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KK Chat--23 September, 2018
« on: September 23, 2018, 08:09:06 PM »
[18:06.56] * KK (~49ab39c5@971820.DC5E26.E57A87.522C17) has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[18:06.59] <Derynifank> A lady from Michigan, I think
[18:07.09] <KK> Hello, all.
[18:07.20] <Evie> Hello!
[18:07.29] <Derynifank> Hi KK
[18:07.46] <KK> How's everyone this evening?
[18:08.34] <Evie> Doing fine
[18:08.38] <The_Bee> okay here.  I took Melantha to the vet for another blood drawing.  Hi, KK
[18:08.46] <Derynifank> Good. How about you? Hope you avoided any flooding
[18:09.02] <jemler> hi kk
[18:09.23] <KK> No flooding in our immediate area, but we've had a LOT of rain.
[18:09.32] <Evie> I'll bet!
[18:09.35] <KK> Bee, is Melantha ill?
[18:09.40] <Evie> Glad you've missed the worst of it
[18:10.19] <The_Bee> She has hyper-thyroid.  We're still working to adjust her medicine.
[18:10.36] <jemler> too bad you couldn't weather-magic away.
[18:11.14] <jemler> it went from 89 to 67 in one day.
[18:11.45] <Derynifank> Boy I wish that would happen here
[18:11.48] <The_Bee> Yike!  That's quite a change.
[18:12.48] <~bynw> hi KK
[18:12.57] <jemler> then we had a power outage for about 7 hrs.
[18:13.19] <The_Bee> Ouch!
[18:13.34] <Derynifank> Not fun
[18:13.38] <KK> Big change here, too.  It's in the low 70s/high 60s today.  I'm wearing a sweatshirt over my tee.
[18:14.14] <~bynw> we've got low 70s and high 60's forecast for the whole coming week. love the fall weather
[18:14.17] <Derynifank> I'M jealous. Still in the 80'S here
[18:14.58] <The_Bee> mild/cool here I just watched a gorgeous sunset.
[18:16.30] <Evie> Watching a British series about Freemasons on Netflix. Just turned it off at the end of an episode so I won't be distracted during chat. :-)
[18:16.44] <jemler> my yougest sister about freaked out. i'm on oxygen and she thought i's start gagging in about 2 seconds with out it. i can go for several hours, but you can't tell er that. once she gets an idea into her head you couldn'y shake it loose with a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick!
[18:17.30] <Evie> LOL, that's a picturesque image, jemler!
[18:17.34] <The_Bee> big lemon or tine brick?
[18:17.39] <The_Bee> tiny
[18:18.26] <jemler> the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy (not the one from samdsung)
[18:19.12] <The_Bee> 42!
[18:19.41] <jemler> the answer to life, the universe and eveything!
[18:19.51] <The_Bee> Yep!
[18:20.08] <KK> I take it that this is a new development, Jemler?
[18:20.22] <jemler> the o2? yes.
[18:20.56] <The_Bee> How did it start?
[18:21.26] <The_Bee> and when?
[18:21.39] <Evie> Do you have access to a generator, in case the power is ever out for long enough for that to be handy?
[18:22.38] <jemler> those procedures i get every 3 months? well i had one where the doc gave me an antiotiv that i had a severe reaction to. major breathing difficulty.
[18:23.42] <The_Bee> allergies have been a major problem for you, haven't they?
[18:23.59] <Derynifank> Antiotiv?
[18:24.24] <jemler> thid was 4 months aho. it took time to get to my doctor for a test, then there was a daytime test called a 6 minute test. all i did was sit still without o2 for 20 minutes and i got the o2.
[18:24.45] <jemler> antibiotic. clindamycin.
[18:25.28] <jemler> yes bee a major problem.
[18:25.57] <jemler> brv. dinner.
[18:26.13] <Derynifank> Enjoy
[18:26.33] <Evie> My dinner is in the crock pot right now, torturing me with good aromas
[18:27.11] <The_Bee> I've eaten mine.
[18:27.31] <KK> Mine will be a bowl of cereal later.
[18:27.53] <The_Bee> dining aalone, KK?
[18:28.10] <Evie> Giggling at Gigi. She is "kneading biscuits" on a blanket with her face buried in it, and purring loudly. Or what passes for loudly for Gigi. She's audible from a few feet away.
[18:29.36] * The_Bee scritches gigi.
[18:29.53] <KK> No, Bee, just eating light.  I cooked big last night.
[18:30.13] <The_Bee> I hope it was yum.
[18:30.47] <Evie> I've been eating light today also, since yesterday DH and I splurged a little and tried some of the goodies from the brand new bakery in town where DD works now.
[18:31.03] <jemler> meatloaf, mashed taters, carrot coins
[18:31.32] <The_Bee> We had an ice cream social at church.
[18:32.44] <Evie> Sounds yummy
[18:33.14] <KK> Ice cream social sounds yummy!
[18:33.21] * bynw is just having a deli samich
[18:33.22] <Evie> BRB, checking on the beef pot roast
[18:33.35] <The_Bee> It was.
[18:33.45] * bynw wants to go to Evie's for the pot roast though
[18:35.07] <Evie> Had to uncork a bottle of sweet red wine for the roast, so an extra half cup went into a wine glass for me. :-)
[18:35.38] <Evie> Not quite Fianna quality, but it'll do
[18:35.44] <The_Bee> sweet red--ruby port?
[18:35.48] * bynw drools beef pot roast is his fav
[18:35.57] <Evie> Not a port
[18:36.06] <Evie> I had that for Communion earlier. :-D
[18:37.02] <Evie> I'm testing a new recipe, which has been a bit modified since I seem constitutionally incapable of simply following a recipe verbatim. LOL!
[18:37.56] <~bynw> good think cooking allows that were baking doesnt
[18:38.10] <The_Bee> me too.  they always demand too many ingredients I don't have.
[18:38.32] <KK> Yep.  Non-baking recipes generally are guidelines rther than rigid protocols.
[18:39.24] <Evie> +,  The basic recipe, before I went mucking about with it. :-D
[18:40.24] <Evie> I didn't have beef broth or an onion on hand, so in went a packet of French onion soup mix in water instead.
[18:40.49] <~bynw> i dont like pinterest. you have to be a member to click on anything
[18:40.53] <Evie> And I'm not sure if I put in a cup of wine or not. I just poured until it looked and smelled right.
[18:40.55] <Derynifank> Sounds good to me
[18:41.08] <The_Bee> I suspect that "haute cuisine" began with people making the best use of what they had on hand.
[18:41.30] <Evie> Here's the original page, Bynw:  +,
[18:41.44] <~bynw> onions are a pantry staple ...
[18:42.11] <Evie> I'm a strange bird, Bynw. I actually don't like onions themselves, although I'm fine with them cooked into things.
[18:42.32] <Evie> We normally have at least one on hand, since DH like them, but he must have used them up.
[18:43.09] <Evie> And a lot of time, if I'm including onion in something, I just grab my bag of frozen onions/bell peppers mix and toss that in instead
[18:43.13] <The_Bee> Ever had sweet onions?
[18:43.13] <jemler> evie, i found another slow cooker pot roast on i emailed you the recipe.
[18:43.32] <Evie> I have, Bee, but again, I only like them as a minor ingredient in something.
[18:43.42] * judyward ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[18:43.51] <jemler> hi judyward
[18:43.53] <The_Bee> Hi Judddy!
[18:43.57] <Evie> OK, thanks jemler
[18:44.01] <Evie> Hi Judy
[18:44.03] <~bynw> hi judyward
[18:44.09] <Derynifank> Hi Judyward
[18:44.11] <judyward> Hi, Bee, Jimler, Evie and everyone!
[18:44.33] <jemler> the recipe calls gor a quart of red wine. :D
[18:44.40] <judyward> I've missed the last 2 chats!
[18:45.08] <Evie> LOL!  Well, I like wine as a flavoring ingredient in the gravy, but I don't want it to BE the gravy!
[18:45.08] <judyward> Can I have a quart of red wine? I thought the vet bill tonight might kill me, but it didn't.
[18:45.17] <The_Bee> glad you're here now
[18:45.26] <Derynifank> WB to chat Judyward
[18:45.28] <judyward> Me, too!
[18:45.39] <judyward> HI DFK!
[18:45.41] <Evie> You have a sick puppers or kitteh?
[18:46.01] <judyward> Puppy Caesar had a nose bleed & an ear infection.
[18:46.10] <The_Bee> Jemler, how many is that recipe supposed to serve?
[18:46.12] <Evie> Poor puppers
[18:46.22] <Derynifank> Hope hr's better
[18:46.36] <judyward> He got meds & feels a little better now.
[18:46.45] <Evie> I now have a Luke draped across my left arm with his paws on my right wrist, purring at everyone
[18:46.55] <judyward> Awwww!
[18:47.05] <jemler> 6 to 8 servings.
[18:47.39] <judyward> What are we making, Jemler?
[18:47.41] <The_Bee> There was a cat at the vet's who was complaining loudly. He SCREECHED at whatever the vet was doing to him.
[18:48.04] * The_Bee scritches Luke.
[18:48.21] <jemler> it was a recipe for pot roast with a quart of red wine as an ingredient.
[18:48.21] <judyward> They can be quite loud. Poor vet said he'd already been bitten twice today. Caesar didn't bite him.
[18:48.38] * MerchantDeryni ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[18:48.44] <The_Bee> The person who brought him in said he was a stray she found.
[18:48.47] <judyward> Sounds good. And would be good in or out of the pot roast.
[18:48.53] <The_Bee> Hi MD
[18:48.57] <jemler> hi merchantderyni
[18:49.14] <judyward> Hi, MD
[18:49.15] <Derynifank> Hi MD
[18:49.24] <MerchantDeryni> Good evening all.
[18:49.28] <Evie> When we first adopted Luke (he was a stray), we took him to the vet for the full checkup and shots, and before I knew what was happening, he was being passed around the clinic because he was so purring and goodnatured despite everything, he charmed the entire staff.
[18:49.29] <~bynw> hi MerchantDeryni
[18:49.48] <judyward> Sweet kitty!
[18:50.00] <Evie> Hi MerchantDeryni
[18:50.02] <KK> I need to take Nicholas to the vet tomorrow.  He has a big hematoma in his left ear, that needs to be drained and medicated.  Just noticed it a few hours ago.
[18:50.14] <Evie> Ow, poor guy!
[18:50.23] <The_Bee> That much wine sounds like ssomeone cooking for a banquet.
[18:50.52] <judyward> I'm supposed to take C to his regular vet tomorrow, but after $200 tonight, that might not happen. 80(
[18:51.02] * The_Bee sends quick healing woodgies to Nicholas.
[18:51.06] <Evie> :-(
[18:51.20] <~bynw> judyward, does your vet take carecredit?
[18:51.32] <judyward> Yep, C man had a hematoma but then his ear canal swelled up.
[18:51.46] <judyward> He might, but I don't have CC.
[18:52.15] <Evie> When we had to take Gigi to the emergency vet clinic, they had the CC applications in the waiting room, which was a big help.
[18:52.26] <~bynw> it can be a lifesaver sometimes for vet bill and even human medical and dental bills
[18:52.41] <Evie> we also had to use it back when we had Pixie, and he got out for a few days and got in a fight with something before returning home.
[18:52.48] <The_Bee> What is Carecredit?
[18:52.59] <judyward> I know, but I've applied before & been rejected. We don't use credit, so our score is low.
[18:53.24] <Evie> It is something like a credit card/line of credit for use when you have a veterinary or medical emergency, so you can pay it off in installments rather than owing everything up front.
[18:53.26] * bynw sets mode +vv Derynifank judyward for #Deryni_Destinations
[18:53.33] * bynw sets mode +o KK for #Deryni_Destinations
[18:53.46] <The_Bee> Ah, thanks, Evie
[18:53.54] <@KK> That's how I found out about it.  Not all vets take it, but ours does.  And it's also good for people dentists and the like.
[18:54.02] <~bynw> yup
[18:54.19] <@KK> And there's no interest if you pay it off within 90 days, I think it is.
[18:54.30] <+judyward> Yes, it would be handy, and you'd think they'd know we'd pay for our animals if nothing else.
[18:54.34] <Evie> We normally don't use credit either, but those two times when we needed it, it helped. Pets are expensive!
[18:54.34] <The_Bee> good to know
[18:54.35] <~bynw> sometimes its as much as 6 months
[18:54.37] * Jerusha (Jerusha@C06FE3.701A35.ED3923.2EB959) has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[18:54.45] <~bynw> hi Jerusha
[18:54.47] <Evie> Hi Jerusha!
[18:54.48] <The_Bee> Hi jerusha
[18:54.49] <jemler> hi jerusha
[18:54.51] <+judyward> Hi, Jerusha
[18:54.56] <+Derynifank> Hi Jerusha
[18:54.56] * bynw sets mode +v Jerusha for #Deryni_Destinations
[18:55.09] <+Jerusha> Hi!
[18:55.19] <@KK> Yeah, use someone else's credit whenever possible, and avoid interest.
[18:56.02] <+judyward> Hey, we had 9+ inches of rain Thurs & Friday last.
[18:56.10] <+Jerusha> Sorry to be late; family dinner and puppy playtime
[18:56.24] <The_Bee> Yike!  Wheree are you?
[18:56.32] <+Jerusha> wr had 90+ km winds
[18:56.44] <Evie> wow
[18:56.44] <+Jerusha> we, that is
[18:56.52] <+judyward> We had wind but not that much!
[18:57.02] <The_Bee> What's that in miles?
[18:57.09] <Evie> New Dollar Tree sweater for Fr Devlin:  +,
[18:57.13] <+Jerusha> um. lots
[18:57.14] <+judyward> It parked a cloud over Hutto and drained it.
[18:57.29] <MerchantDeryni> 55 mph
[18:57.49] <~bynw> 90kph= 55.92341mph
[18:57.50] <+Jerusha> math is not my thing
[18:58.02] <Evie> That's why I usually Google conversions
[18:58.06] <+Derynifank> Love it Evie
[18:58.12] <Evie> Thank you, DFK
[18:58.13] <+Jerusha> But it blew over trees
[18:58.40] <Evie> Yeah, high wind will do that, especially if the ground is already soaked.
[18:58.54] <+Jerusha> very dapper, Evie
[18:59.20] <Evie> And since we have overhead power lines, high speed winds tend to lead to power outages here, due to the trees falling on the lines.
[18:59.28] <The_Bee> JudyWard, were you in hurricane Florence's target area?
[18:59.33] <Evie> I thought those colors would go well with his coloring, Jerusha
[18:59.41] <+judyward> No, Central Texas
[18:59.44] <+Jerusha> Same here,  Evie
[19:00.02] <+Jerusha> Very astute
[19:00.07] <@KK> We had one big branch come down in the side yard--no damage--but no trees, thank God.  We had enough tree damage earlier in the summer, spent several thousand dollars having them taken down the rest of the way or cut up and hauled away.  Wreaked havoc with the budget--but what can one do?
[19:00.33] <The_Bee> We dedicated our collection in church to victims of Florence and the gas explosions in norther Mass.
[19:00.42] <+Jerusha> At least we can use ours for firewood
[19:00.44] <+judyward> Yes, sad to loose trees, too. We didn't lose anything & no electrical outages
[19:01.08] <@KK> No outages ehre, either.
[19:01.11] <Evie> Those gas explosions were so strange! Did they ever figure out what caused that?
[19:01.16] <+Jerusha> We now have a good supply
[19:01.18] <+judyward> Those gas explosions were BAD! Did they hear what caused it?
[19:01.36] <jemler> we lost power fron about 7PM until 2:30AM/
[19:01.38] <The_Bee> Way too much pressure in the pipelines.
[19:01.53] <+judyward> Something malfunctioned, then
[19:01.58] <+Derynifank> We were really lucky in SE Virginia , Looked like she was headed right for us but turned off at the last minute
[19:02.22] <+Derynifank> Florence
[19:02.31] <Evie> +,  Rosebud sprigged PJs
[19:02.45] <@KK> The explosions were near where Julianne lives, though they had no damage.
[19:03.11] <Evie> That's good. Wow, that would be scary!
[19:03.27] <+Jerusha> Whew, for a moment thought they were for Father Devlin
[19:03.33] <Evie> ROFL!
[19:03.38] <@KK> Nice PJ's.
[19:04.07] <+judyward> Glad Julianne got off wihtout any explosions!
[19:04.14] <+Jerusha> Yes
[19:04.22] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: +, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:04.35] <Evie> That was a tiny scrap of floral flannel I found in the remnants bin. It was something like 36" long, but only 5" wide, so I had to be careful with my pattern placement.
[19:04.37] <+Jerusha> Oops
[19:04.38] <The_Bee> The National Guard was distributing hot plates and space heaters to the victims.
[19:05.05] <+judyward> That's good of the Guard.
[19:05.28] <+Jerusha> Oops for DerynifanK leaving, not the floral placement
[19:05.58] <The_Bee> Yes.  Columbia Gas is helping people convert to eelectric or other heating.
[19:06.21] <Evie> Is eelectric what you get if you use electric eels for power?
[19:06.22] <Evie> :-D
[19:06.35] <The_Bee> LOL! of course!
[19:06.46] <+Jerusha> Shocking!
[19:07.00] <Evie> I got a charge out of that
[19:07.01] <+judyward> We have propane in Hutto. Piped like gas to the houses, but Propane.
[19:07.23] <+Jerusha> Have that at the cottage
[19:07.42] <+judyward> Way cheaper than electric.
[19:07.47] <The_Bee> Is it aany safer than gas?
[19:08.15] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[19:08.23] <The_Bee> Hi DFK
[19:08.23] <+judyward> Bought the same, I guess.
[19:08.25] <+Jerusha> Much the same I think
[19:08.27] <Evie> I got some free art supplies (mostly paints and things to add to paint s/a texturing mediums, flow enhancers, etc.) from a retired art teacher at church who wasn't going to use it and donated it to me to use for doll stuff.
[19:08.31] <+judyward> WB DFK
[19:08.45] <Derynifank> Is kiwi acting up now?
[19:08.47] <Evie> So I'm looking forward to going through the box to see what is in there
[19:08.48] <+Jerusha> Nice, Evie
[19:08.59] <The_Bee> Good for  her/him
[19:09.47] <Evie> Now I just need time to do something with it!
[19:10.12] <+judyward> BRB
[19:10.16] <Evie> There were also some thin craft wood boards that might make decent furniture. Duncan reminds me he needs a prie-dieu. :-D
[19:10.27] <+Jerusha> Time is a precious commodity
[19:10.33] <~bynw> just because your chat fails it might not be kiwi or mibbit or the chat. it could very well be something inbetween
[19:10.38] <Evie> I remind him my woodworking skills are nearly nonexistent
[19:11.00] <+Jerusha> Duncan has faith
[19:11.15] <Evie> He also reminds me that I keep claiming I'm going to build him a study someday. LOL!
[19:11.41] <Evie> 'Before I die of brittle vinyl, hopefully.'
[19:13.07] <+Jerusha> Alas, my brain has come up empty for a response
[19:13.11] <The_Bee> Those pious types are masters of the art of fundraising.
[19:13.18] <Derynifank> He does needcacstudy, Thing how much has happened  in his study over the years
[19:13.32] <~bynw> from the chat server to you Derynifank, the connection passes through 4 networks
[19:13.45] <Evie> First I need a clear work table to build it on, which would require me cleaning my craft room.
[19:13.56] <+judyward> Yes, like talking to secret grandsons.
[19:14.05] <Derynifank> Wow. I had no ide.
[19:14.19] <+Jerusha> That could be a challenge in my case
[19:14.34] <Derynifank> Idea
[19:14.45] <+judyward> No 15th?
[19:15.05] <Evie> Beware the Ides of September doesn't have the same ring to it
[19:15.21] <+judyward> Lacks bite.
[19:15.38] <+Jerusha> We could make a stab at it
[19:15.46] <~bynw> no one famous was murdered on the ides of september
[19:15.47] <Evie> et tu, Jerusha?
[19:15.52] <+judyward> C wants to go out. BRB. again.
[19:16.18] <+Jerusha> :)
[19:16.21] <Evie> My left arm is falling asleep. Thanks, Luke.
[19:16.57] <+Jerusha> Purrfectly comfortable
[19:17.09] <Evie> For him, yes. For me, not so much.  :-D
[19:17.12] <+judyward> Well, he just wanted the water bowl filled.
[19:17.54] <+Jerusha> Who is C, Judyward?
[19:18.06] <+judyward> RE: prev. It's just not the cutting edge.
[19:18.14] <+judyward> our dog Caesar
[19:18.21] <+Jerusha> ouch
[19:18.47] <+Jerusha> ouch to cutting edge, not Ceasar
[19:18.54] <+judyward> He of the ear infection, hematoma & nose bleed.
[19:19.03] <Evie> Caesar said Ouch to a cutting edge on the Ides of March
[19:19.12] <Evie> But that was a different Caesar
[19:19.15] <Derynifank> Poor baby
[19:19.29] <+judyward> Oh, right! Didn't connect his name to it.! LOL!
[19:19.37] <+Jerusha> poor Ceasar!
[19:19.37] <~bynw> Derynifank (and anyone else too), here is something you can do ... for fun even. find your start button which should have a search box right near it on most Windows computers. in the search box put in CMD (you might have to hit enter) this should bring up a command prompt box (its a small black window) in that window type:   tracert
[19:19.41] <~bynw> then hit enter
[19:19.52] <Evie> Julius Caesar, not Caesar the Expensive. ;-)
[19:20.11] <+judyward> Exactly!
[19:20.20] <+Jerusha> Yep
[19:20.21] <Derynifank> You don't have a Brutus do you
[19:20.37] <+judyward> No, no Brutus.
[19:20.50] <The_Bee> My start button has gone misssing.
[19:20.52] <Derynifank> Will try that after chat
[19:20.55] <+judyward> Although his sister, Tsin'tia II, can be bossy.
[19:21.55] <+Jerusha> What kind of dog?
[19:22.00] * TheDeryni (~TheDeryni@Flirt.Storyteller.Wiseass) has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[19:22.00] * derynibot sets mode +o TheDeryni for #Deryni_Destinations
[19:22.14] <Evie> Hello, Deer
[19:22.20] <+Jerusha> Hi TheDeryni
[19:22.20] <+judyward> Rhodesian Ridgebacks
[19:22.24] <Derynifank> Hi TD
[19:22.26] <~bynw> hi TD
[19:22.28] <@TheDeryni> Hi, Deerest
[19:22.29] <+Jerusha> Ah
[19:22.33] <+judyward> Hi, TD
[19:22.36] <@TheDeryni> 'ello all
[19:22.45] <The_Bee> Hi TD
[19:23.00] <+judyward> You can see pictures on my FB page
[19:23.01] <jemler> Julius Caesar sent his friend Brutus to the bakery for a dozen donuts. When Brutus came back, there were only 10 donuts in the box. Julios looked at hos friend and sais, "Et tu, Brute?"
[19:23.15] <+judyward> Oh, gah!
[19:23.31] <MerchantDeryni> ouch.
[19:23.38] <jemler> hi td
[19:23.40] <@KK> You had to work at that one, didn't you, Jemler?
[19:23.42] <+Jerusha> Launches trout at Jemler
[19:23.42] <Evie> Don't make me get the mackerel  launcher out. :-D
[19:23.56] * The_Bee throws a tiger shark at Jemler.
[19:24.03] <@TheDeryni> I liked it
[19:24.23] <+judyward> It was pretty clever.  Or cleaver?
[19:25.32] * Evie ponders the logistics involved in arming the launcher with a shark
[19:25.33] * TheDeryni (~TheDeryni@Flirt.Storyteller.Wiseass) Quit (Client closed the connection)
[19:25.43] * TheDeryni (~TheDeryni@Flirt.Storyteller.Wiseass) has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[19:25.43] * derynibot sets mode +o TheDeryni for #Deryni_Destinations
[19:25.53] <Evie> rehi Deer-Hart
[19:25.56] <+Jerusha> Maybe a swordfish?
[19:25.59] <@TheDeryni> Ack!
[19:26.18] <Derynifank> Tiger shark sounds scary
[19:26.22] <Evie> Coughing up a hairball there?
[19:26.35] <@TheDeryni> Something like that
[19:26.55] <The_Bee> Speaking of sharks, a young man was recently killed by one on a Cape Cod beach.
[19:27.12] <+Jerusha> Oh dear
[19:27.13] <+judyward> That's scary!
[19:27.39] <Derynifank> Makes you want to stay  out of the water
[19:27.43] <Evie> :-(
[19:27.47] <jemler> did you hear the one about Randolph the Brown-nosed reindeer? he's Rudolphs' cousin. he flies right behind Rudolph. he flies just as fast, he just don't stop so quick.
[19:27.48] <+Jerusha> Yep
[19:28.06] <+judyward> LOL!
[19:28.13] <+Jerusha> Oh Deer
[19:28.15] <@TheDeryni> There tracking a huge great white in that area. Guess what they named her?
[19:28.23] <MerchantDeryni> Odd question for KK, or anyone else for that matter. How difficult is it to find a Portal? Is dowsing as an ability able to track a portal location?
[19:28.31] <@TheDeryni> *They're
[19:28.32] <The_Bee> They're saying that a growing seal population has led to a growing shark population.. They like to eat seals.
[19:28.54] <+judyward> And people sometimes.
[19:29.12] <jemler> morgan scanned for the Portal at St. Neots.
[19:29.22] <~bynw> people are just funny tasting seals
[19:29.37] <jemler> or was that Duncan?
[19:29.43] <Derynifank> Scanned or scryed?
[19:29.48] <MerchantDeryni> Some seals are also good singers. "A Kiss from a Rose"
[19:30.10] <+judyward> Duncan, wasn't it? he wanted to find a faster way to get Alaric out.
[19:30.19] <+judyward> I heard that one today in the car!
[19:30.40] <@TheDeryni> Well, they tagged her dorsal find and named her Katherine. Hmm.
[19:30.41] <+judyward> I always thought it was Crosby, Stills & Nash.
[19:30.48] <+Jerusha> You heard Duncan in the car?
[19:30.50] <jemler> roght ! after alaric was dosed witg merasje by warin de grey!
[19:30.52] <@TheDeryni> *find!
[19:30.57] <@TheDeryni> Ack
[19:31.03] <@TheDeryni> Fin
[19:31.12] <+judyward> finned
[19:31.13] <The_Bee> The guy who was killed was on a paddle board, IIRC.  I've that a board with 4 limbs jutting out looks like a seal to a shark.
[19:31.24] <+judyward> I've heard that before.
[19:31.39] <@KK> They say most shark attacks are from mistaken identity, thinking a person is a seal or the like.
[19:31.49] <~bynw> i would think it would depend on a number of factors like age of the portal, how active the portal is or has been
[19:32.08] <The_Bee> Has Morgan ever scanned for a Portal at Coroth Castle?
[19:32.29] <@KK> I don't think Portals are naturally occurring; someone has to construct one.
[19:32.29] <~bynw> or as KK wrote in Deryni Magic:  Physical contact, especially with a hand, also is helpful in attempting to locate an unknown Portal or one grown weak through disuse, as when Duncan searches for a long-destroyed Portal site in the ruins of Saint Neot'
[19:32.30] <+Jerusha> I'm sure he has
[19:32.36] <+judyward> I think he would know of any there, but he might not be sharing the info.
[19:33.14] <+Jerusha> Certainly not with Denis Arilan
[19:33.21] <The_Bee> Surely Alaric would share with kelson or Duncan.
[19:33.33] <+judyward> Duncan would probably know.
[19:33.41] <MerchantDeryni> bynw: that leads to my follow up question. Can a Deryni use his power to "stabilize" or strengthen a portal? Well used portals have a smoother ride if I recall. So can a Deryni pump energy into a portal while not using it to "tune" it?
[19:34.00] <MerchantDeryni> I want my Portal network to be a smooth ride for the users. :P
[19:34.02] <Evie> If Alaric knew of a Portal at Coroth, he almost certainly would have used it. But there might well be one there from before his time that he is unaware of, if it is in one of the areas of the castle that is closed off
[19:34.04] <@KK> Of course, someone had to construct the first one; or else, there there <are> naturally ocurring ones, or at least locations that lend themselves to having a Portal instated there.
[19:35.28] <@KK> Just thinking with my fingers here.
[19:35.32] <~bynw> MerchantDeryni, if i were writing a story or playing in an RPG with Deryni and portals. Sure I would allow it but only a point. A portal gets stronger the more its used.
[19:36.11] <@KK> So it sounds like there <are> locations that more readily lend themselves to having a Portal instated theer.
[19:36.42] <@TheDeryni> I'm contagious, sorry KK.
[19:36.43] <jemler> a naturally occurring portal? some kind of weird gravitational focus, like the bermuda triange?
[19:36.50] <The_Bee> KK, have you fingers been thinking of The Road to Killingford?
[19:36.55] <Evie> Interesting. Which leads to the question, what sorts of locations might be more apt to be naturally occurring Portals?
[19:37.08] <MerchantDeryni> Ley lines were mentioned in a thread about portals. A spot with a couple of leylines crossing over it could make for an easier portal construction if yu wanted to work things along those concepts
[19:37.16] <@KK> Keep in mind that the original concept for Portals cae from ST transporters.  ;-)
[19:37.35] <jemler> stonehenge, pyramids.
[19:37.47] <@TheDeryni> Dolmens
[19:38.03] <@KK> Ley lines could well create next that would be useful for Portal locations.
[19:38.12] <+judyward> I didn't know that about portals, KK.
[19:38.18] <@KK> Concentrations of earth energies and th elike.
[19:38.29] <The_Bee> nexus,  KK?
[19:38.37] <@KK> next, as in plural of nexus.
[19:38.37] <Evie> So if you have a Canadian speaking in a Scottish brogue, he could shorten his time estimate for Portal construction by a quarter of the estimated time?
[19:38.45] <@KK> Nexi.
[19:38.46] <Evie> At least if he's an engineer wearing a red shirt?
[19:39.44] <+Jerusha> Let me think about that
[19:40.06] <MerchantDeryni> In my Pepper and lace story I want to add a scene of a "Portal Specialist" who tries to stabilize new and jangly portals to make them easier to use.
[19:40.42] <@TheDeryni> Scotty was the only "Red shirt" that survived episodes.
[19:40.51] <+judyward> Would the specialist be named Scotty?
[19:41.09] <Evie> Wouldn't the initial energies involved in creating them make them start off stable, although if left unused maybe that initial energy dissipates fairly quickly thereafter?
[19:41.18] <@KK> That's an interesting notion, though perhaps a little too technological for the Deryni universe as we know it.  Still, certain magical practitioners might well have specialties.
[19:41.34] <@TheDeryni> Red shirt = "He's dead, Jim."
[19:41.40] <+judyward> Like Healers.
[19:41.41] <jemler> like Healers?
[19:41.58] <+judyward> You owe me a Coke, Jemler
[19:42.01] <The_Bee> or blockers
[19:42.09] <Evie> MD is working on a story arc in the Deryni universe that is set later in period, around the Age of Exploration, I think.
[19:42.24] <@KK> Indeed.  And certain Deryni might have honed their mind-probing skills, to be useful for interrogations.
[19:42.29] <Evie> After the discovery of those lands west of the Atalantic Ocean.
[19:43.17] <MerchantDeryni> I am fiddlign around with a story about the longitude problem. Latitude is easy to figure out. Longitude was the real challenge. BUT>transfer portals could allow accurate timekeeing across distance
[19:43.36] <Evie> We've had an interesting forum thread lately that extrapolates on Deryni powers and how they might be used in a modern society
[19:43.48] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: +, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:44.45] <Evie> Laurna had some really interesting ideas from a medical perspective on how micro-wards might come in handy for all sorts of purposes, if we had modern day Healers.
[19:44.47] <MerchantDeryni> All my stories depend on frequent and easy use of Portals. So I want a plot point to describe why Portals don't kill folks.
[19:45.11] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[19:45.18] <Evie> Maybe Portals sometimes do kill folks, if they don't use them with due caution
[19:45.22] <The_Bee> wb dfk
[19:45.39] <@TheDeryni> wb, DF
[19:45.44] <+judyward> Popping in and out tonight.
[19:45.45] <Derynifank> Thanks
[19:45.55] <+Jerusha> Trapped portals might
[19:45.57] <MerchantDeryni> He's standing on a Portal
[19:46.00] <Derynifank> Not popping on purpose
[19:46.43] <+judyward> You know, you might have to fence off portals from infant Deryni.
[19:47.09] <+Jerusha> babygates?
[19:47.09] <Evie> I doubt they'd know another Portal signature to jump to, much less how to balance the energies between them
[19:47.34] <Evie> That would take a measure of control that infants wouldn't have, even if they weren't under parental controls for their own safety
[19:47.36] <Derynifank> Don't want them wandering thru portals at will
[19:47.41] <+judyward> Yes, could they accidentally teleport themselves into a stone wall or something?
[19:47.42] <@TheDeryni> Savant portal jumpers
[19:48.11] <+Jerusha> Maman. look, I brought a pony through the portal!  I wanted a pony!
[19:48.21] <Evie> Poor Will. First everyone keeps firing at him, now he's got savant infants teleporting to him!
[19:48.24] <+judyward> LOL!
[19:48.27] <@KK> I think a child would have to be specifically taught to use a Portal, after many experiences of being taken through by a parent or other adult.
[19:48.58] <+judyward> Hopefully so.
[19:49.01] <Evie> It doesn't strike me from the books as something one could accidentally learn how to do
[19:49.26] <+judyward> No, I think they'd have to learn it.
[19:49.45] <MerchantDeryni> KK, your comment about naturally occurring portals gives a cool story opening. Imagine the first deryni to notice the natural link at a point. They mentally probe the link and balance energies and are suddenly miles away
[19:49.47] <+Jerusha> Not an automatic skill
[19:49.50] <jemler> you would have to learn several locations.
[19:50.05] <@KK> I asgree.  It isn't the sort of thing ou could experiment with, at least until you had the concept that such a think could exist, and how it might work.
[19:50.28] <MerchantDeryni> Once they figure out what the heck happened they figure out how to build a site for themselves.
[19:51.24] <Evie> Actually, MD, I can see that working only if they first happen upon an earlier nexus and noticed it felt interesting, then found a second one later that had a similar but different feel. Maybe in trying to compare the two energy signatures, they accidentally leap from one to the other?
[19:51.29] <jemler> which one of Orins scrolls would have covered them?
[19:51.53] <Evie> And then figure out how that happened and manage to get back by doing the same thing in reverse
[19:52.02] <+Jerusha> I should go. Must share the cottage laptop with DH.
[19:52.09] <@KK> Evie, that has definite possibilities.
[19:52.18] <jemler> nite jerusha.
[19:52.19] <+judyward> Have a good week, Jerusha!
[19:52.19] <+Jerusha> Have a good week, everyone!
[19:52.25] <Evie> G'night Jerusha
[19:52.26] <@KK> Night, Jerusha.
[19:52.26] <@TheDeryni> By, Jerusha!
[19:52.32] <@TheDeryni> Ack
[19:52.34] <@TheDeryni> Bye
[19:52.35] <The_Bee> bye jerusha
[19:52.36] <Evie> Aliset sends Darcy hugs
[19:52.54] <+Jerusha> Darcy hugs back!
[19:52.59] <MerchantDeryni> So no risk then of a Portal sniffer standing on a portal and sniffing out conenctions in the energy lines to discover hidden Portals? That makes me feel better.
[19:53.00] <+judyward> I think Aliset has been something more than hugs!
[19:53.10] <+Jerusha> :)
[19:53.18] * Jerusha (Jerusha@C06FE3.701A35.ED3923.2EB959) Quit (Quit: +, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:53.39] <Evie> They're newlyweds, so let's hope so, but this IS a public chat. ;-)
[19:53.57] <@KK> Hmm, getting late, I see.  On an entirely different note, before I leave, have any of you seen The Shape of Water?  Watched it last night on HBO.  I can see why it got several award nods. 
[19:54.07] <+judyward> LOL! Yep, it is. I was not specific.
[19:54.15] <Evie> I haven't seen it yet
[19:54.37] <~bynw> i havent seen it yet either. but its on the list
[19:54.51] <@KK> I think that, other than trap portals, it would be fairly difficult to booby-trap a Portal.
[19:54.52] <@TheDeryni> I haven't, KK. I'm on a CThe Good Doctor ' binge
[19:55.14] <@TheDeryni> I give up on typing.
[19:55.37] <Derynifank> I saw the original Oceans 11 with the rat pack last nihht, very interestING twist at the end
[19:55.38] <The_Bee> I'm not much of a movie-goer, KK.
[19:55.38] <@KK> I like The Good Doctor.
[19:55.45] <Evie> I wonder if one could Ward a Portal in such a way that one couldn't land on it without bumping up against the ward?
[19:55.47] <+judyward> Is that amovie?
[19:55.53] <~bynw> i thought of a great booby trap for a portal. build it at the bottom of a well and fill it with water, gotta hold your brother when jumping in
[19:55.59] <@TheDeryni> I love it.
[19:56.15] <Evie> Hold your brother? LOL! Do you mean hold your breath?
[19:56.30] <Derynifank> Feyd warded the portal in the ruins I think
[19:56.31] <~bynw> breath
[19:56.44] <~bynw> not sure how that typ0 got it
[19:56.50] <Evie> I mean, if your brother is expendable....  :-D
[19:56.53] <@TheDeryni> My fault
[19:57.08] <~bynw> hehehe
[19:57.11] <+judyward> I couldn't jump in a well even if there was a portal at the bottom
[19:57.11] <Derynifank> Yes Judy, movie from 19 60's
[19:57.14] <The_Bee> or you brother is a lifeguard.
[19:57.29] <+judyward> Thanks DFK
[19:57.41] <~bynw> by jumping in i mean teleporting to it
[19:57.56] <@KK> I think Shape of Watre is gone from theatres by now, but as I said, I watched it last night on HBO.  A "monster" movie with severall charming twists.
[19:58.03] <Evie> I think Laurna had an idea of moving very heavy furniture onto a Portal, so if you tried to come through it, there is nowhere to land.
[19:58.27] <Evie> Isn't it based on "The Creature From the Black Lagoon?"
[19:58.32] <~bynw> that might be fun ... that could lead to those ST Transport accidents
[19:58.38] <The_Bee> Or the Regents have blocked it up.
[19:58.42] <+judyward> Would you then bounce back to your original location?
[19:58.52] <Evie> In theory, yes
[19:59.02] <~bynw> judyward, maybe or you might become part of the furniture too and be dead
[19:59.10] <+judyward> Caesar is ringing that bell again.
[19:59.12] <@KK> A similar looking monster, but I don't remember many details from Creature, after so many years.
[19:59.19] <+judyward> True, bynw
[19:59.22] <Evie> In the Harry Potter universe, I think that's called being splinched
[19:59.30] <Derynifank> Getting  late and battery getting low so will say goodnight. Have a good week everyone
[19:59.40] <~bynw> splinched is usually fixable, death isnt
[19:59.41] <+judyward> 'Night DFK
[19:59.43] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: +, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:59.47] <@TheDeryni> G'Night, dfk
[20:00.01] <Evie> Not normally, no
[20:00.02] <MerchantDeryni> The humans did fill in a portal location with rubble so nothing could appear in it, correct? In Camber the Heretic if I recall. ...
[20:00.04] <@KK> I'm out of here, too.  See you next week.
[20:00.05] <@TheDeryni> Ack!.... Again
[20:00.14] <@TheDeryni> Bye, KK
[20:00.15] <Evie> Bye, KK!
[20:00.21] <MerchantDeryni> bye KK !
[20:00.22] <~bynw> night KK
[20:00.24] <The_Bee> bye KK. Thanks for ccoming.
[20:00.29] <+judyward> Night KK!
[20:00.40] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodbye, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[20:00.51] <Evie> My pot roast is starting to smell amazing. Shall I mail you some, Bynw? ;-)
[20:00.54] * TheDeryni waves
[20:00.55] <~bynw> hmmm ideas of what to do with portals ....
[20:01.10] <~bynw> hmmmm pot roast ::drools more::
[20:01.11] <+judyward> It's cool here; I could do a roast.
[20:01.13] <@KK> I saw that....  ;-)
[20:01.18] * KK (~49ab39c5@971820.DC5E26.E57A87.522C17) Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

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