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Javan's much to early try to repeal Statutes of Rmos

Started by Lochiel, September 28, 2019, 11:01:44 AM

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Im in the middle of KJY.  While all can agree Javan's attempts to undo the Ramos Statutes was noble and right, why didn't the CC and Joram warn him to wait until he had established himself?  It is way to early in his first year of Kingship to go head on against the evil 'Great lords".  If he waited, consolidated his power more, his attempt may have been successful.
"And as they tread the ruined Isle,
Where rest, at length,
the lord and slave,
They'll wondering ask, how hands so vile,
Could conquer hearts so brave?"
Thomas Moore


If I remember rightly Joram warns Javan to go slowly and when the latter raises the repeal of the statutes in the Royal Council he backs down in the face of Paulin's opposition.. In my reading what seals his fate is his support for Oriel, and his and Urien's families and the fact that Dimitri outs his Deryni like powers to Hubert, but they hated him from the start (possibly because of his earlier connection with Tavis) and saw Rhys Michael as being much more malleable.
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Youth, his sense of kingship and wanting to do the right thing would have played into it. Eventually they would have turned on him no matter what because he was and WANTED to be king, which meant they would lose most of their power over the kingdom.


Alas poor Javan. He was so close to being everything. But while he was all kinds of brilliant, he was also a teenager and fed up with the situation at hand. He must have been watching too many reality shows with contestants saying "go big or go home" and it went to his head.