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Master of the Hunt terminology

Started by JediMatt1000, September 18, 2019, 10:32:47 PM

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Exactly! Each group - coven, congregation, what have you - has their own beliefs and rituals. What I experienced in Edinburgh is different than what I would have experienced in the Highlands, or what we saw in Lammas Night.  And some of those beliefs are believed to be pre-Christian.


Can I just say THANK YOU for this entire discussion?!  This is the type of things that I was hoping to come across.

Always felt that that phrase also connected to Cernunnos or that of the Wild Hunt of some of the Fey stories.  BUT, this is a great thread and thank you all for it.


QuoteIn the Welsh folklore, Gwyn ap Nudd was depicted as a wild huntsman riding a demon horse who hunts souls at night along with a pack of white-bodied and red-eared 'dogs of hell'. In Arthurian legends, he is the king of the Underwold who makes sure that the imprisoned devils do not destroy human souls.
From Wikipedia.

In his Arthurian aspect, Gwyn ap Nudd is basically doing what Adam does as Master of the Hunt.

In Lammas Night Gray dons the horned crown to represent Cernunnos on several occasions. In The Templar Treasure he tells Adam their roles, Man in Black and Master of the Hunt, are equivalent.