re: FS Out of Character Chat
Last post by Nezz - Today at 10:20:41 AM
Forgotten Shadows / Re: FS Out of Character Chat
Last post by Jerusha - Today at 10:12:25 AM
Very ominous, Bynw. 
Forgotten Shadows / Re: FS Out of Character Chat
Last post by DerynifanK - Today at 09:30:22 AM
Lovely people they have at Grecotha U. I think they need to do some housecleaning and I don't mean murdering Deryni or their friends!
Birthday Wishes / Re: Happy bIrthday Anne and Pa...
Last post by Demercia - Today at 06:57:11 AM
Thank you