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Michealites - real world inspiration for the Michealines?


Making the mistake of following interesting links, a intended 'quick' websearch on the Avignon Papacy eventually lead me to read about a group known as the Michealites - a branch of the Fraticelli, who in turn were a particularly strict followers of the Rule of St Francis of Assisi. They took their name from Micheal of Cesna, Minister General of the Franciscan Order from 13161328.

The group was apparently declared heretical for insisting that Jesus and the Apostles didn't own property, and eventually 36 of their establishments were burned.

There were multiple things in the tale that resemble what happens in the Legends of Camber, but it's easy to make things 'fit' if you want to, so rather than speculate: does anyone know whether Katherine used them as an inspiration for the Michealites?

That's a good question.  KK knows rather a lot about medieval European history, so it's a fair bet she knows of the Michaelites.

The Deryni Michaelines I believe are named for the Archangel Michael, guardian of the South quarter and associated with the element of Fire, but that doesn't mean that she didn't pull some inspiration for some of the things which involved or happened to her Order of St. Michael from the sub-sub-Franciscans.  :D

I'll try to remember to ask if she makes it to chat this evening, or if you get a chance, you could pop in and ask too!  :)

Edited to correct a typo.  Dratted rented fingers!  :P

Shiral: sounds a little like the light beer version of the Michaelines.

Dang, sometimes I sound like Jemler!


And now I spot my inability to spell 'Michael'. Embarrassing, given the simplicity/meaning of the 'el' ending. I blame the tiredness on reading too many interesting links!

How about the Deryni/Michaelines/Gabrilites being comparable to the Cathars of France?  Their was a war of extermination put out by the Pope (Innocent the III) and carried out (some) by Simon DeMontfort?  Its a horrible yet fascinating period of history.


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