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Bishops move diagonAlley - Crossover Chapter 4

Started by revanne, January 06, 2022, 09:41:52 AM

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Duncan stared down at his bishop's ring which Kelric had kissed so submissively. What in the name of all that is holy was he thinking of? Ah well, there was always penance, within or without the confessional. The expression "sin boldly or not at all' came to mind though hardly appropriate to his cloth and the penitentiary had not been imagined, let alone written, which dealt with what he had in mind. In any case he had set things in motion now. He got up decisively, unlocked the chest which stood under the window and retrieved a bottle of his best vezairé port and set out in search of Alaric.

After a day of unrelieved tedium, as the financial affairs of the kingdom were minutely examined in the King's Council, Alaric was as bored and ready for mischief as his son and heir. He had needed no alcoholic softening to agree to join in with Duncan's scheme, though he vetoed the idea that Brendon should be involved, offering instead to speak to Sextus Arilan. "If any man knows how to keep a secret, it's him, and he's never been one to turn down any mischief going." He sighed regretfully, "If only Sean were not still so leary of magic," and his mouth twitched as memories of misdeeds shared in the now long past came to his mind.

Calming Alaric's furious reaction to Kelric's own piece of mischief had been more difficult. Even halfway down his second well-filled cup he was fuming, "I'll have the hide off him. I don't care that he's a new-made knight, he'll not move easily for a se'nnight."

By the time he was at the bottom of his third cup he was grudgingly admitting, "Fair enough, battering him is likely to lead to awkward questions we don't need."

Only as he drained his fourth cup did he look properly at Duncan who was struggling, but failing, to hide the grin that he could no longer restrain, and beating his breast mouthed, "Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa."

"Only the foolish man chastises another for his own faults," Duncan intoned sanctimoniously, then ducked as Alaric aimed a blow at him. "Perhaps now that is settled you would be good enough to find Sextus and tell him to meet us at the old quarry at first light tomorrow wearing riding leathers. That is secluded enough, and if it is well-warded we should be safe from prying eyes." He drummed his fingers on the cup he was holding and added, "it would be best if you ask Sextus to bring his warding cubes, you and I will need our energy for other purposes."

Duncan woke well before dawn the next morning and kneeling at his prie-dieu he dutifully said his morning prayers. Then he bent his head and kissed his bishop's ring before removing it and placing it at the foot of the small standing crucifix. He was almost sure that there was no harm in what they were about to do. Not evil at any rate and his ring had seen enough real evil to know the difference, but it seemed that this ring had a powerful ability to retain memories, and this was one memory that no-one else had better know about.

There was a gardeners' hut at the edge of the spinney which enclosed the old quarry which was certain to contain any number of garden brooms, and Duncan was sure that he could cushion them sufficiently to avoid any fear of damaging the prospect of future heirs for Corwyn's duchy. Only one thing further remained and Duncan took a gold coin, then carefully bespelled it before even more carefully placing it in a small box he had prepared the night before and securely locking it. Then he changed into riding leathers concealing them under a plain black cassock, he could not quite bring himself to wear purple, and waited for Kelric to arrive.

Just after first light Kelric knocked tentativly at the door of the Bishop's suite. His hour of penance in the castle chapel had frozen him to the marrow and it was long before he had warmed up sufficiently to sleep, a sleep which had been full of weird imaginings and sinister shapes and music. Duncan's friendly greeting and warm smile should have reassured him but somehow failed to do so and the long walk down to the quarry only added to his trepidation. Being given an armful of brooms to carry as they passed the gardeners' hut only served to incite his fearful imaginings. Surely Duncan did not mean to wear them out on his backside.

What actually passed in the quarry was far more enjoyable, although all four being unaccustomed to riding flying brooms while in pursuit of a small golden object, there were almost as many bruises as Kelric had feared.

Some weeks later  Bishop Duncan sought leave of absence from his duties for the duration of Lent and betook himself to Dhassa for a period of penitence but neither his religious superiors nor even his confessor ever discovered what he felt the need to do such rigorous penance for.
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
(Psalm 46 v1)


So just how powerful is Our good Duncan in the Revanne Gwynedd? He knows things about other dimensional worlds, he can apparently go there, he can create lightsabers, and enchant brooms for Quidditch, along with the little gold ball. I'm beginning to think that one should not cross Bisho Duncan if one doesn't want serious hurt! :)


Delightful story!  I wonder if Alaric and Duncan were playing on the same team?  Fewer bruises that way if they aren't playing against each other.   ;)
From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggity beasties and things that go bump in the night...good Lord deliver us!

 -- Old English Litany


I had the need to reread all four chapters, and I can not tell you what a delight my reading has been this morning. Light sabers, Chewy, Darth Vader, Tickling a sleeping dragon, and now Flying brooms and chasing gold objects would be too much fun for anyone to pass up. The only fear is that Alaric will not be the only one muttering in his sleep of the pure joy of it. The whimsy of four men dreaming the same dream will make three Wives talk (years may go by before this happens, but at some point three women just might figure it out And I think I would add Helena in here too if ever she cared for Duncan in a sick bed) and the telling of this story with ADVANTAGE for times gone by just might become legendary.

But oh what fun this is! ;D  Thank you Revanne.
May your horses have wings and fly!


Never thought I'd see the day when Duncan and Alaric teamed up to contribute to the delinquency of Sextus Arilan....  ;D
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


I so wish I could see that Quidditch game!  :)
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That had to be the most  unique game of Quiddich ever. Wish I could have seen it. Wonder who won and whether they will ever try it again. Delightful! Thank-you Revanne, was so happy to see this.
"Thanks be to God there are still, as there always have been and always will be, more good men than evil in this world, and their cause will prevail." Brother Cadfael's Penance