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Has anyone ever wondered what happened to the Gabrilites who made it to the portal in Dhassa before Dom Emrys destroyed the portal at Saint Neot's?  I just finished re-reading Camber the Heretic and it brought that question back to the surface again.  The Codex implies that some went abroad and I wonder where.  If they went abroad, Healing should not have died with them IMO.  Depending on how far some of them ended up from Gwynedd, there should have been some Kingdom, Principality, etc. that would have allowed them to build a new Abbey and school to teach new Healers.  The Forcinn or somewhere south of there or Torenth should have welcomed the remaining Gabrilites with open arms, since both places already had a Deryni population and Torenth had Deryni rulers that would not have had the issues that the Regents had with anything Deryni.  I also wonder how many scrolls, codices etc. were lost during the two days that Saint Neot's burned after Rhun sacked the place.

I suspect many, if not most, went to the Healer school in Tralia that the Codex mentions being destroyed a few generations later. (Can't remember how anymore. Fire? Plague? That would be ironic! I just remember I sent my Healer character from "The Least of These" there because it would have been a known refuge for Healers during the time of the Regents.)

According to the Codex, there were other healer schools. They had been sacked by the Norsemen. In 1023 the King of Torenth gathered the remaining healers, most in their middle years or far older in an attempt to reestablish a school. But war broke out and they were sent to aid the soldiers. Most died at Killingford.

Other attempts have been made to import enough healers from Byzanthyum and Asshyr  but due to the language, cultural differences and long journey to Torenth most didn't leave their homelands.

Given it specifies that healers aren't particularly effective against disease, it is likely that a large number die from plague each generation, while doing what they can for other victims.

Very likely!
Just like medical staff today are susceptible to disease. I can not tell you how many times I have caught the flue or worse from a patient in my 25 years of Hospital work. No matter how hard you try to stay clean and de-germ, it happens.
I think that Healers have a better chance of surviving, in that they can cure the symptoms and hopefully live through the disease, but if it was a deadly strain? Yes, it would and could wipe out many Healers.

I do believe that Healers can cure the symptoms, they can control antibodies, histamines and cell damage, They just can not remove the bacteria or virus from the cells directly. However, if the Healer understands the process, they should be able to stimulate the patient's own immune system to help fight the disease and reduce its effects.


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