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Ghosts of Rebels Rising - Book 2 -Book Cover & Part One

Started by Laurna, April 19, 2022, 05:06:09 PM

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The Ghosts of the Past Team would like to offer for your enjoyment, the book cover, title page and part one of our continuing adventure quest Book Two-Ghosts of Rebels Rising.  This is the second story edited from the Deryni Game Ghosts of the Past, which we played over the last few years. If you did not get a chance to read as we played, here is a version that has been self-edited by the team to make the reading seamless and with fewer grammatical bumps in the road.

In Book One- Heirs of Ghosts Past, our heroes successfully escorted Lady Aliset from Culdi to Rhemuth City, and after many trials they came before Kelson, King of Gwynedd to inform him of the rising unrest within the Provence of Meara. In book two, the king learns this unrest is growing and must be delt with. Yet he is unprepared for agents of the rebellion to have already infiltrated inside the very walls of Rhemuth Castle. Our heroes must find their own paths of learning and self growth, which will hopefully prepare them to take the steps to assist in thwarting the rebellion and to help save their beloved kingdom.

Please click on the links below to get the PDF files.

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P.S. Again I thank the team: Bynw, Jerusha, Evie, Revanne, DeryniFanK and myself, for their writing and editing and I must thank Nezz for her portrait art and Revanne for her Photography.

4/20/22 A quick edit to correct the spelling of one of our team members name in Part one. Apologies for missing that before.
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