Author Topic: Crossing the streams for other RPG deryni abilities  (Read 5800 times)

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Crossing the streams for other RPG deryni abilities
« on: April 17, 2009, 09:45:14 PM »
yeah well i am a RPG er from Columbus INDIANA  I am also a SCAdian  as well ,  but anyhow  i am desperate to have a learned individual  or the mistress herself..  possible  give a  playable set of stats for   both  3rd edition  dungeons and dragons  and  Star Wars  SAGA  edition  which i am currently  playing, from the read  i gathered   by comparison to baseline humans  for a saga set they would have a  - 1 to Strength and Constitution  but a + 2  to Wisdom and Charisma , with  racial  Force Sensitivity  and the   Natural Healer  ability of   rolling 1d20 + character level compared to the  chart for vital transfer with no hp loss only suffering a -1 to the condition track per use  unless 10 minutes rest is taken in between,   and a racially   trained use the force  as a bonus skill, as they are connected at birth and learn the base line use the force  as infants   in some cases before they can walk,   and the  Force Progeny special ability, which would give a +2 circumstance to all use the  force checks,  but the  racial disadvantage of    Force Mind  because of their unique connection with  the force, they receive a -2 penalty to will saves and fortitude saves  when the force  is used against them by anyone outside their particular  race,.  They are   stellar from past the outer rim  and still maintain a  feudal yet chivalric  mentality  with their  melee weapons being swords  that  are force hardened  ( same procedure as  making a light saber )  but are immune to light saber damage  and do  1 extra die of damage  so a knife does 2d4 and a sword does  2d6  or 2d8,....  Just my idea  please  someone give me some clarity.
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Re: Crossing the streams for other RPG deryni abilities
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2009, 02:17:07 PM »

Sounds like you already know what you want. Just do it. Whatever works in your game works. There are no stats for any of the Deryni characters in the actual Deryni RPG. Maybe in a supplement someday will have those but for now thats left up to the individual GMs.

I personally am not a fan of the Saga rules for SW. Although I am a SW fan and a long time RPGer. My own game has Deryni in it but I do use Fudge as my game rules of choice. And some SW force abilities have found there way into my game as well. Its not an 11 Kingdom's setting as it is my own homebrew. Feel free to check it out at


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