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November 24, 2023, 08:47:23 AM
Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Ghosts Laid to Rest - Book Four - Book Cover and Part One

Started by Laurna, August 27, 2022, 09:55:16 AM

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Here it is, Rhemuth Castle, The last of our Ghosts of the Past Adventure Quest Story!

Ghosts Laid to Rest  Book Four

The battle for Laas is over and Grand Duke Valerian is retreating toward Ratharkin, Prince Javan's army is hunting him. Earl Brendan is making his own plans to stop the Rebellion. Meanwhile, the beloved mentor of Deryni in the Church of Gwynedd has passed away. Respect for him has sent many to Arx Fidei Seminary to attend his funeral. Our intrepid team lead by "Captain" Lord Darcy are among them. Fiona has hopes of being introduced to Washburn's maman to gain her sponsorship into the Rhemuth Schola. But Master Feyd has other plans to distract our team.

We are very happy to present to you The book cover and Part one of Ghosts Laid to Rest.

As with all our series, the portrait art on our book cover is done by our very own very talented Nezz and the landscape Photography was shot by Revanne as she looked over the English Gwynedd Countryside. I believe I see Arx Fidei Seminary in the back ground.

Please click on the links below to download the PDF files:

Book Cover, Title page and Map:
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Part One:
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May your horses have wings and fly!


HELP! How do I get a copy!! I love that story & advocated for printed copies from the beginning or near it. I need to get copies!! Come on, y'all!! email me, please as I'm having trouble getting back in on Chat. DR, help!! Bynw!!
Judy Ward
You can buy a pretty good dog with money but you can't buy the wag of its tail.


Judy, I don't understand. Are you asking for copies printed on Paper?  Sadly, it is illegal to have Fan Fiction printed at a print company- according to the law- no one who isn't the original author can make money off of Fan Fiction and that includes the fan fiction writer and a company that makes money from printing the fan fiction. However, that does not stop us from writing fan fiction or from giving out for free, or from the reader printing the story for themselves.

I have offered the story in PDF files which can be read by using adobe acrobat reader on just about any computer. There should be apps to read it on your phone as well. You can download the PDF file to your computer or to a friends computer, and if you have a printer attached to the computer you should be able to print the story yourself at home. If you know someone with a laser printer, the PDF files print nicely and quickly. Each story is about 450 pages long. Therefore expect to use a half a ream of paper per book, if you print on both sides of the page.

This is what I have done at home. I have four 1 1/2inch thick notebook binders with each book. and I have slid the cover page into the front clear pocket of the binder. That takes a color printer, but that is why the Book cover and Title page are separate files so you can use a color printer for that part.

Judy, if that does not answer your question, than ask some more. I would love to see you have your own copies.
May your horses have wings and fly!