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Ghosts in Checkmate- Book III- Parts Two, Three, and Four.

Started by Laurna, August 21, 2022, 10:16:56 AM

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When we were playing the game after our villain had been handicapped but not deposed(end of Book Two), our GameMaster had asked us if the game was over; Valerian was wounded and Washburn was free of his dungeon. If we wanted to end the game right there we could. However, we were very seriously invested in this story line by now. In all our eyes, the story was still ongoing. The troubles caused by Master Fyed of the Black Order of Death had not been fully addressed, let alone resolved. Yet, we agreed there needed to be something added to keep the story alive. Bynw then opened the game to a new player, and DeryniFanK stepped up to bat. She brought with her an over whelming enthusiasm and a fresh young character ready to get in to the thick of things.
I want to thank DFK for keeping us on track and keeping it all in fun. So glad you joined in our mayhem, DFK!

I must say that Jerusha with Darcy and Aliset were like our Steady Rock in the eye of the storm. Never wavering, always there when they were needed. I always looked forward to reading Jerusha's posts. And the banter behind the scenes where we were trying to figure out where to take this was oh so much fun. Thumbs Up, Jerusha.

Now Revanne is our Faith leader, our Healer. She offered wonderful support to our story and some deep insight to the characters. Columcil plays an important part in steadying Fiona's enthusiasm and keeping my character from falling into despair. Revanne did the same outside the story. It was all well worth the time.

Bynw, continued to keep us on our toes, and we honestly did not know where this was all going even as we were writing it. We would try to out think him but we never really succeeded. Feyd was always one step ahead.

That is the big difference between a novel and a game. In a Novel the author has a basic notion of where he/she wants the story to travel and end. In a game we were all just writing in the moment, following each other's leads, not having any inclination how we were going to solve our troubles and make it all find resolution.

Ah... but this is far from the point of resolution in our story, so I ask you to read on and enjoy our travels.

Here I am offering you the PDF downloadable files of our third Story in the Ghosts of the Past Adventure. Ghosts in Checkmate  parts two, three and four are now available for reading.

Just click on the links below.

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Thank you dear readers.
May your horses have wings and fly!


Laurna, you are so kind, though we could never have done this without you.  You were always coming up with new ideas, and never gave up in the darkest moments (and Washburn had quite a few!)  Coming up with the code for the blocking scroll, the entire dragon sequence, and doing all the timeline sequencing to keep us straight, were amazing.  Not to mention doing most of the work for the "book" versions.  You have been an inspiration, and I for one am in your debt.
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A certain red dragon was not my invention. I was stealing from your very wonderful Fan Fic story of Alaric being ill, "Fall from Grace" by Jerusha, check it out.  I love dragons and I saw an event where our wonderful Alaric in dragon form could join us. But we are getting ahead of ourselves,  that is a sneak peak of book four.  ;)
May your horses have wings and fly!


Hah, I'd suspected that the red dragon came from "Fall from Grace." Thank you for confirming my suspicion. :)
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