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I just made this.

Print the attached image

I love word search puzzles!    :)

For anyone thinking "What attached image?" you have to be looking at the actual thread, not reading from the "View recent messages" link. Click on the post title above Bynw's post (the part that says "Deryni Word Search" to see the original post with attachment.  (That might seem obvious to some, but since I nearly always read from the "View recent messages" link, my first reaction was "Um, what attachment?"   ;D

Also, if you've managed to make it to the actual post and see the attachment, but have no clue how to go about printing it, there is a little caption link under the graphic that you can click on to download the image. Then print that downloaded image using whatever software is on your computer that opens up picture images and lets you print them. (That's going to differ from computer to computer, so I'm afraid I can't hand hold you through that part!)

And I'm done!  More, please!   ;D

(To be fair, I spend every work day morning doing a word search puzzle while having a cup of coffee before starting my day, so I might have a bit more practice at doing these than most.)


LOL. I will need to get a new word list. Don't have good one at work. I'll have to be at home where I have access to Codex I and II


How about one for Ghosts of the Past.


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