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Second Sight

Started by Bynw, April 22, 2024, 10:00:03 AM

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Second Sight comes up from time to time within KK's works. And in chat this has been discussed a few times. It is an aspect of Deryniness but more like trace Deryni blood rather than full on Deryni or "half-Deryni".

So what can someone with Second Sight do?
What are the limitations?
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Second Sight does not have its own topic in the Codex. In fact, I can not find any mention of Second Sight in the Codex at all.

Reviewing Deryni Magic appendix. It confirms Ciard and Caulay have Second Sight. We know it is a border gift. At first, Morgan and Duncan think that Dhugal's shields are because of this Second Sight gift. We also know that Ciard knows how to Dowse for water using this gift. and that both Caulay and Ciard know when someone is telling the truth or telling falsehoods.

Interesting Quote from Deryni Magic page 46. "Finally, only Deryni and those with assumed Deryni-like powers have shields. Humans do not. Upon closer examination, supposed humans discovered to have shields usually can be found to be descendants of  Deryni, even if at some great remove."

This is implying that Second Sight originally came from Deryni heritage and this is  some of the basic vestigial raiments of that heritage from centuries before.

The Deryni Adventure Game page 153 states "Borderers in Cassan, Kierney and Meara speak of "the Second Sight," a knack for sensing things beyond the ordinary: and indeed, many Borderers (human and Deryni Alike) seem to be gifted with uncanny insight. Although it is akin to Deryni magic, Borderers accept the Second Sight with nary a raised eyebrow, and tend to overlook such "talents" in terms of official Church doctrine that has declared magic anathema.  Those with Second Sight may be humans with the Magical Sensitivity gift(g 79), Deryni who have concealed (and perhaps forgotten) their heritage, Humans-with-Power (p78) or some combination of all three."

From these sources, I think that someone with second sight can:
1) Learn or instinctively gain shields from being around Deryni.
2) Can learn to percieve when Deryni Magic is being used near or around them. Ie: they can see Deryni Aureus. and might be aware of magic. but I think it would take training to learn what they are actually seeing or feeling about that magic.
3) They instinctive can tell when someone is telling the truth or a lie. However, it might not be quiet as obvious as when a Deryni detects these things. If they can sense this about another person, I also wonder if they can sense emotions from the other person.
4)  They can attune to elements in the world around them. Like finding water, and perhaps other things about elements like sensing if there is a fire out-break or a rock slide.(there is no evidence of this, but it would seem to me that in the "sensing things beyond the ordinary" could fall in the range of elemental sensitivities.
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