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Re: Duncan's training
« Reply #15 on: March 12, 2015, 04:04:53 AM »
Evie? Why do you appear to have edited my post (#4) and replaced it with a copy of your post (#6)? Do we have a forum fault?

Wait... what? !   :o. Um, I have no idea! *scrolls down to look* As I recall, I was quoting a sentence or two from your post so I could reference it in my reply, but I have no idea why my text replaced yours rather than just adding the quoted material to a separate post. I do recall having some connection issues at the time and having to hit send multiple times (with no response), hit the back and forward arrows, and try again before I got it to go through. Maybe I somehow botched things up in the process, or maybe it was a forum glitch in addition to the sending problem. No clue. But I'm sorry; I certainly didn't mean to edit your post, especially since it was such a lovely, "meaty" one full of interesting possibilities to consider.  :-[
I didn't think it was deliberate.  ;D

Just one of those things I suppose.

An interesting point occurs to me: neither Thomas nor Bradene are from Gwynedd originally. As I mentioned earlier, Thomas is from a highly placed Bremagne family and Bradene was from Fallon. I have to wonder if some of the reason Loris was able to round up support for his Mearan project among the clergy was the perception that Gwynedd-born were being frozen out of the top positions.

On the other hand it does explain to an extent how the Church changed with both of its leaders being the product of southern and possibly more pemissive churches in their childhoods, whereas men like Loris were raised and trained in a much more stringently anti-Deryni tradition.

I don't want to wish Bradene ill, but Kelson may wish to ensure that the next vacancy for an Archbishop is filled by a 'good Gwyneddian' to avoid stifling the ambitious junior ranks of the clergy. (Hmm. Story idea there!)

Duncan's a little contentious for an Archdiocese in the near future (not to mention needed at St Hilarys) and there may be concerns about moving Arilan up given his divided loyalties (not a matter of distrust, more wanting to avoid putting him in a difficult position). For that matter, Arilan may feel a lower profile and his relatively isolated dicoese at Dhassa better suit his obligations. Someone like the late Saint Henry Istelyn would be needed but no other names spring to mind.

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Re: Duncan's training
« Reply #16 on: March 12, 2015, 06:54:18 AM »
Duncan is definitely still needed at the Schola/Basilica in the short range future. Maybe further out, once the Gwyneddan people are more ready for a Deryni archbishop, he could become Archbishop of Rhemuth (where he could still retain some interest in Schola affairs, with perhaps Father Nivard moving up to become Auxiliary Bishop there, and Cardiel could be moved up to Valoret. I agree with you re: Denis and Dhassa.
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Re: Duncan's training
« Reply #17 on: March 12, 2015, 04:10:33 PM »
I can not wait to taste the fruits of all this labor.  Keep the facts coming and the ideas spinning. Love it.


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