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Re: Adhan: Chapter Two
« on: September 02, 2018, 09:05:23 PM »
Chapter 2

“OK, let's recap what the hell happened yesterday. We sat on our asses all day watching this Dorian guy do yard-work. He gets a text, goes inside for 10 minutes, comes out and takes a nap. We find 200 pounds of bud in a van leaving Locker 6 of the storage yard 15 minutes later. We are his freaking alibi no matter what the text said. I want to figure what the hell happened and how. So what do we have on this guy? Let's look big picture and work in. How did he show up on our radar?” Mark thumb clicked a pen and looked over at his partner.

Jim shuffled some of the papers on his side of the table. “A bouncer at a night club for the glitterati got into a fight after work. The club is a hotspot for some A listers and B listers. There are famous regulars who like to hang out with the little folk and drink. The bouncer was carrying a pound of pot in tailor made cigs, cartons of it in a duffel bag. Good quality stuff in professional packaging. We leaned on him and he gave us a name of a mid-level supplier that we know about. We followed that guy and got a hit on his cell phone. He contacted a guy name Gavin asking for more tailor mades. Gavin is a new name in the game so we look at this guy. A payment sent text a day later and then a followup of interest in more business. We tracked down Gavin by social media pics. He is in the background of the local clubs. He's there with another guy, Dorian.
   Gavin is the cousin of Dorian, the guy we were watching. Gavin and Dorian are environmental consultants who get invited to fancy parties, so something doesn't add up. They have a website that offers businesses ways to reduce food waste, ways to reduce your carbon footprint, all that green eco crap.“ Jim took a sip of his coffee and continued. “ We take a closer look into Gavin and Dorian. They look legit, but a lot of their stuff is encrypted. The cell phones are changed often, burner phones. They each carry two phones. One is family, the burner is business. So they are masking a lot of activity. The text they sent was an operational security mistake sent on the wrong phone as far as we can tell.
   Finance wise the company is a solid, legit income, but they live a little large for their incomes. The comment about twenty grand in twenty minutes would fill in a lot of gaps. Overall they could be mid level importers and independents. We've found nothing on shipping, customs or how they move product. It could be locally grown, they own farmland and raise pigs. Maybe grow-ops in the barns or something. We'd need warrants to find out. We were watching Dorian based on intel from another source that a purchase was happening. We were hoping it was these guys. Turns out it was and we popped the guys with 200 pounds of pot coming out of Locker 6.” Jim took another sip of his coffee and looked over the pages of notes he had spread out on the table.

“This other intel, source?”

“Looking into a motive, possibly a false front to try and torpedo a new rival? It's been known to happen.”  I will check again with the guy running the snitch, see if there could be a reason for tipping us off.”

“So we have farmers who like the nicer things in life and they green up their business and make friends with the famous smokers? Quality bud in quality cigs. I can wrap my head around that. That's pretty standard small town boys in the big city. What I do not get is the ability for pig farmer's to move 200 pounds of pot in front of two of Rhemuth's best narcotic officers. It's downright embarrassing.” Mark was not pleased with himself.

Jim countered. “Well we did get the drugs off the street. And the text grab will offer more probable cause for warrants and surveillance on these guys. They mentioned Grecothan green and 200 pounds, and room 6. So we have cause to tear into these guys.”

“True, except for the fact that Dorian never left his house. We prove that. How did he get 200 pounds into the Locker if he was at home?”  Mark replied.

   They were both silent as they tried to come up with a scenario that explained that.

   “Well that is the part that sucks for us. But we can keep sweating the guys in the van.” Jim suggested.

   “It's a thought, but they lawyer-ed up. I ran the lawyer through the database and guess who he has done business with in the past? Our two pig farmers. The lawyer, Caibus is his name. Represented them on a commercial deal a few years ago. So I wonder who is paying him for representing these sleazy bastards with all their pot.”

Jim hissed a breath in,”Well that does suck all sorts of wang now,doesn't it? Well my gracious and knowledgeable leader, with the higher rank, authority, and pay grade? What would you like this lowly peon to do for you sir?”

“Type up the notes. Make an org board and get all the files on these guys. Let's see what a difference a day makes and see if we can get the Prosecutor to offer a plea to the guys in the van for turning on their supplier. I'll call the Prosecutor's office and see what I can do on that front. Then we go back to ghosting these guys and seeing if something breaks free.”

“Yay, more typing.”  Jim said sourly. He finished his coffee and crumpled the cup in his hand. He lobbed it into the garbage can and started to gather the notes together into organized piles to write up his paperwork.

He'd barely started to type the report when the calls came into the station about the bombing.

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Re: Re: Adhan: Chapter Two
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2018, 09:53:39 PM »
My oh my, we do enjoy blowing up bits of Modern Rhemuth around this forum, don't we?   ;D  (Check out the opening chapter of my story "Balance of Power" if you don't get that joke.)   ;D ;D ;D
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Re: Adhan: Chapter Two
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2018, 07:27:46 AM »
Interesting.  I can't wait to see where the story goes from here.

Incidentally, it may have happened since MerchantDeryni posted their earlier stories, but we've started separating the threads for chapters of fanfic stories, just to make it easier to find any given chapter of a story, which is why I split the thread off onto a thread specific to chapter two.  :D
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Re: Adhan: Chapter Two
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2018, 11:43:45 AM »
I've long had two phones,  and a friend told me "There are only two types of people who have two phones, drug dealers and priests." I told her that the ancient car I drive should give a clue as to which category I fit into.
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