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Online gaming?

Started by Old English, July 16, 2007, 04:11:02 PM

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Old English

Hi all,

I had great fun playing this at Darkover 2001, and someone (can't remember who - sorry) mentioned that an online group may be started up at some point.

Anyone know if it ever happened, or if anyone is interested in such a thing being put together?


Hey, an online game might work. I'd be interested. I don't know much about being a GM and don't have a copy of the game *at the moment* (read Christmas List) but I think it would be great.)


I had attempted to start up an online game once but there wasnt enough interest. If there becomes enough interest again I might start one up. Or if someone wants to RUN an online game I would be also happy to play in it ... if there was enough interest.

For an online game we would need of course a GM and 4-6 players but no more than that as it gets hard to keep everyone busy above 6 players. 4 actually is an ideal for an online based chat game.
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Old English

Consider me definitely interested (like I don't already have enough distractions from what I should be doing!)   :D


I would definately consider Mastering a game. I have done so in other systems for years now however I have never even heard of the system they made the game in, nor do I own a copy.


I would be interested in playing, except that I'd be a complete newbie to that genre of game. :-\



I'm new to this forum. Stumbled upon it actually and I love the Deryni books (those that I have copies of :p )  So is there an online game for Deryni? where and how? I'm interested :P

John Hanna

At this time, there is no online gaming, just a very slight interest as you can see by the times between posts here.


No kidding on time between posts.  I would be interested too, if it ever gets going, but I'd be another newbie.

John Hanna


I am currently judging online about once a month, however it is for the Blackmoor DnD campaign and not the Fudge Deryni system.

Online play conceptually is the same as table top gaming, except that the participants connect via the internet.  One person acts as the Moderator/Game Master (GM)/Dungeon Master (DM) and the rest of the group participate as the characters involved.  Sometimes the GM creates his/her own scenarios and sometimes the GM is merely using someone else's scenarios.  Sometimes the players just uses pre-generated characters and sometimes the players bring characters they created using some sort of character creation rules.  Character creation rules are almost always specific to the campaign setting, here that would be within the Deryni universe.

Grey Ghost Games (My apologies if I didn't get the name entirely correct, Anne) published a Deryni Adventure setting which is geared for the FUDGE ruleset and can be adapted into other rulesets.  I have only played in this setting twice, both times with Anne Dupois and Katherine Kurtz at WorldCon in Boston.

Other than enthusiatic players, the main keys to getting a good game going are 1) good scenarios and 2) a good GM.  You also need time to play, which is getting harder and harder to find these days.

Let me know if you have any other questions.