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KK Chat--14 January 2018
« on: January 14, 2018, 07:03:00 PM »
[04:19.32] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:19.39] <revanne> Hi KK
[04:19.39] <Evie> Hi KK
[04:19.43] <KK> Hello, all.
[04:19.45] <~bynw> hiyas KK
[04:19.45] <Demercia> yes.   Kiwi can be a bit Mibbit like
[04:19.54] <Demercia> hi KK
[04:19.56] <revanne> How are you doing KK
[04:20.05] <Evie> And how is LBM?
[04:20.07] <KK> Sorry to be away for so long.  How's everybody?
[04:20.11] <Demercia> happy New Year
[04:20.15] <Evie> Cold!
[04:20.30] <Demercia> you beat me to it, Evie
[04:20.34] <~bynw> well they are both webbased connections. much better with an actual IRC client program
[04:20.39] <KK> How cold is it in Alabama,Eve?
[04:21.02] <Evie> 34F and falling
[04:21.10] <~bynw> i'll take the 34f
[04:21.13] <KK> And a belated Happy New Year to you all!
[04:21.22] <~bynw> it's 24F here today and 5F tomorrow for the high
[04:21.25] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[04:21.29] <Evie> Happy Christmas/New Year/Epiphany/MLK Day
[04:21.37] <Evie> Well, drat
[04:21.43] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:21.46] <Evie> wB
[04:22.00] <Evie> And Happy Christmas/New Year/Epiphany/MLK Day
[04:22.03] <KK> Whoops, took myself away by mistake.
[04:22.48] <revanne> Easily done.
[04:22.58] <Evie> I found a remnant of blue velvet that might become a Court tunic for Duncan.  He is mad at me for ignoring him and the rest of my modern Mini-Deryni in favor of making modern clothes for my modern littles.
[04:23.06] <revanne> That sounds cold Bynw
[04:23.28] <Demercia> i would have thought mediaeval clothes were easier to make?
[04:23.47] <revanne> Well you did have greater need of warm clothing in mediaeval times to keep warm.
[04:23.56] <Evie> Yes and no. Depends on the style
[04:24.05] <~bynw> revanne, 24F is -4C  and 5F is -15C
[04:24.23] <KK> We're 22F here right now.
[04:24.45] <Demercia> either way it's cold❄️
[04:24.56] <Evie> I got tired of medieval clothes for a while and wanted to try my hand at modern clothes and using up some of my fabrics that weren't suited to medieval wear, but now I've got more modern clothing than medieval, so it's time to work on more period garb, I suppose
[04:25.09] <revanne> Generally we don't get it that cold.
[04:25.25] <revanne> Fair shares for all, Evie
[04:25.47] <Demercia> If you don't want a bishop's maledictions, yes
[04:25.49] <Evie> We've been in the 20s and lower recently, with a brief warm spell that got up almost to 70, but now we're back to near freezing and expected to drop below freezing again tonight
[04:26.20] <Demercia> we had a few days of snow in early December but that's it.
[04:26.26] <Evie> I just got the DVD set of The Hollow Crown, so maybe the costuming in that will inspire me
[04:26.41] <Demercia> i hope you had a good Christmas KK
[04:26.48] <revanne> OOh, covet, covet.
[04:28.03] <Evie> That was one of my splurges with my Christmas gift money
[04:29.29] <~bynw> i got a some solid metal gaming dice for Christmas and then got some amazon gift cards and used it to buy a new printer
[04:29.47] <Evie> Nice!
[04:30.52] <revanne> I got a lovely ring with some amber stones from DD1 and a ticket to Harry Potter world from DS
[04:30.54] <KK> It was good, if quiet.  I got a FitBit that I haven't been able to set up yet.  Not sure what's supposed to show up on the gadget itself, so I'm muddling through.  This is supposed to synch with a new electronic scale, but I've only got that telling me weight so far.  Cameron also got us the hardware for streaming, but the second part only arrived day before yesterday, so I haven't begun to try to figure out how <that> works.  Ah, technology!
[04:31.26] <Demercia> and I got some new shoes, which doesn't sound very exciting but is when you find it as hard as I do to get shoes that fit.    And no, Apple, they didn't look like this 👠
[04:31.51] <revanne> I got a Wii fit in a fit of enthusiasm a few years back but never really worked out how to synch it with the tv.
[04:32.22] <Evie> Get a 12 year old to show you how to hook it up. ;-)
[04:32.32] <Demercia> yes I don't have a techie brain.
[04:33.09] * bynw the techie quietly moves away from the non techies but doesnt mind getting drafted to help
[04:33.34] <KK> Oh, and someone asked about LBM.  She had an odd fainting spell the weekend before Christmas, with three occurrences of vomiting while passed out, so the paramedics took her to the ER, where they ran all manner of tests and could find nothing amiss.  So they kept her overnight, then sent her home, and there have been no more incidents.  Apparently people sometimes just faint for no discernable reason.
[04:33.51] <revanne> We're very grateful for your techie skills on the forum Bynw
[04:33.56] <Evie> I'm only half joking.  My kids are great with figuring out how to set up new tech. I do a decent job, since often there are only a few bits that could logically plug in together, but they do it more instinctively
[04:34.00] <KK> Yes, indeed.
[04:34.12] <Demercia> 😀Bynw.  It's a bit far to ask you to come over and set up my satnav.
[04:34.36] <revanne> but you could sort out my Wii while you are here.
[04:34.39] <Demercia> glad she's okay now KK
[04:34.40] <Evie> Glad LBM hasn't had any further problems
[04:35.11] <KK> SatnavI can do.  I also got a new Garmin with a 6" screen.  <Much> better than the old one, which was <maybe> 4".
[04:35.39] <Demercia> my autocorrect wanted to replace satnav with Satan.   Maybe it knows something
[04:36.21] <KK> Som of the places satnav tries to send us, that might be about right, Demercia.
[04:37.14] <Evie> LOL!
[04:37.43] <Demercia> when we were in Scotland last year, we passed a handwritten sign outside a village which gave directions and ended  "Satnavs lie!"
[04:38.02] <Evie> LOL!
[04:38.04] <revanne> Just about to say the same thing, Demercia.
[04:38.22] <Evie> KK, my latest project has been making several little pairs of these:  ++,,
[04:38.40] <Demercia> they are super cute
[04:38.53] <revanne> I swear some of the roads my satnav sends us down sometimes haven't been resurfaced since the Romans left.
[04:39.10] <Evie> They're meant to be modern Ugg boots, but it dawned on me while sewing them that the basic pattern will also work for medieval footwear for some of my figures I've had trouble finding the right size shoes for in a medieval looking style.
[04:39.14] <KK> And just to keep things interesting in our neck of the woods, there are vast parts of Washington, DC that are blanked out for security reasons.  So if you don't know where you want to go (or where you are), you may just spend a bit of time wandering.
[04:39.57] <Evie> Oh, that's fun
[04:40.15] <revanne> Sounds like how they took down the signposts over here in the war and in very remote places some of them still hadn't been replaced in the 1970s.
[04:40.38] <Demercia> make that the 1990's
[04:41.07] <Evie> [mini boot] Here's one without the fleece trim added:  ++,,
[04:41.35] <Evie> How were you meant to get around without signposts?
[04:43.12] <Demercia> it never seemed a very good anti invasion plan to me.  I shoukd have thought if you could successfully invade, you would bring maps with you....
[04:43.33] <KK> Yeah, but the available maps weren't so great.
[04:43.40] <revanne> Well I'm guessing that in the war as no-one had petrol for cars except essential vehicles it wasn't too much of a problem as locals would have known where they were, but afterwards hope for the best.
[04:44.44] <revanne> Incidentially KK speaking of WWII, I loved Lammas Night.
[04:45.30] <Demercia> a South African friend of mine said that that was the oddest thing she found about England, that roads between places had just happened, rather than being properly planned.
[04:45.35] <KK> Glad you liked it.  :-)  It's one of my favorites.
[04:46.10] <KK> BRB, my tea is ready to pour.
[04:46.31] <Evie> That reminds me, DH got me a tea kettle for Christmas.  :-)
[04:46.50] <revanne> Everything stops for tea.
[04:47.00] <Demercia> 😀
[04:47.08] <Evie> I'd been bemoaning my lack of one after DS moved away from home and took ours, and then somehow managed to lose it
[04:47.20] <Demercia> a proper one, that boils?
[04:47.42] <Evie> Yes
[04:47.47] <Evie> and whistles
[04:48.19] <Demercia> 😀😀
[04:48.22] * jemler ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:48.38] <jemler> hi folks
[04:48.41] <Demercia> hi Jemler, how are you doing?
[04:48.53] <jemler> KK? did i miss eaarly chat?
[04:48.59] <Evie> Hi
[04:49.00] * bynw giggles at the latest posting on "Ghosts of the Past" in the forums
[04:49.02] <Evie> No, it's happening now
[04:49.03] <revanne> Hi Jemler
[04:49.17] <jemler> i just read a msg from dr.
[04:49.24] * laurna ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:49.38] <~bynw> hi laurna
[04:49.42] <KK> I'm back.
[04:49.43] <laurna> Hello everyone
[04:49.47] * bynw was just giggling about your dice rolls
[04:49.52] <Evie> LOL!
[04:49.59] <Demercia> hi Laurna, how was the sewing
[04:50.00] <laurna> Stop Bynw  I am crying over it
[04:50.20] <Evie> KK, we have an ongoing story-based roleplaying game going on in the Forum right now, set a few decades after KKB
[04:50.25] <laurna> I still have to go to sewing I am late.  I should have just gone and not rolled the dice
[04:50.32] <KK> Evie, is that an electric one or a stovetop one?
[04:50.37] <Evie> Stovetop
[04:50.46] <revanne> Hi Laurna
[04:50.55] <laurna> Sorry Revanne
[04:51.11] <revanne> It's ok - I'm not dead yet. Quite
[04:51.16] <Evie> LOL!
[04:51.21] <laurna> Dear oh dear me
[04:51.42] <Evie> Hopefully you won't finish yourself off when you try to Heal yourself
[04:52.02] <Evie> Maybe you should wait until you're brought to the infirmarium just in case
[04:52.05] <KK> I haven't owned a stovetop one for decades.  Electric is probably my most important kitchen appliance after the microwave.
[04:52.29] <jemler> no, i'd say refrigerator.
[04:52.35] <Evie> Yes, I'd like an electric one eventually, but I have so little counterspace in this badly designed kitchen, I really haven't room for one
[04:52.45] <revanne> I haven't had a stove top one for years either but I love them, especially with a whistle.
[04:52.58] <Evie> Unless I put it away after every use, but then that begs the question of where to store it, since I also lack cabinet space
[04:53.11] <~bynw> speaking of tea kettles we have a stovetop one ... not that i drink tea but Kristen does from time to time
[04:53.20] <jemler> revanne, are you talking about a tea kettle?
[04:53.32] <Evie> Yes, jemler
[04:53.39] <KK> We had a Revereware one when I was a kid, with a copper bottom, that whistled.  My mom might still have it, thouvh I converted her to electric kettles years ago.
[04:53.46] <revanne> Yes Jemler. I vital part of a British kitchen.
[04:54.24] * JudyWard ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:54.29] <Evie> Hi Judy
[04:54.34] <revanne> Hi Judyward.
[04:54.39] <laurna> Hello Judy
[04:55.07] <~bynw> hi JudyWard
[04:55.09] <JudyWard> Hi, Evie, Revanne, Laurna ...& Jemler?
[04:55.12] <Demercia> Hi Judyward
[04:55.22] <JudyWard> Hi, Demercia
[04:55.36] <jemler> hi judy
[04:55.46] <revanne> Apart from the kettle one of my most vital bits of kitchen equipment is a gadget which blends soup in the pan.
[04:56.00] <JudyWard> Sounds handy
[04:56.06] <jemler> otherwise known as a spoon?
[04:56.17] <Evie> Blends, not stirs
[04:56.31] <JudyWard> Like a whisk?
[04:56.42] <revanne> It's electric with a sort of whizzie bit on the end which blends down lumps of veg.
[04:57.02] <revanne> Excuse the techie language :-)
[04:57.06] <jemler> food preocessor.
[04:57.10] <Demercia> whizzie bit is the technical description 😜
[04:57.18] <~bynw> immersion blender
[04:57.19] <JudyWard> We just started getting 3 Home Chef meals delivered a week. I still have to cook them but they provide all the ingredients, except olive oil, salt & pepper.
[04:57.47] <KK> Oh, a--yes, an immersion blender, Bynw.  I don't use mine nearl enough, but it's magic when I do.
[04:57.53] <revanne> Thanks Bynw
[04:58.01] <Demercia> Sort of Jemler except that you hold the machine in the pan
[04:58.03] <JudyWard> Hi, KK
[04:58.24] <KK> Hi, Judy.
[04:58.31] <revanne> Most people I know call them a whizzy thing but I knew that couldn't be the real name.
[04:58.41] <Evie> Similar to this?  ++,,
[04:58.48] <KK> Tht's actually a good name.  Must remember that.
[04:59.38] <JudyWard> How cold is it up on the E coast?
[04:59.40] <KK> Somewhat, Evie.  Mine has a handle that looks more like a light-saber hilt, though.
[04:59.50] * bynw used a regular blender today (its a vitamix branded one) to make a strawberry malt
[05:00.01] * revanne ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[05:00.05] <JudyWard> Blenders of all kinds are handy
[05:00.47] <JudyWard> Missed you, KK
[05:00.56] <Evie> Luke says hello
[05:01.09] <JudyWard> Hello to Luke
[05:01.20] <Evie> He has bounded over here to purr loudly
[05:01.38] * revanne ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:01.39] <KK> Well, what can I say?  Things Happened.  Nothing dire, just the usual sort of holiday interruptions to one's regular schedule.
[05:01.54] <KK> Gus just joined my lap.
[05:01.56] <JudyWard> Yep, stuff happens
[05:02.02] <revanne> wifi died on me temporarily
[05:02.20] <laurna> I just wanted to say hi to KK and to everyone for this week. but I must be off.  Have a good week!
[05:02.29] <Evie> Bye, Laurna
[05:02.34] <~bynw> cya laurna
[05:02.45] <JudyWard> Have a good week, Laurna
[05:02.49] <KK> Bye, Laurna.  Glad yo oculd at least stop in to say hello.
[05:02.51] * bynw pokes Evie and points to the PM
[05:02.56] <Demercia> Clock has just struck 11 and I've got an early start so I'll say goodnight.  Thanks for early chat, and catch you in February.  If those of you role playing haven't killed each other off that is.
[05:03.03] <laurna> Thanks All.
[05:03.11] <JudyWard> Bye Demercia
[05:03.25] <Evie> LOL, Demercia
[05:03.28] * laurna ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:03.52] <~bynw> cya Demercia
[05:03.58] * Demercia (Demercia@42F7BC.68C84F.77DE8C.3C8466) has left #deryni_destinations
[05:04.26] <JudyWard> I still haven't found the beginning of the game so I can read it all the way through.
[05:04.48] <revanne> I'm going to head off to bed too - thanks for coming KK and everyone and see you in February
[05:04.59] <jemler> nite
[05:05.01] <JudyWard> Wow, everyone leaving?
[05:05.03] <Evie> It should just be page one of that thread, JudyWard
[05:05.08] <JudyWard> G'night!
[05:05.23] * revanne ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[05:05.40] <JudyWard> I'll check again, but I didn't see a way to go back to Page 1
[05:06.12] <JudyWard> I should have signed on at 4 my time. I think I missed an hour!
[05:06.20] <Evie> From the main page, go to "Semi Free Form Deryni Gaming," then under that should be "Ghosts of the Past."
[05:06.34] <JudyWard> OK, will try that.
[05:06.54] <Evie> Semi Free Form Deryni Gaming is in the section of the board called "Role Playing and other Games" or something like that.
[05:07.18] <Evie> How were you reading the other posts in the thread? Just from the Recent Posts link?
[05:07.48] <JudyWard> OK, and yes, from the recent posts
[05:07.51] <~bynw> here is the direct link to page one ++,2134.0.html,,
[05:09.08] <JudyWard> OK, found the page, thanks!
[05:09.12] <Evie> If you are ever reading a post in any thread and want to go to the first page of the thread without having to go back to the main page, just click on the post title (to make sure you're in that thread and not just Recent Posts), then when you're in the thread, you'll see page numbers at the bottom left of that page. Just click on page 1 to start at the beginning.
[05:09.50] <JudyWard> OK, will try that later.
[05:11.21] <JudyWard> It's really a good story!
[05:11.37] <Evie> The top of the thread should also show you what path to take from the home page (which sub boards it's under).
[05:11.43] <JudyWard> You all should put it in a book when you finish or a novella if it's not that long.
[05:12.25] <Evie> Well, insert standard disclaimer about it being KK's world here.  :-D
[05:13.31] <JudyWard> Yes, but it's fanfic like a lot of other good stuff. Someone had a story in one of the fanfic short stories books that made me miss my bus stop in Down Town Dallas. Had to hop off and run back to my building!
[05:13.45] <Evie> KK, in the RPG we're several decades after KKB, Kelson's heirs are in their 20s, we have a small group of adventurers attempting to get to Rhemuth, and Teymuraz' son trying to start trouble in Meara again
[05:14.03] <Evie> LOL!
[05:14.06] <Evie> Oops!
[05:14.31] <JudyWard> I didn't like the name Washburn but it's growing on me.
[05:14.51] <Evie> Laurna got the name from one of her favorite characters in the Firefly tv series.
[05:15.01] <Evie> Hoban Washburn, but everyone calls him Wash
[05:15.08] <JudyWard> OK
[05:15.22] <JudyWard> I thought he was named after an ancestor.
[05:15.22] <jemler> great series!
[05:15.42] <jemler> too bad ron glass (shepherd) died.
[05:15.54] <KK> I just read the first couple of paragraphs, and it looks very interesting.  I predict a lot of time lost in the newxt few days.
[05:15.57] <JudyWard> Yes, he was so good
[05:16.10] <Evie> She has an earlier character in a previous generation of her fanfic who was also named Wash.  He's this Wash's great-great-something-grandfather
[05:16.15] <JudyWard> It pulls you right in.
[05:16.15] <~bynw> LOL
[05:16.21] <KK> And I really must watch Firefly.
[05:16.34] <KK> I have the disks; no excuse not to.
[05:16.36] <jemler> i saw him and sherman helmsley in a funny video.
[05:16.48] <~bynw> Firefly and the movie to finish the story off is very good. wish it could have been more than one season
[05:16.59] <Evie> Yes, it's been fun.  You'll see a definite lack of editing, so if it's ever compiled as a single story, that will need to happen, but we've had a blast with it.
[05:17.08] <jemler> it wasn't even that long, was it?
[05:17.30] <~bynw> 14 episodes i think so not quite a full season
[05:17.38] <Evie> I think you'd like it. It might take an episode or two to grow on you.  I liked it from the pilot onwards, but I have several friends who weren't fully hooked until midway through Episode 2 or 3.
[05:18.02] <Evie> Since the pilot is basically setting up the characters and scene that the rest of the stories are based on
[05:18.03] <JudyWard> What's it on?
[05:18.08] <jemler> a man they call Jayne!
[05:18.37] <JudyWard> Cable? TV? Disc?
[05:18.44] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:18.50] <JudyWard> Hi, DF
[05:18.59] <jemler> if you have nerflix, you can stream it.
[05:19.02] <Evie> What's what on? Firefly? It was on Fox TV, but got cancelled after one season. However, it developed enough of a fan following after it hit DVD that they were able to go back and tie up some loose ends in a movie called Serenity.
[05:19.12] <jemler> sorry, netflix
[05:19.24] <~bynw> Take my love.
[05:19.24] <~bynw> Take my land.
[05:19.26] <~bynw> Take me where I cannot stand.
[05:19.28] <~bynw> I don't care,
[05:19.30] <~bynw> I'm still free.
[05:19.32] <~bynw> You can't take the sky from me.
[05:19.34] <~bynw> Take me out to the black.
[05:19.36] <~bynw> Tell them I ain't comin' back.
[05:19.38] <~bynw> Burn the land
[05:19.40] <~bynw> And boil the sea.
[05:19.42] <~bynw> You can't take the sky from me.
[05:19.43] <jemler> talk me out to the black
[05:19.44] <~bynw> Have no place I can be
[05:19.47] <Evie> The only major motion picture I know of that was made to tie together loose ends of a series that got cancelled after only one season
[05:19.48] <~bynw> Since I found Serenity.
[05:19.50] <~bynw> But you can't take the sky from me.
[05:20.29] <JudyWard> That's good, bynw
[05:20.32] <jemler> Two by two, with hands of blue.
[05:20.32] <Evie> Joss Whedon created it. It came out shortly after Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, but it's nothing like those two series aside from Joss's characteristic snappy dialogue
[05:20.44] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[05:20.59] <Evie> It's sort of space opera western?  LOL!
[05:21.05] <~bynw> opening theme lyrics posted :)
[05:21.05] <jemler> i gotta learn how to cuss in chinese.
[05:21.14] <JudyWard> Sounds interesting.
[05:21.34] <Evie> No getting fresh in Chinese in here, dong ma?  ;-)
[05:21.41] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:21.51] <JudyWard> I thought the Chinese didn't have cuss words. Or is that the Japanese. Not to say they can't insult the huey out of you.
[05:22.33] <~bynw> it's a very game-able setting .... ++,,
[05:22.43] <Evie> Yes, there are some very creative curses in Mandarin in the series which translate to thiings like May you step in the dung of a thousand elephants" and what not.  :-D
[05:22.56] <Evie> Yes, I have that game, not that I've had a chance to play it
[05:23.05] <JudyWard> Mpre creative than our profanity.
[05:23.07] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[05:23.38] <JudyWard> In Egypt they used to call someone shady "Son of 7 crocodiles."
[05:23.50] <JudyWard> DF, having trouble tonight?
[05:23.54] <Evie> It's one of those shows where it's difficult to pick out your favorite character, because the entire cast works together so well as an ensemble
[05:24.13] <jemler> Ni keneng shenghuo zai youqu de shidai. may you live in interesting times.
[05:24.33] <JudyWard> I've heard that one.
[05:24.38] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:25.25] <jemler> an old chinese curse. interesting times refers to floods, eathtquakes, war etc.
[05:25.41] <JudyWard> Yep, that's what I heard, too.
[05:25.50] <Evie> Floods, earthquakes, war, Alabama weather that needs to go back to Ontario.... ;-)
[05:26.03] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[05:26.07] <JudyWard> Things that are interesting to the generations who come AFTER you.
[05:26.28] <jemler> who put the yo-yo on df's connection?
[05:26.40] <Evie> I figured it was a bungee cord
[05:26.43] <~bynw> yeah i dont like Canadian winter weather either
[05:27.11] <JudyWard> We may have snow mix Tues
[05:27.23] <Evie> I think that might be predicted here too
[05:27.29] <jemler> it's 11F here.
[05:27.50] <JudyWard> They call it "Winter mix", basically a tiny bit of snow with sleet & freezing rain.
[05:28.12] <JudyWard> 56 here now, going down tomorrow afternoon
[05:28.34] <Evie> Tuesday is predicted to be mostly cloudy with scattered snow showers, so it's anyone's guess if I'll be returning to work or not
[05:28.52] <Evie> Depends on whether they expect any road icing
[05:29.12] <JudyWard> I wouldn't if I could stay home. But anyway I'm off on Tues, Wed & Thurs's
[05:29.15] <jemler> just drive slow.
[05:29.24] <Evie> And the low that night will be around 15F
[05:29.47] <JudyWard> And watch out for idiots who THINK they know how to drive on it.
[05:30.14] <JudyWard> I think we'll just be in the 20s again.
[05:30.21] <Evie> Well, the problem is that in addition to Birmingham drivers not being used to driving on ice, we tend to get black ice here, which is nearly invisible until you're on it, plus the roads are designed to shed heavy rainfall, so that means cars slide straight into ditches.
[05:30.36] <JudyWard> Was looking at Decorah Bald Eagles & it was snowing on them today
[05:31.16] <JudyWard> We get that nasty stuff, too. We have sand trucks who go out & sprinkle sand on bridges & overpasses.
[05:31.24] <Evie> We do too
[05:31.52] <Evie> But that's mostly on main roads, not every twisty, shady, hilly residential street
[05:31.54] <JudyWard> They won't buy any real winter equipment because it's not cost effective
[05:32.01] <jemler> on monday it took use an houir to make a 30 min trip.
[05:32.06] <JudyWard> Yeah, they can't do everywhere
[05:32.38] <Evie> Yes, we don't have any here either, since they can't afford to buy it for the one or two snows we have per year.  If we start seeing it more often in coming years, we may have to get some.
[05:33.01] <Evie> But again, it's not the snow that closes everything down. It's the ice
[05:33.17] <JudyWard> We hardly ever have any real snow. Mostly the winter mix/black ice.
[05:33.40] <Evie> Yes, us too.  And it's the black ice that's deadly
[05:33.49] <JudyWard> Yes
[05:34.04] <JudyWard> Our roads slope for rain drainage, too.
[05:34.34] <JudyWard> Did we run everyone else off???
[05:34.44] <Evie> So when you brake on an ice patch, there you go sliding into the nearest ditch. Yup! LOL!
[05:35.07] <JudyWard> Exactly!
[05:35.44] <JudyWard> They are not paying me enough to get our one & only vehicle out on ice.
[05:36.02] <Evie> And we don't have snow tires.  Most people have never seen snow chains, much less know how to put them on.
[05:36.21] <JudyWard> No, none of that here, either.
[05:36.37] <KK> Well, you do remember that tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, don't you?  Isn't everyone off for that?
[05:36.40] <Evie> We have some, but we're very much in the minority on that
[05:36.40] <JudyWard> I've seen them put on trucks on Ice Road Truckers
[05:36.48] <Evie> I'm off, but not everyone is
[05:36.57] <JudyWard> HA!! You are so funny! No, we are not off.
[05:37.05] * bynw is off but is currently off every monday anyway
[05:37.19] <Evie> But the expected snow/ice is on Tuesday, which is the day we're supposed to go back to work.
[05:37.26] <JudyWard> Lou says I'm always off & sometimes I go to work, too.
[05:37.31] <Evie> LOL!
[05:38.30] <JudyWard> If the techs are in the field, we have to work. If they are off, we are off.
[05:38.30] <KK> Well, I'm always off, too.  But I don't plan to go out if it's really icky.  I did line up a new snow removal person, since our old one has gone out of the business.  Best to do that <before> one has a ginormous amount of snow on the ground and blocking one in.
[05:38.56] <JudyWard> No,you have work from home, KK. <G>
[05:39.16] <KK> With cats and dogs to help, of ocurse.
[05:39.19] <Evie> Speaking of working from home, any news about Killingford, or has real life been too busy lately?
[05:39.49] <KK> Nope, with the holidays on top of everything else, not a word, though I've begun dreaming about it.  We shal see.
[05:39.51] <JudyWard> Wish I could stay home with mine. Ah, well. They'd probably get all over everything & trip me 40 times a day.
[05:40.06] <Evie> That subconscious mind is hard at work on it?
[05:40.20] <KK> You betcha.
[05:40.30] <JudyWard> That's good; it's telling you the story.
[05:40.34] <Evie> When I was hard at work on some of my fanfic, I'd find myself resolving plot points in my dreams
[05:40.49] <KK> Yep. 
[05:41.41] <JudyWard> I only do short stories bcz my mind & fingers are working at different paces.
[05:41.59] <Evie> Not to mention I'd have character voices in my head even when nothing story-related was happening. There's nothing so entertaining as walking through Sam's Club with Duncan and Alaric in your head making commentary on everything. LOL!
[05:42.17] <JudyWard> That might be fun!
[05:42.49] <Evie> I think they thought I'd brought them to the world's largest tithe barn.  :-D
[05:43.00] <JudyWard> LOL!
[05:43.41] <Evie> People in public places look at you really oddly when you burst out laughing for no apparent reason. :-D
[05:44.21] <JudyWard> Now they just think you are taling on your Blue Tooth.
[05:44.42] <Evie> I'm trying to think of anything that's happened since you were last here, KK.  DR has moved into a new place and is getting settled in.
[05:45.01] <JudyWard> She thought she might be here this week.
[05:45.41] <KK> I gather that the bugs did <not> make the move with her, for which we can all be profoundly grateful.
[05:45.58] <KK> I hope the settling in goes smoothly.  She deserves it.
[05:45.58] <jemler> so can DesertRose!
[05:46.01] <JudyWard> Yes, we will!!
[05:46.35] <Evie> Yes, she's hopefully managed to get that under control. She's only moved items that she is confident are fully clean and bug-free, and keeping things like books in storage for a few years until she's certain they are safe to move.
[05:46.38] <JudyWard> Lou turned 82 last Wed.
[05:46.57] <JudyWard> Yes, no bugs please!
[05:47.07] <Evie> Happy Birthday to Lou!
[05:47.26] <jemler> ou who?
[05:47.27] <JudyWard> I'll tell him! Took him out to eat at Chili's with friends.
[05:47.30] <jemler> lou who?
[05:47.34] <JudyWard> My DH
[05:48.01] <Evie> That sounds fun
[05:48.05] <jemler> why are you married to a guy 40 years older than you?
[05:48.27] <JudyWard> LOL! I wish it was 40 years, but it's only 15. You can do the math.
[05:48.44] <JudyWard> Should have said, "Because he asked.
[05:48.51] <Evie> :-D
[05:49.20] <Evie> Luke is attempting to sneak creep across my tummy to block my view of the laptop
[05:49.25] <jemler> you're only 15!!!
[05:49.40] <JudyWard> Oh,yeah, right! <G>
[05:49.51] <JudyWard> Luke, no creeping!!
[05:50.15] <Evie> He's not listening
[05:50.31] <JudyWard> Luke, I have a squirt bottle!
[05:50.45] <Evie> He wouldn't care. It's attention.  :-D
[05:51.03] <KK> Gus is sitting like a gentleman on my lap, gazing at the screen.
[05:51.08] <JudyWard> Poor desperately ignored kitty!
[05:51.33] <JudyWard> Gus is well-behaved!
[05:51.36] <Evie> earlier he was "helping" me make kitchen walls for my dollhouse
[05:51.58] <Evie> This involved trying to get in the way of my Exacto knife, so I wasn't overly thrilled
[05:52.00] <JudyWard> Was he remodeling?
[05:52.56] <Evie> Just being a pest.  :-D
[05:53.16] <JudyWard> What cats are usually best at
[05:53.38] <Evie> Gigi is normally well behaved. Luke is my furry terror.
[05:53.56] <JudyWard> You're lucky one is well-behaved.
[05:54.06] <JudyWard> KK, do you just have 2 now?
[05:54.17] <Evie> She has her moments when she demands attention, but she usually waits until you are not busy
[05:54.29] <JudyWard> Good kitty!
[05:56.38] <KK> No, three.  But Nicholas is 18 this year, and getting lame and more befuddled than usual.  I suspect he's winding down.  Gus will be 16, and Sasha will be 15.
[05:57.00] * The_Bee ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:57.01] <JudyWard> Oh, poor Nick. That's hard.
[05:57.03] <~bynw> things are not going well to the loyalists in Ghosts of the Past
[05:57.08] <JudyWard> Hi, Bee!
[05:57.13] <Evie> So I see, Bynw
[05:57.21] <jemler> hi bee
[05:57.22] <Evie> Hi Bee
[05:57.22] <The_Bee> Hi Judy and all
[05:57.42] <The_Bee> and Hi KK
[05:58.29] <jemler> i forgot early chat, too.
[05:59.04] <Evie> I suspect a lot of our regulars did, or didn't notice the announcement on the Forum news that we were having it this week
[05:59.19] <Evie> Since it's not the usual week for it
[05:59.28] <KK> Hi, Bee.  Nicholas has a physical problem that I've rarely seen.  As he's gotten older, he's become less able to fully retract his front claws, so that some of them try to grow into the toe-pads.  The firsy time it happened, he was tracking blood all over the cat pantry floor,
[05:59.30] <The_Bee> I wasn'r sure it was early chat; I I couldn't find a mention at the website.  Have I missed anything interesting?
[05:59.43] <Evie> So they might start showing up in the next few minutes if that's the case
[05:59.58] <jemler> snow, tea kettles, cats.
[05:59.59] <JudyWard> We've complained a lot about weather that may be coming.
[06:00.02] <KK> and we had no idea what was causing it.  Now I try to check his front paws about once a month, and trim the claws that are getting over-curled toward his toe-pads.
[06:00.14] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:00.28] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[06:00.32] <Evie> It was in the News section, Bee, but since those announcements change, you might not have looked at the right time to see it
[06:00.32] <JudyWard> My old Ouija had a claw that did that. I had no idea then that they could do that.
[06:00.43] * DesertRose (~DesertRose@DesertRose.Editor.Writer.Creator) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:00.43] * derynibot sets mode +qao DesertRose DesertRose DesertRose for #deryni_destinations
[06:00.43] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:00.52] <The_Bee> Poor Nicky.  i thought "Nicky' was a character in Ghosts of the Past.
[06:00.59] <JudyWard> Hi, DR!
[06:01.02] <The_Bee> Hi DFK
[06:01.03] <~bynw> Hi DR
[06:01.05] <jemler> hi dr
[06:01.20] <~bynw> how was your Bday? moving back in = best present ever?
[06:01.22] <KK> Hello, DR.  How goes the settling in?
[06:01.32] <JudyWard> Re-hi, DF
[06:01.35] <~DesertRose> Hey y'all.  Hate to log in and run but I have to go afk a few minutes.
[06:01.35] <Evie> Hi DR
[06:01.50] <JudyWard> I always think of Headless Nick from HP
[06:01.59] <The_Bee> and H DR!  Is all well with your new apartment?
[06:02.05] <Derynifank> Hi everyone . Back from dinner  Glad you're all  still here
[06:02.12] <JudyWard> Are you getting settled, DR?
[06:02.28] * bynw is always here just not always active
[06:02.44] <Derynifank> Hi DR. Hope you're  enjoying  your  new place
[06:04.06] <JudyWard> I'ma hafta go soon to feed the Ferals & feed The Lou.
[06:04.40] <jemler> nite judy. tell DH happy birthday.
[06:04.51] <Evie> I'm sure they'll appreciate being fed
[06:04.54] <JudyWard> Well do! Thanks!
[06:05.06] <JudyWard> Yes, they are very demanding about it.
[06:05.08] <Derynifank> Nite Judyward
[06:05.24] <The_Bee> bye Judyward
[06:05.38] <JudyWard> Minniemee will run out into the driveway if I'm coming home from work, like "Where's my dinner! How dare you be late!"
[06:06.00] <Evie> LOL
[06:06.02] <JudyWard> Night all. Catch you next week. Everyone stay warm & safe.
[06:06.08] <Evie> Goodnight
[06:06.11] <The_Bee> "Feed me or I'll eat you!"
[06:06.19] <JudyWard> She would, too!
[06:06.29] <JudyWard> "night all!
[06:06.43] * JudyWard ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[06:07.18] * Shiral ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:07.28] <jemler> hi shiral
[06:07.31] <Evie> Hi Shiral
[06:07.33] <Shiral> Hello everyone
[06:07.42] <The_Bee> Hi Shiral
[06:08.31] * Shiral snaps fingers and produces laden tea table
[06:08.51] <~bynw> hi Shiral
[06:08.52] <Derynifank> Hi shiral
[06:08.59] <Shiral> Hi Bynw
[06:09.19] <KK> Hi, Shiral.  Hope your holidays were splendid.
[06:09.21] * The_Bee nods thanks to Shiral and adds milk and honey to her cup of Darjeeling.
[06:09.33] <Shiral> Hi Derynifank, Bee, Evie, DR,Jemler, KK,DR etc
[06:10.14] <Shiral> My holidays were very nice and flew by in a flash, thank you. I hosted the Ham Yam, Jam and Clam Christmas Eve feast at my place
[06:10.31] <KK> That sounds yummy.
[06:10.53] <jemler> is that a sandwich or something?
[06:11.01] <Shiral> Honeybaked Ham is a really easy way to eat well
[06:11.09] <KK> We go to Waffle House on Christmas Eve.  Quick and easy wind-down to the frantic lead-up to Santa Day.
[06:11.34] <~DesertRose> And always open, barring something truly weird.
[06:12.01] <KK> And it's always open.  Also, we spread a little Christmas cheer among the employees who work there, thorugh rain,sleet, snow, and other.
[06:12.06] <Shiral> We had ham on Christmas Eve, then I took the leftovers to my mother's place on Christmas Day They serve the main Christmas meal at lunch, so we had delicious ham sandwiches for our Christmas dinner
[06:12.20] <~DesertRose> Okay, now that I'm back at the keyboard, I'm settling in.  I just got all my stuff moved in this afternoon/tonight, and the kitchen may get rearranged a bit, but it is oh-so-nice to have my own space again.
[06:12.41] <Evie> Yay!
[06:12.54] <The_Bee> Is Carys settling in okay?
[06:13.16] <~DesertRose> I had to run afk to return a cart that belongs to the building but is for use of the residents, but we're not supposed to monopolize it for too long.
[06:13.19] <KK> And no bugs!
[06:13.21] <Shiral> I've hosted Christmas Eve at my place since I'm fairly centrally located, have an equipped kitchen and a diningroom. My mom doesn't really have those things, anymore where she lives now.
[06:13.31] <~DesertRose> Carys is investigating everything, because cat.
[06:13.32] <Derynifank> There is nothing like your own space.
[06:13.34] <~DesertRose> And yes, no bugs.
[06:13.55] <Evie> Double yay!
[06:13.55] <Shiral> Hooray for the absence of unwanted tiny roommates!
[06:14.06] <jemler> brb. dinner.
[06:14.16] <~DesertRose> And also, a building manager who so far seems reasonable, unlike the one at my old building.
[06:14.24] <Evie> That's good
[06:14.36] <~DesertRose> Yes, the only roommate I want is my cat.
[06:14.41] <The_Bee> Our Christmas Eve tradition is pork pies at my brother's house.
[06:14.46] <Shiral> Having your own space again will bring down your stress level, I'm sure
[06:14.48] <~DesertRose> Yes
[06:14.51] <Derynifank> Thank goodness for a reasonable  building manager
[06:15.03] <Shiral> I'm sure Carys is glad the move is accomplished
[06:15.04] <~DesertRose> I am very tired from shifting stuff around today and going grocery shopping.
[06:15.12] <Shiral> Even if she has a lot of investigation to do.
[06:15.32] <~DesertRose> Since there was no way of knowing how long I'd be apartment-less, a lot of my food staples had to be thrown out because my mom has NO room in her fridge.
[06:15.32] <Shiral> That was a long, difficult siege for you, DR
[06:15.35] <KK> I'm sure you are exhausted.  Moving is hard work.  And moving twice is even harder.
[06:15.39] <~DesertRose> So I had to do a major grocery trip tonight.
[06:15.44] <The_Bee> How big is your new place, DR?
[06:16.10] <~DesertRose> The new place is slightly smaller than the old one, and I think I'm going to miss the kitchen pantry I had in the old building, but there are workarounds for that.
[06:16.23] <Derynifank> Hope it's comfortable  and bug free
[06:16.31] <Shiral> And no leaks
[06:16.33] <~DesertRose> The floor plan is a bit odd, but all my stuff except the dinette set I barely used fits in here.
[06:16.36] <~DesertRose> Yes, it's comfortable.
[06:16.50] <Derynifank> Yay
[06:16.56] <The_Bee> odd how?
[06:17.01] <~DesertRose> One of the nice things is that it has a separate heating/AC unit for the bedroom; the old place had only one unit for the whole flat.
[06:17.29] <~DesertRose> And since Carys gets kicked out of the bedroom at night since she tends not to want to let me sleep, it's nice to be able to keep that room cool/warm as needed.
[06:17.38] <~DesertRose> It's just that the way the rooms are arranged is a bit strange.
[06:18.22] <Derynifank> Did KK come tonight
[06:18.33] <~DesertRose> You walk in the front door and you're in a hallway that's sort of U-shaped.  Directly in front is the path to the living room/kitchen, off to the immediate left is a small closet I'm using to hold my cleaning stuff, off to the immediate right is a larger closet that's probably going to be the coat/miscellaneous stuff closet.
[06:18.38] <The_Bee> KK is here.
[06:18.57] <~DesertRose> Farther to the left is the loo, and then around the other part of the U-shaped hall is another small closet and my bedroom.
[06:19.29] <~DesertRose> And the bedroom has a closet in it too.  It's got lots of closets, just not the big pantry closet that the old place had in the kitchen.
[06:19.50] <~DesertRose> Carys says, "Hi, purr, and pet me!"
[06:20.05] <Derynifank> Pets to Carys
[06:20.12] <~DesertRose> She's
[06:20.16] <~DesertRose> 'sploring
[06:20.21] <The_Bee> I'm sure you'll manage to find someplace to put everything.
[06:20.26] <KK> One adjusts.  For now, be sure to take the occasional chance to just sit down, perhaps with a cat on your lap, and breathe.  You're home now.
[06:20.29] <~DesertRose> I have so far.
[06:20.36] * The_Bee skritches Carys.
[06:21.00] <~DesertRose> She keeps coming up for pets and then going to explore and sniff everything.
[06:21.17] <Shiral> Lots of new territory for her to get used to
[06:21.27] <The_Bee> She wants to check in with you.
[06:21.28] <~DesertRose> I actually needed to thin down my belongings anyway, and I've done that to a degree.
[06:21.45] <Shiral> Nothing like moving to encourage a purge
[06:21.49] <~DesertRose> There are some things that are going to be donated, and some other things that I'm not sure why I still had since they weren't in usable condition any more.
[06:21.57] <Derynifank> Moving is good for getting one to do that
[06:22.24] <KK> This is the time of year for such purging, new beginnings.
[06:22.29] <~DesertRose> So a lot of junk is gone, a lot of stuff I don't use but is still in decent shape is in the box to go to the thrift shop run by the local domestic violence shelter, and a lot of other stuff is stored differently so it doesn't take up so darn much space!
[06:23.02] <Derynifank> Sounds like you have it under control
[06:23.10] <~DesertRose> I still have a monster trip to the laundromat to do, because due to the unwanted roommates at the flat where I never actually lived, I have to launder my entire wardrobe and all my textile anything.
[06:23.24] <~DesertRose> And I'm going to have to haul some stuff to the dry cleaners, but my winter jacket needed it anyway. :D
[06:23.57] <~DesertRose> I already washed the things I wear a lot.  The things that still need to be washed I either don't wear often or they're so lightweight they're not useful this time of year.
[06:24.54] <KK> Still, you wanta wash them sooner rather than later, so that the tiny invaders don't establish a new headquarters.
[06:24.55] <~DesertRose> But I had a large pile of sewing projects and even more fabric that was going to become various things (some of it actually even pieced), and that all needs to be washed, except the silk and velvet, which will go to the dry cleaners with my winter jacket.
[06:25.03] <The_Bee> Here's to a pleasant and long-lasting relationship with your building manager.
[06:25.13] <KK> Amen!
[06:25.25] <KK> And to no leaky spots!
[06:25.30] <~DesertRose> The things that still need to be laundered or dry cleaned are bagged up and sealed in the self-storage, at the moment.
[06:25.34] <~DesertRose> Amen indeed!
[06:25.38] <Shiral> I was going to purge my closet of things on New Year's Day....never quite happened.
[06:26.18] <~DesertRose> I'm having to donate a dress I really like and didn't wear that many times for the most fun reason to have to donate clothes; I've lost weight and it's too loose!
[06:26.33] <Evie> Does chemical cleaning (dry cleaning) kills the bedbugs and eggs the way regular laundry and drier heat does?
[06:26.40] <The_Bee> a very good reason!
[06:27.00] <~DesertRose> I believe so, but I'll research that before I take the stuff to be dry cleaned.
[06:27.34] <~DesertRose> It may be that I'll need to leave the dry-clean-only textiles sealed up in bags for a couple of years to make sure the eggs are no longer viable and any live critters have expired from lack of oxygen and food, but that's not a huge deal.
[06:27.46] <~DesertRose> My winter coat is almost as old as my daughter, which is to say two decades and change.
[06:27.58] <Evie> If nothing else, since I think it's heat that does the trick, popping it into a Dryel bag in the drier might work. But definitely check on that first.
[06:27.59] <KK> Can the too-big dress he taken in?
[06:28.34] <~DesertRose> But I have some lovely silk that I was going to have sewn into court garb for myself and some gorgeous gray velvet that was going to become a "poor woman's Elizabethan" skirt, and I will be damned if I'll damage it with the dryer.  :D
[06:28.47] <~DesertRose> I don't think so.  The way the bodice is designed, it would be a right pain.
[06:29.04] <~DesertRose> It's lined, for one thing, so I'd have to take in the lining as well as the outer part of the dress.
[06:29.30] <~DesertRose> And it's a sundress (albeit a fairly dressy sundress), so if I took in the bodice, I'd probably have to reposition the straps.
[06:29.54] <The_Bee> Is the dress contemporary or part of your SCA stuff?
[06:30.06] <~DesertRose> And if I took in the bodice, I'd probably also have to do some creative fiddling with the skirt, although it's a full skirt.
[06:30.10] <~DesertRose> Contemporary.
[06:30.45] <KK> If you really like it, it would be worth it to take it to an alterations shop and see what they'd charge.  It may not be as expensive as yiou fear, and worth it if you really like the dress.
[06:30.47] <The_Bee> Sundresses were not very common in medieval times.
[06:31.24] <~DesertRose> Also, all my garb is going to have to be washed too.  But since medical crapola and the subsequent cash-flow issues are keeping me from doing much SCA-related right now, the garb boxes can stay sealed up in the self-storage for nwo.
[06:31.26] <~DesertRose> *now.
[06:31.30] <~DesertRose> No, LOL, Bee.
[06:31.53] <~DesertRose> At least, not by themselves.  One could argue that a Norse apron dress is a "sundress," or at least that the design is similar.  :D
[06:32.18] <Shiral> Sunbathing wasn't all that common in those times, either
[06:32.49] <~DesertRose> There's a lady in the shire "next door" (the next county to the southwest) who sews garb professionally.  I might ask her what she'd charge to take in that sundress, because it IS pretty, and I do like it a lot.
[06:33.05] <The_Bee> Any updates on your medical issues, DR?
[06:33.07] <~DesertRose> But a Norse apron dress is worn over a long-sleeved tunic-type dress.
[06:33.09] <~DesertRose> Not really.
[06:34.22] <jemler> having a new place should ease any stress problems.
[06:34.50] <~DesertRose> I have a regular follow-up appointment on Tuesday with my psychiatrist, and then on Friday, I have to go see the ear, nose, and throat doc to get the results of the vestibular test that was done in December.
[06:34.55] <~DesertRose> Yes, indeed, jemler.
[06:35.01] <Shiral> Hopefully, the light is at the end of the tunnel and there are no incoming trains
[06:35.07] <~DesertRose> I love my family, but I am too old by a couple of decades to live with them any more!
[06:35.28] <Shiral> Some privacy and peace is bound to help decrease the stress
[06:35.50] <~DesertRose> Preach it, sister!  :D
[06:36.11] <Derynifank> So true
[06:36.17] <The_Bee> A cat in your lap is an excellent stress-reliever.
[06:36.24] <Shiral> After Christmas, I know I was really grateful for the down time. =o)
[06:36.39] <Shiral> Especially when the cat is purring.
[06:36.39] <Evie> OH!  DD had her allergy testing done last week. Turns out she is allergic to grass, dust/dust mites, and (sadly) has a mild allergy to cats, but her only severe allergy was to the dust mite proteins, so that is probably what set off the reaction that sent her to the ER. She didn't have any food allergies.
[06:37.16] <The_Bee> good to finally know.
[06:37.30] <Evie> yes
[06:37.42] <Shiral> Dmitri and Tatiana have now taken over my art table. I think they both like the desk lamp, since it makes things nice and warm
[06:38.21] <Shiral> Good to know DD won't have to give up some favorite foods. Hopefully the cat allergy will be manageable.
[06:38.26] <Derynifank> BRB
[06:39.00] <The_Bee> cat or cat dander?
[06:39.27] <Evie> Well, usually cat allergies are actually to the dander
[06:39.35] <Evie> But without the cat, you don't get cat dander
[06:39.55] <~DesertRose> One of my SCA friends has a cat allergy, but she didn't find out until recently, and she and her husband had four cats last I knew.  Her allergist said that since the cats they have don't bother her too much she should be okay, but if she didn't already have cats, the allergist would have recommended against having them.
[06:40.08] <The_Bee> and cat's do NOT like baths.
[06:40.26] <~DesertRose> Not if the bath is administered by anyone other than the cat him/herself.  ;)
[06:40.37] <Evie> We have two cats and her boyfriend's family has 14, so she is never away from cats except at work, but they haven't really caused her a problem thus far. Aside from her being at least mildly congested nearly all the time, so that's probably why
[06:41.00] <The_Bee> FOURTEEN cats!!???
[06:41.15] <jemler> i can smell them from here!
[06:41.23] <~DesertRose> Speaking of cats self-administering a bath:  ++,,
[06:41.30] <The_Bee> sounds like a cat-house
[06:41.33] <Evie> Yes. They are mostly indoor/outdoor, but her boyfriend's mom can't resist a stray in need. They also have a few dogs, but more cats.
[06:41.37] <KK> If she's been around cats all her life--and it appears that she has--the allergies can probably be managed.
[06:41.53] <~DesertRose> My stepdad's (late) mom was like that.
[06:41.56] <~DesertRose> No critter un-fed.
[06:41.58] <Evie> She's been around cats since she was around 8, so most of her life
[06:42.23] <Evie> And despite all those pets, their house doesn't smell bad. I've visited there before.
[06:42.43] <~DesertRose> You'd never know my parents have cats if PJ and Merlin didn't show up.
[06:42.55] <~DesertRose> Mom keeps the litter boxes in the garage and is God's Own Clean Freak.
[06:42.58] <The_Bee> keeping it clean, sounds like
[06:43.12] <Shiral> Izzy, one of my first cats, got herself dirty with motor oil one time (don't know how), but I HAD to bathe her. She was not in the least appreciative. In fact it was one of the only times she ever growled at me.
[06:43.48] <~DesertRose> My oldest brother, SIL, and youngest niece (the youngest of his four and the only one still at home and not for long) took me to lunch yesterday for my birthday.
[06:43.50] <The_Bee> My parents had to bathe a cat with anti-mange stuff.
[06:44.31] <~DesertRose> My brother showed me this hilarious photo of the "shop cat" where he used to work; this little black cat was sitting near the front of the engine compartment of a car, and my goofy brother had put a screwdriver under the cat's paw to make it look like the cat was repairing the car!
[06:44.34] <Derynifank> There is  a  kind of litter called Feline Pine that really does a good job controlling odor
[06:45.15] <~DesertRose> The family joke about my oldest brother is that he was dropped on his head as a baby, because he's always had this offbeat, wacky sense of humor.
[06:45.29] <The_Bee> Is it clumping litter?
[06:45.46] <jemler> Sis? Is that you?
[06:45.50] <~DesertRose> LOL
[06:45.57] <~DesertRose> Nope, jemler, you're actually slightly too young.
[06:46.04] <~DesertRose> My oldest brother will be 59 in August.
[06:46.18] <Derynifank> Not really though the consistency  does change
[06:46.24] <Shiral> I scoop out both cat boxes every morning, No litter box smell problem. It's not too nasty a job when you keep up with it
[06:46.25] <~DesertRose> You're close in age to my youngest brother, IIRC.  He just turned 53 right after Christmas.
[06:47.02] <~DesertRose> I scoop in the evening, and I change the litter out entirely and clean the box itself once a week; that keeps it tolerable.
[06:47.15] <~DesertRose> Even with a cat in a 500 sq ft flat.  :D
[06:47.41] <Shiral> Yup, that should do the trick =o)
[06:48.23] <~DesertRose> Also, with the new layout, Carys' loo is in a closet.  For lack of a better place to put it, it was in the living room in my old place.
[06:49.17] <The_Bee> Melantha's is in the kitchen.
[06:49.50] <jemler> i hope you don't hang clothes in that closet.
[06:49.53] <~DesertRose> No.
[06:50.18] <jemler> i figured the smell would get on your clothes.
[06:50.19] <~DesertRose> It's got some boxes of stuff, and I actually need to go through those boxes and see what can be donated or otherwise disposed of, but it wasn't critical that I do it now.
[06:50.39] <~DesertRose> And my hats are on the shelf in the top of the closet, but I seldom wear hats anyway.
[06:51.22] <~DesertRose> I have one straw sun hat and a bunch of ball caps; I love fashion hats, and I even own a hat pin, but between the size of my monster skull and the thickness of my hair, it's an adventure finding a fashion hat that fits me!
[06:51.29] <Derynifank> Mostly just the royal family wear hats  a lot
[06:52.09] <Shiral> I might wear a hat in very cold or very wet weather. I like the LOOK of hats, but I find I don't really like wearing them.
[06:52.55] <Evie> I love hats, but don't actually own and wear many. My fuzzy winter hat is getting a LOT of use this year, though, because I'm a lot warmer in these sub-freezing temps if my head is fully covered.
[06:52.58] <KK> Well, gotta dash.  There's supposed to be a special on Smithsonian about the Queen's Coronation.  Hopefully, I've got my info correct.  See you guys next week at 7.
[06:53.03] <Shiral> Night, KK
[06:53.06] <Derynifank> Some people look good in hats and others don't. I'M a don't
[06:53.07] <Evie> Goodnight!
[06:53.20] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[06:53.21] <jemler> night kk
[06:53.25] <Shiral> Bye, KK
[06:53.32] <KK> Nighters, all.
[06:53.35] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
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