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Rituals to Bestow Haldane powers

Started by JediMatt1000, September 30, 2019, 03:57:00 AM

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Would anyone be able to post a page number and/or excerpt of the first ritual that was done with all 3 boys while Cinhil was still alive? I was meaning to go back and re-read that part and then compare and contrast how the subsequent rituals were different for both Javan & Rhys Michael & Kelson.
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Sorry, I'd like to add/clarify that I'd like the first ritual that Cinhil did with Camber/Allister and the 3 boys, and probably the one involving Javan just prior to his coronation with Father Joram. I am looking specifically for how the Archangels were being used in the ritual along with the eye of Rom and I seem to recall a chalice being used as well.

I know it may be a lot to ask here fam but my wife Jen and her brother and I are working on doing our own Deryni oriented D&D game and we have a couple we are including in our game who surprisingly enough want to play Haldanes even going down to the rituals to bestow their abilities. My family knows all about the Dernyi-verse thanks to my reading and Katherine's storytelling. Thank you so much all and thank you KK for your wonderful, marvelous stories!
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Nevermind...found it in my copy of Deryni Magic
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