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As Summer Nears

Started by Bynw, June 29, 2021, 12:09:21 PM

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The assembled Masters of the Bor'dah gathered around a table in a windowless and Warded room. Feyd waits until the others have taken their seats and the conversations between them begins to lull.

"It has been confirmed that Master Galvin," he glances towards an any empty chair, "has been inducted fully as the newest member to the Camberian Council."

"Thus bringing the Camberian Council back to its full strength following the unfortunate deaths of 2 of it's members last year."

"Is Master Galvin secure in his role? The Council certainly knows of our existence but lacks specifics. He must not be compromised." Says one of the other Masters around the table.

Several others also voice the concern as well. Feyd listens to their concerns before he speaks again.

"Master Galvin is very adept in the Persona ritual. And its use doesn't show under a Mind-See unless you know what you are looking for to begin with. The signs of course are there but they are always mistaken for something else. He is secure in whatever Persona he has created."

"And that my friends it the beauty of it. We don't know what his adopted Persona is at all. And that protects both us as well as himself. He will make reports as needed through his contact."

Yet another Master makes his voice heard. "The Council has it's dirty fingers and tentacles in every corner of the 11 Kingdoms. Even here they are trying to reach but so far have not succeeded. Will Master Galvin succeed?"

Feyd again responds to the group. "Without a doubt. But it will still take time. We have waited 200 years so far. We can wait a little longer. In the meantime, we must focus our other efforts in Gwynedd. A new safehouse has been established in Rhemuth. Our coming and goings will be unnoticed there."

"The Deryni Schola established by the Haldane is growing and the Deryni of Gwynedd are coming out of the shadows. All of this is a good thing. The Schola will look to the East more and more for it's teachers in the arcane arts. And our Order will be among them."

"And Washburn Morgan, his friends, and Iain and Sidana Cameron can still play a role in our plans. We are watching them closely."
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Sigh****  I don't like to be watched **** sigh.

I was hoping someone else had the gumption to comment first.  ***another sigh***

Poor, Siesyl, having to chose on two new members in such a short time. Lots to do, lots to learn, and lots to be very cautious about.
The only fortunate is that this is months and months in the future from where we are at this moment.  Wish it was years and years instead. ***another sigh***
May your horses have wings and fly!


Oh dear.  Methinks it might not be a good thing to be mentioned by name, or referred to at all, by Master Feyd.

This could get very interesting.   :o
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very ominous. I agree with Laurna, really not ready to deal with Feyd and his assassin group. Wish they would leave Wash alone, he went through enough.
"Thanks be to God there are still, as there always have been and always will be, more good men than evil in this world, and their cause will prevail." Brother Cadfael's Penance


I am not sure what Feyd's game is, but it would be ironic if his machinations only succeedEd in besmiching the reputation of Deryni in Gwynedd and overturning all Kelson's reforms.
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Very interesting! I wonder what their end game is, that they have been waiting 200 yrs to achieve? I don't think the order harbors bad intentions toward Kelson et al. The order, I believe, wants Deryni to be able to be open in Gwynedd. Very curious about what they are waiting to avenge, since that is their purpose.
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You need to recall that this order is actually an organization of murderers for hire and I'm not sure they have good intentions toward Deryni or anyone else.  In fact they have created devices intended to hurt them, rob them of their powers, and even ,of course, to kill. Remember the pricker, merasha bolts, various drugs and the way Feyd twisted Wash's mind while he was a prisoner. I admit Feyd is an intriguing character. A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Haven't been able to figure him out but I don't have a good feeling about anything he is plotting. Very ominous.
"Thanks be to God there are still, as there always have been and always will be, more good men than evil in this world, and their cause will prevail." Brother Cadfael's Penance


I am so happy to have my teammates at my side.
May your horses have wings and fly!