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Deryni-inspired animes?

Started by JediMatt1000, October 05, 2021, 12:40:09 PM

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Hey everyone, not sure if this is the correct thread for this post, I trust it will be put in the appropriate category; but I was wondering, does anyone on here regularly watch anime? I was wondering for those that do, do you know of any anime's that might seem more Deryni-inspired that I could try out? Just thought I would ask. I appreciate your input!
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I don't know of any, but you're right, it would be a wonderful anime. :)


I'm kind of on an anime "kick" right now, usually have some on throughout my day. It isn't so much the animation aspect that I enjoy - though some of it is impressive; it's the story and backstories that go into each episode. Currently watching "My Hero Academia" and the Naruto series. There have been quite a few that have made me cry. I keep imagining some of our Deryni characters as anime figures, it would be a perfect format for telling some of KK's beloved stories, especially if we don't get any movies in the foreseeable future.
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I really enjoyed Gungrave the anime series but its gangster not Deryni.

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