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KK Chat -- 11 February 2018
« on: February 11, 2018, 07:02:57 PM »
Feb 11 19:07:43 *   KK has joined
Feb 11 19:07:47 <DesertRose>   Hi KK!
Feb 11 19:07:47 <Evie>   Hi KK!
Feb 11 19:07:52 <bynw>   hi KK
Feb 11 19:07:55 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello KK
Feb 11 19:07:59 <Shiral>   Hi Katherine
Feb 11 19:08:00 <KK>   Hi, guys.
Feb 11 19:08:07 <JudyWard>   HI, KK
Feb 11 19:08:09 <Jerusha>   Hi KK
Feb 11 19:08:28 <the_Bee>   hi kk
Feb 11 19:08:29 <KK>   How's everyone?
Feb 11 19:08:30 <DesertRose>   I've been picking them up in Kindle format as they go on sale.  :)
Feb 11 19:08:34 <dennis6232>   If there are no plans to covert the last two books, I could do it myself, just to have them when I need them. That wouldn't help all the other people who might also be ebook fanatics, like me.
Feb 11 19:08:50 <Derynifank>   Hi kk
Feb 11 19:08:58 <DesertRose>   Well, KK, are there any plans in the works to format the last two Adept books for e-book publication?
Feb 11 19:08:59 <Jerusha>   It's snowing again
Feb 11 19:09:08 <Evie>   I think there are plans, but they just haven't come out. Though the one who could probably answer that is here now
Feb 11 19:09:31 <DesertRose>   BTW, dennis6232 is new to the forum/chat.
Feb 11 19:09:41 <DesertRose>   And he was curious about the last two Adept books.
Feb 11 19:09:51 <Shiral>   Hi Dennis. *Waves
Feb 11 19:10:10 <KK>   I'd think those are in the pipeline.   Didn't realize those weren't available yet.
Feb 11 19:10:29 <dennis6232>   Hello to all. I will slowly learn to contribute. Now I just have this one question.
Feb 11 19:10:34 <Evie>   Yes, we finally managed to get him registered, although it took just about everything short of hopping around the room widdershins on one foot like a flamingo while cackling like a hen.
Feb 11 19:10:39 <DesertRose>   Lammas Night is available through Open Road, but Dagger Magic and Death of an Adept don't seem to be anywhere in e-book format.
Feb 11 19:10:51 <DesertRose>   Wow, Evie, what HAVE you been drinking today?  :P
Feb 11 19:11:01 <Evie>   I'm like this sober. Isn't that scary?  :-D
Feb 11 19:11:05 <DesertRose>   LOL
Feb 11 19:11:12 <Jerusha>   Wow
Feb 11 19:11:21 <Shiral>   Sounds like the kind of Deryni ritual one would have if Derry were leading it while seriously in his cups
Feb 11 19:11:25 <DesertRose>   LOL
Feb 11 19:11:26 <Evie>   LOL!
Feb 11 19:11:39 <Jerusha>   And singing a sea chanty
Feb 11 19:11:41 <DesertRose>   LOL
Feb 11 19:11:41 <JudyWard>   I can see that.
Feb 11 19:12:02 <Shiral>   Not much serious work would get done, but the participants would sure laugh a lot
Feb 11 19:12:07 <Evie>   It could just be my adrenaline is up after having just charged Aliset towards a group of unseen foes armed with merasha-tipped crossbow bolts. Maybe I *am* drunk, after all!
Feb 11 19:12:26 <Jerusha>   Just remember to duck
Feb 11 19:12:47 <Evie>   Dennis, I should warn you, our chats here are not entirely sane, much less on topic.
Feb 11 19:12:48 <JudyWard>   Don't you get her killed!!
Feb 11 19:12:55 <Shiral>   What have you got against Aliset, Evie? Or is this a "chase your characters up a tree and throw rocks at them" kind of move?
Feb 11 19:13:15 <Jerusha>   I have at least been able to turn a direct shot to the back to a side wound.  I hope that is better.
Feb 11 19:13:27 <DesertRose>   "What's the worst thing that could happen to [Character]?  Write THAT."
Feb 11 19:13:30 <Shiral>   Well.....not ALWAYS on topic, but we usually manage to stray back on track before long
Feb 11 19:13:42 <Jerusha>   I think we just did
Feb 11 19:13:44 <Evie>   No, this is "My companions are under attack and that's the first thing that came to mind and I'm impulsive."  LOL
Feb 11 19:13:45 <DesertRose>   Sometimes.  Don't mislead the poor new person.
Feb 11 19:13:52 <DesertRose>   "D
Feb 11 19:13:54 <DesertRose>   :D
Feb 11 19:14:04 <BalanceTheEnergies>   At the risk of sounding cold-blooded, no problem, no story.
Feb 11 19:14:06 <DesertRose>   And today it's my turn for the cut-rate finger rental.
Feb 11 19:14:06 *   jemler ( has joined
Feb 11 19:14:09 <DesertRose>   Hi jemler
Feb 11 19:14:12 <Evie>   We usually stray back on track just in time to get hit by the oncoming train.  :-D
Feb 11 19:14:14 <Shiral>   Hi Jemler
Feb 11 19:14:14 <jemler>   hi folks
Feb 11 19:14:21 <JudyWard>   Hi, Jemler
Feb 11 19:14:24 <Jerusha>   Hi Jemler
Feb 11 19:14:28 <jemler>   twice in 2 weeks. i must be slacking.
Feb 11 19:14:30 <Evie>   Hi Jemler
Feb 11 19:14:31 *   Eyikl ( has joined
Feb 11 19:14:34 <DesertRose>   Hi Eyikl
Feb 11 19:14:40 <Jerusha>   Hi Eyiki
Feb 11 19:14:42 <Evie>   Hi Eyikl
Feb 11 19:14:49 <JudyWard>   Hi, Eyikl
Feb 11 19:14:49 <Eyikl>   Hi everybody
Feb 11 19:14:50 <Shiral>   DR, I read that as "The cute-rate finger rental" for a second
Feb 11 19:14:54 <DesertRose>   LOL
Feb 11 19:15:01 <Shiral>   Gosh, her fingers are so cute
Feb 11 19:15:03 <DesertRose>   That'd be if Carys was the front-desk person at the rental agency.
Feb 11 19:15:16 <Jerusha>   Style points count
Feb 11 19:15:16 <Evie>   Is there a different rate for cute fingers, or is the rate itself cute?
Feb 11 19:15:20 <Eyikl>   I bet the cute fingers are the most expensive
Feb 11 19:15:36 <DesertRose>   My fingers are not cute.  No part of me has been cute in probably thirty years.
Feb 11 19:15:37 <DesertRose>   :D
Feb 11 19:15:41 <Shiral>   Or maybe you have to wear expensive rings, or something
Feb 11 19:16:08 <DesertRose>   When you are 5'7" at age twelve, "cute" starts to become a look you can't manage.
Feb 11 19:16:28 <dennis6232>   Good rings always improve fingers. I do gem faceting as a hobby, so I know.
Feb 11 19:16:36 <Evie>   I got my 50 Mini-Deryni daggers in the mail, aka plastic sword-shaped cocktail toothpicks to modify and paint.
Feb 11 19:16:53 <Jerusha>   Nice arsenal, Evie
Feb 11 19:17:05 <JudyWard>   Lot of painting.
Feb 11 19:17:07 <BalanceTheEnergies>   En garde!
Feb 11 19:17:10 <Shiral>   Nobody get the littles mad at you--or your ankles will suffer for it
Feb 11 19:17:24 <DesertRose>   Somebody else who comes to chat does something with jewelry.  Is it DomMelchior?
Feb 11 19:17:33 <Jerusha>   Ankle stabber versus ankle biter
Feb 11 19:17:52 <Evie>   Oh, cool!  I have a gemstone my grandfather-in-law cut and set in a ring for me shortly after I married his grandson.  He did gemstone cutting and setting as a hobby.
Feb 11 19:18:09 <DesertRose>   There's a running joke in another fandom about someone attaching daggers to a Roomba on a spacecraft; the Roomba is Lt. Stabby.
Feb 11 19:18:14 <Shiral>   I have a toe attacker in Tatiana. That's why I call her the Ginger Ninja
Feb 11 19:18:31 <DesertRose>   Carys isn't an attack cat, more like a cat burglar.  :D
Feb 11 19:18:43 <DesertRose>   She likes to steal glasses and any sort of hair grooming items.
Feb 11 19:19:07 <Evie>   Gigi used to be a toe attacker when she was younger, but we had to break her of the habit because the toes she was attacking were under blankets, and she didn't know they were attached to us, so she was nipping them too hard.
Feb 11 19:19:12 <Shiral>   Dmitri just knocks things off my bedside table when he's hungry
Feb 11 19:19:12 <Jerusha>   I read that as wine glasses
Feb 11 19:19:13 <DesertRose>   Ow
Feb 11 19:19:24 <DesertRose>   No, vision-correction glasses.
Feb 11 19:19:33 <Evie>   She hasn't done it in years. I'd nearly forgotten about that habit
Feb 11 19:19:43 <DesertRose>   If she stole my wine glasses, I might have to get upset, because the only two I have are fairly high quality (caught a good sale).
Feb 11 19:20:20 <Evie>   Luke is here to purr at you all and recline on my shoulder
Feb 11 19:20:25 <DesertRose>   Hi Luke
Feb 11 19:20:30 <Jerusha>   Hi Like
Feb 11 19:20:30 <Eyikl>   hi Luke
Feb 11 19:20:37 <DesertRose>   Carys was, last I knew, snoozing on my bed.
Feb 11 19:20:37 <JudyWard>   Hi, Luke
Feb 11 19:20:41 <Shiral>   Both Dmitri and Tati send their mews back to Luke
Feb 11 19:21:26 <Jerusha>   Any writing news, KK?
Feb 11 19:21:27 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Wimsey has taken an infantile position in the crook of my right arm.
Feb 11 19:21:34 <Evie>   I found  some gorgeous purple velvet in the remnants bin this weekend, so Duncan might get a cloak
Feb 11 19:21:40 <DesertRose>   Ooh!
Feb 11 19:21:42 <Evie>   Are copes ever made of velvet?
Feb 11 19:21:44 <Jerusha>   Oh, nice
Feb 11 19:22:00 <Evie>   It's a deep dark purple, nearly black
Feb 11 19:22:02 <KK>   No writing news.  And Gus is sitting on my lap.
Feb 11 19:22:03 <DesertRose>   I would guess for special occasions in climates cold enough to merit heavy dressy fabric.
Feb 11 19:22:04 <Shiral>   Maybe not copes, but it could be a col weather cloak
Feb 11 19:22:04 <jemler>   gpoes perfectly with his new dagger.
Feb 11 19:22:07 <DesertRose>   Hi Gus.
Feb 11 19:22:22 <Jerusha>   Hi Gus
Feb 11 19:22:22 <Shiral>   Although not very practical in a rainy climate like Gwynedd's
Feb 11 19:22:25 <Evie>   Yes, he does wear court garb from time to time
Feb 11 19:22:37 <DesertRose>   True.  Wet velvet--no bueno.
Feb 11 19:22:43 <Jerusha>   Damp velvet is just....damp
Feb 11 19:22:47 <Evie>   I make mini-Deryni action figures, Dennis, in case you're wondering what I'm talking about
Feb 11 19:23:13 <Evie>   I promise I'm not entirely delusional when i talk about making clothing for KK's characters. ;-)
Feb 11 19:23:19 <DesertRose>   I have some lovely gray velvet that is eventually going to be a skirt for my SCA garb.
Feb 11 19:23:36 <Shiral>   Which is why she sometimes sounds a bit Frankensteinish when she gets on the topic of exchanging heads. =o)
Feb 11 19:23:41 <Jerusha>   Sounds nice, DR
Feb 11 19:23:44 <Derynifank>   Do you have an Alaric Evie? Does he ever get new clithes, Seemso that Akaric gets the short end of the stick starting with Bynw
Feb 11 19:23:48 <DesertRose>   So, if I ever get around to making that skirt, I might be able to send you scraps of the gray velvet, Evie.  It's a lovely dove-gray color.
Feb 11 19:24:25 <dennis6232>   Are the mini-action figures large enough to make costumes?
Feb 11 19:24:29 <Evie>   I do have an ALaric.  I haven't made him more than one outfit, in part because on his old body, his boots were so tight as to be nearly impossible to remove, so dressing and undressing him was too much of a bother
Feb 11 19:24:33 <Jerusha>   Only when the heads are on a stick :D
Feb 11 19:24:33 <DesertRose>   Barbie doll sized, dennis6232
Feb 11 19:24:58 <Evie>   He's on a new body, plus I've figured out how to make boots that might be easier to remove as needed, so there is more chance he'll get some more outfits soon
Feb 11 19:25:16 <DesertRose>   Richenda will thank you, as (I assume) will His Grace.  :D
Feb 11 19:25:26 <DesertRose>   Also probably the Corwyn laundresses.  :)
Feb 11 19:25:38 <Jerusha>   His Grace might not, but Richenda likely will
Feb 11 19:25:40 <Evie>   Also, I wanted to make everyone at least on outfit rather than making several for one figure and none for some of the others, but they're now mostly clothed
Feb 11 19:25:45 <DesertRose>   "Drat that Evie. His Grace has only one set of clothing, so we have to wash for him every night!"
Feb 11 19:26:24 <Shiral>   Doesn't it seem strange that a Duke doesn't have a change of clothes?
Feb 11 19:26:28 <KK>   Yep, wouldn't want lots of naked Deryni running around.
Feb 11 19:26:30 <Evie>   They're Barbie/Ken/GI Joe/Military action figure sized, 1:6 scale.  So my male figures are 12" tall, and they're all articulated, so easy to dress.
Feb 11 19:26:33 <jemler>   you know evie, i saw an ad for shoes that sort of wrap around your feet and held on by velcro. would something like that work?
Feb 11 19:26:45 <Jerusha>   Oh wait, maybe if it's naked A
Feb 11 19:26:50 <Jerusha>   laric
Feb 11 19:26:59 <Jerusha>   Dratted rented fingers
Feb 11 19:27:07 <DesertRose>   You'd have to fight Richenda, Jerusha, and that's not a fight *I* fancy!
Feb 11 19:27:08 <Evie>   Maybe, Jemler, but depends on how medieval it looks.
Feb 11 19:27:41 <Jerusha>   Well, I might think about it (but not for long)
Feb 11 19:27:45 <Evie>   In my case, it would be a lot of naked Deryni hanging around in pouches on my closet door.  :-D
Feb 11 19:28:07 <Jerusha>   Quoth the raven....
Feb 11 19:28:07 <Shiral>   Naked Deryni....I don't think they were into nudist colonies. And one would get so cold in winter!
Feb 11 19:28:19 <Evie>   Since I store them in one of those shoe holders meant to hang over a closet door
Feb 11 19:28:32 <DesertRose>   I saw a thing here recently about foot-wrappings (in full-human-size scale) for wearing at SCA events in rainy and/or cold weather, but I imagine that would be a little fiddly for 1:6 scale.
Feb 11 19:28:36 <JudyWard>   I was about to ask if it was one of those.
Feb 11 19:28:41 <KK>   Her Deryni characters often go gadding about in modern clothing, too, so they need multiple outfits.
Feb 11 19:28:42 <Evie>   I just read about a naked Deryni.  Kelson, in QFSC, when he had to go through the ordeal
Feb 11 19:29:07 <JudyWard>   Evidently they've figured out time travel.
Feb 11 19:29:27 <Shiral>   Well true. And we assume they take baths while unclothed. They just don't show up in action all that much
Feb 11 19:29:31 <Evie>   But I can't very well send them ALL to St. Kyriell to undergo ordeals!
Feb 11 19:29:40 <jemler>   Time Transfer Portals?
Feb 11 19:30:01 <DesertRose>   Also interdimensional Portal jumps, since Duncan and a few others took a trip to the Gulf Coast a while back!
Feb 11 19:30:28 <Evie>   I'm still working on trying to finish my dollhouse kitchen, but after that I hope to start some flat-pack roomboxes, including the one for Duncan's study
Feb 11 19:31:04 <Evie>   Well, that was more like a 4 hour ride by car than a Portal jump. I *wish* I knew of Portals between here and the beach!
Feb 11 19:31:37 <DesertRose>   Well, yes, for YOU it was a four-hour car drive, but for the mini-Deryni, Destin is a ways from Gwynedd.  :)
Feb 11 19:31:48 <Evie>   True
Feb 11 19:32:01 <DesertRose>   How the heck is Destin closer to Alabama than to me?
Feb 11 19:32:08 <DesertRose>   I'm in the same dratted STATE!
Feb 11 19:32:09 <Jerusha>   But there could be a Portal
Feb 11 19:32:21 <Evie>   It's a weirdly shaped state, though
Feb 11 19:32:24 <JudyWard>   You're in the wrong part of the state.
Feb 11 19:32:38 <DesertRose>   Almost five hours from here.
Feb 11 19:32:49 <DesertRose>   And yes, Florida is epically weird, and not just in shape!
Feb 11 19:32:56 <Eyikl>   It's a big state.
Feb 11 19:33:06 <DesertRose>   Every time something strange shows up on the news, I'm like, "Oh good grief.  I bet it's Florida."
Feb 11 19:33:07 <Jerusha>   :D
Feb 11 19:33:09 <BalanceTheEnergies>   The size of the state also matters.
Feb 11 19:33:10 <Evie>   And I'm in north-central AL, so the Alabama line is a LOT closer to Destin than that
Feb 11 19:33:17 <DesertRose>   True
Feb 11 19:34:05 <DesertRose>   Like that freaking alligator sauntering across the golf course a year or so ago.
Feb 11 19:34:12 <JudyWard>   It's about a 5 hr drive to the coast from Austin.
Feb 11 19:34:39 <JudyWard>   Y'all have too many alligators.
Feb 11 19:35:02 <jemler>   what's a "y'all" :)
Feb 11 19:35:22 <Evie>   It's the grammatically proper form of "youse guys"
Feb 11 19:35:24 <JudyWard>   It's a peculiar to Southerners thing.
Feb 11 19:35:33 <JudyWard>   YES, Evie!!!!
Feb 11 19:36:00 <DesertRose>   Unless you ask a sailor.  Then a yawl is a boat.
Feb 11 19:36:00 <Eyikl>   A few weeks ago I remember hearing a story about people having to thaw out some alligators to make sure they didn't die.
Feb 11 19:36:01 <dennis6232>   OK, I have been told the Olympic recording is being held up for my company. So, I now assume that I can wait for about three months to hear if Books 4&5 are really coming in ebook format. After that I start to scan in the books to Word to edit into a ePUB format to load into my reader. Make sense?
Feb 11 19:36:32 <jemler>   i know. my cousins lived in texas before they moved to ohio. we used to ask them that all the time. about that and "soda water". :)
Feb 11 19:36:53 <DesertRose>   Where jemler is, the term might be yinz.
Feb 11 19:37:02 <JudyWard>   Here a "coke" is any type of soft drink.
Feb 11 19:37:24 <jemler>   no. we say "you".
Feb 11 19:37:28 <DesertRose>   As opposed to "yous guys."
Feb 11 19:37:35 <the_Bee>   Someone once named their sailboat "Howdy Yawl."
Feb 11 19:37:35 <the_Bee>   which must be very frustrating to Pepsi.
Feb 11 19:37:41 <Evie>   Yes, here we wouldn't say "soda water" unless maybe someone means club soda, but even then it's not a term I've heard here
Feb 11 19:37:44 <JudyWard>   Boring!!
Feb 11 19:37:48 <Eyikl>   lol Bee
Feb 11 19:37:56 <jemler>   we just say "pop"
Feb 11 19:38:02 <dennis6232>   Good evening
Feb 11 19:38:06 *   dennis6232 ( has left
Feb 11 19:38:16 <jemler>   that was quick.
Feb 11 19:38:17 <Evie>   You might here soda here, but not soda water, and not pop
Feb 11 19:38:30 <Evie>   *hear, not here
Feb 11 19:38:34 <JudyWard>   We also say "soft drinks.
Feb 11 19:38:35 <DesertRose>   Nope, not pop unless the person talking is a transplant from the upper Midwest.
Feb 11 19:38:52 <DesertRose>   My sister-in-law is a Michigan native, so sometimes she calls it "pop."
Feb 11 19:38:58 <Evie>   Yes, I say soft drinks also
Feb 11 19:38:59 <Eyikl>   It's all soda here.
Feb 11 19:39:02 <JudyWard>   You want a soft drink, honey?
Feb 11 19:39:10 <the_Bee>   We used to call  soda "tonic."  not sure if that's just Boston or all New England.
Feb 11 19:39:13 <DesertRose>   LOL, JudyWard.
Feb 11 19:39:26 <JudyWard>   <G>
Feb 11 19:39:33 <jemler>   is a hard drink ice?
Feb 11 19:39:39 <Eyikl>   Yes
Feb 11 19:39:45 <DesertRose>   Quite a while ago, Jacksonville hosted the Super Bowl (must have been a decade or more), and someone wrote a list of weird stuff in the paper angled towards the visitors.
Feb 11 19:39:54 <DesertRose>   No, a hard drink is beer, wine, mead, or liquor.  :P
Feb 11 19:39:57 <KK>   But tonic "water" is different from club soda.
Feb 11 19:40:01 <Evie>   "You want a coke?"  "Sure!" "What kind of coke do you want?"  "Do you have Sprite?" 
Feb 11 19:40:12 <DesertRose>   And one of the entries in the list was "Yes, your waitress just called you 'honey.' "
Feb 11 19:40:14 <JudyWard>   LOL!
Feb 11 19:40:32 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Or "orange" Coke.
Feb 11 19:40:38 <Evie>   Or "Sweetie"
Feb 11 19:40:39 <Jerusha>   Tonic water used to have quinine, I think
Feb 11 19:40:40 <BalanceTheEnergies>   :)
Feb 11 19:41:03 <DesertRose>   Actually, there IS orange Coke.  As in, Coca-Cola with orange flavoring.  Not *my* speed.
Feb 11 19:41:10 <JudyWard>   Big Red.
Feb 11 19:41:34 <DesertRose>   Or "darlin' " (with regards to waitstaff and endearments)
Feb 11 19:41:38 <Jerusha>   I'll stick with Fianna
Feb 11 19:41:38 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Oh, I saw Vanilla Coke in the store yesterday.
Feb 11 19:41:44 <jemler>   being on dialysis, dark colas are noy encouraged.
Feb 11 19:41:52 <Eyikl>   Some of the staff at my college used to call me sweetie or similar terms.
Feb 11 19:42:03 <DesertRose>   I haven't seen the orange Coke anywhere but in the Coca-Cola Freestyle self-serve soda machines.
Feb 11 19:42:25 <JudyWard>   For a while "Mama" was going around here. "You OK, Mama?"
Feb 11 19:42:50 <Evie>   Yes, I tried an orange vanilla Coke from one of those once.  It was OK, but I think would have been better in a Sprite. Would have been sort of like a Dreamsicle in soft drink form.
Feb 11 19:42:58 <jemler>   when it should be "You ok. ma'am?"
Feb 11 19:43:14 <JudyWard>   Or just my name.
Feb 11 19:43:19 <Evie>   We have "you ok, ma'am?" also
Feb 11 19:43:25 <jemler>   yes ma'am. :)
Feb 11 19:43:40 <DesertRose>   Or "miss," if you're young enough.  Sadly I have passed into the realm of "ma'am."
Feb 11 19:44:09 <JudyWard>   Haven't been a miss for a long time.
Feb 11 19:44:13 <Jerusha>   "Yes miss" has a nice ring to it these days
Feb 11 19:44:32 <Evie>   Children here are almost universally raised to call grown-ups Sir and Ma'am, which can get them into trouble when they venture out of the South as an adult and accidentally offend someone by calling them Sir or Ma'am, meaning it respectfully but having it heard condescendingly
Feb 11 19:44:35 <DesertRose>   What gets me is when people call me "Mrs. [Surname]," I'm guessing because they assume a woman my age must be married.
Feb 11 19:44:44 <JudyWard>   I'll get it on the phone, so evidently I sound younger than I am.
Feb 11 19:44:52 <Shiral>   I think the first time anyone called me Ma'am I was 19. I really couldn't believe it
Feb 11 19:44:57 <jemler>   the next time you buy wine, show your ID. :)
Feb 11 19:44:58 <JudyWard>   We do Miz over here.
Feb 11 19:45:04 <DesertRose>   But while I once was married, I am not now, and my surname is my maiden name, so I never was Mrs. [My Surname].
Feb 11 19:45:06 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Mostly I get "ma'am", occasionally "sir". :D
Feb 11 19:45:23 <DesertRose>   I get "Sir" if I don't remember to make an effort to raise my pitch over the phone.
Feb 11 19:45:42 <Shiral>   When I first went to France at age 16, I was La jeune fille or Mademoiselle. When I went in 2011, I was "Madame"
Feb 11 19:45:43 <JudyWard>   Me, too when my voice is hoarse.
Feb 11 19:45:58 <DesertRose>   I have a low-pitched speaking voice anyway.
Feb 11 19:46:11 <jemler>   can you post video on
Feb 11 19:46:18 <DesertRose>   I used to get jokes from my coworkers when I did call-center work about "seducing the customers."
Feb 11 19:46:18 *   Dennis ( has joined
Feb 11 19:46:24 <jemler>   hi dennis
Feb 11 19:46:24 <DesertRose>   I don't think so, jemler.
Feb 11 19:46:25 <DesertRose>   Hi Dennis
Feb 11 19:46:28 <Dennis>   Hi!
Feb 11 19:46:28 <Evie>   rehi dennis
Feb 11 19:46:30 <Shiral>   Hi Dennis
Feb 11 19:46:36 <Jerusha>   Hi Dennis
Feb 11 19:46:38 <DesertRose>   Different Dennis, I think, Evie.
Feb 11 19:46:40 <Dennis>   Hi, all!
Feb 11 19:46:43 <Evie>   Or this our other Dennis?
Feb 11 19:46:45 <JudyWard>   Hi
Feb 11 19:46:59 <Shiral>   This is our other Dennis, not to be confused with Denis Arilan
Feb 11 19:47:02 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Well, I don't feel I'm either fish or fowl, so I don't mind what I'm called.
Feb 11 19:47:06 <Eyikl>   Hi Dennis
Feb 11 19:47:17 <JudyWard>   I think one of the dogs wants out. BRB
Feb 11 19:47:22 <Evie>   We have a newcomer Dennis as well as our original Dennis, and of course Denis
Feb 11 19:47:30 <Jerusha>   Would that be fowl play?
Feb 11 19:47:55 <the_Bee>   Hi Dennis
Feb 11 19:48:02 <Dennis>   It would be Menacing, I think.
Feb 11 19:48:06 *   DesertRose loads the launcher with a tuna and launches it at Jerusha.
Feb 11 19:48:21 <Eyikl>   Maybe it's fishy instead.
Feb 11 19:48:25 <Jerusha>   \me makes a sandwich
Feb 11 19:48:26 <Dennis>   Sorry i haven't been around in awhile.
Feb 11 19:48:40 <Evie>   well, welcome back
Feb 11 19:48:43 <Jerusha>   Wrong slash
Feb 11 19:48:47 <DesertRose>   That'd be a BIG sandwich.  A whole tuna is a LOT.
Feb 11 19:49:05 <Dennis>   Thank you, Evie!
Feb 11 19:49:25 <Shiral>   I would think that would be a hard sandwich to eat
Feb 11 19:49:36 <DesertRose>   Maybe best to make sashimi.
Feb 11 19:49:55 <Jerusha>   Large sandwich cut into small slices
Feb 11 19:50:10 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Oops. Time to add the spinach to my soup. BRB
Feb 11 19:50:22 <Dennis>   Wasn't that a Flaming Lips album? Sashimi vs. the Pink Fish Dish?
Feb 11 19:50:43 <jemler>   save the sushi.
Feb 11 19:50:43 <DesertRose>   I don't know, but as weird as the music industry can get, I'm not sure how surprised I'd be!
Feb 11 19:51:24 <Dennis>   Hi, KK! Question. How much do you know about the pre-Gwynnedd Haldanes? More than what's in the Codex?
Feb 11 19:51:37 <jemler>   i uised to eat tuna on crackers.
Feb 11 19:51:38 <DesertRose>   A local friend of mine, who is among other jobs a high-school music teacher, posted a rant to Facebook this morning about music theory that made all his friends laugh.
Feb 11 19:52:07 <jemler>   who was it, dr?
Feb 11 19:52:11 <DesertRose>   I asked him once how he managed to deal with high school students all day, and he said, "I can't hit the kids, but I can hit the bottle."
Feb 11 19:52:36 <DesertRose>   No one you'd know, jemler.  Friend of mine who is semi-well-known locally.
Feb 11 19:52:47 <Dennis>   One of my sisters-in-law teaches music.
Feb 11 19:52:47 <jemler>   sounds like ernest pletcher.
Feb 11 19:52:58 <Dennis>   Among other things.
Feb 11 19:53:14 <KK>   Very little, Dennis.
Feb 11 19:53:47 <DesertRose>   People sometimes ask me if I teach or ever intended to, since my degree is in English; I have nothing remotely approaching the level of patience required to deal with five or six or seven classrooms full of adolescents five days a week all school year!
Feb 11 19:53:51 <jemler>   he was my junior high science teacher. between classes he'd slip into the janitor's closet, where he kept his scotch bottle.
Feb 11 19:54:13 *   BalanceTheEnergies has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Feb 11 19:54:15 <Evie>   KK, have you given any thought to whether or not you'll get around to tying up any of the loose ends from QFSC?
Feb 11 19:54:19 <Jerusha>   Oh dear
Feb 11 19:54:19 <DesertRose>   Oh, no, he didn't mean while AT WORK.  My friend meant more like, having a beer after work or on the weekends.
Feb 11 19:54:59 <jemler>   we used to call him batman, cuz he was nuts!
Feb 11 19:55:17 <Dennis>   Thank you for the answer, KK.
Feb 11 19:55:29 <KK>   No, Evie.  Not to say that it won't happen, but I have a war to cover first.
Feb 11 19:55:36 <Evie>   Yeah
Feb 11 19:55:40 <Dennis>   Missy wants to know how everyone's catfaces are.
Feb 11 19:55:49 <DesertRose>   Carys-face is napping, or she was last I looked.
Feb 11 19:55:50 <JudyWard>   back. I had forgotten to feed the dogs at 5, too.
Feb 11 19:55:50 <Shiral>   Well.....we'd love to READ about that war 
Feb 11 19:55:52 <Evie>   But do you know what happens next in your head?  :-D
Feb 11 19:56:00 *   Shiral says, innocently batting eyelashes
Feb 11 19:56:10 <KK>   More or less.
Feb 11 19:56:11 <Jerusha>   Yes, we all want to know
Feb 11 19:56:20 <Evie>   Or did you just leave tantalizing hints so you'd have something to pick back up if you ever felt like it?
Feb 11 19:56:30 <KK>   That, too.
Feb 11 19:56:41 <DesertRose>   Not mutually exclusive concepts, there, Evie.  :P
Feb 11 19:56:48 <Evie>   True
Feb 11 19:56:54 <Jerusha>   Let's hopw not
Feb 11 19:57:05 <Jerusha>   Hope, I meant
Feb 11 19:57:28 <Jerusha>   These are not Olympic fingers!
Feb 11 19:57:33 <Dennis>   I still want to know who the Primate is after Bradene, but I'm happy to hear about 1025 and 948 first.
Feb 11 19:57:39 <Shiral>   Might Gwynedd have had a Roman period like Britain did?
Feb 11 19:57:42 <Evie>   Although I have occasionally gone back and developed whole stories around lines that were never originally meant to generate a spin-off story, but they offered too tantalizing a lead to just leave alone
Feb 11 19:57:52 <DesertRose>   I have my Early Music Consort of London station on Pandora playing, and the song that's playing right now sounds like a court dance from Tudor/Elizabethan times.
Feb 11 19:58:30 <Evie>   I think in the Codex there's a mention of one of the roads that leads to one of Rhemuth's gates being an old Ruman road
Feb 11 19:58:34 <Shiral>   My latest project is a Tudor castle...
Feb 11 19:58:44 <DesertRose>   I thought KK said (or implied at least) in Deryni magic that there was a Ruman incursion into Gwynedd but that they for whatever reason didn't stay put as long as the real-world Romans did in real-world Great Britain.
Feb 11 19:58:55 <Jerusha>   Oh, that sounds awesome, Shiral
Feb 11 19:58:57 <DesertRose>   *Deryni Magic.
Feb 11 19:59:10 <jemler>   followed by a Tudor car?
Feb 11 19:59:12 <DesertRose>   Let me see if I can capitalize correctly.  Cut-rate rented fingers indeed.
Feb 11 19:59:13 <Shiral>   Wonder if there were Ruman Deryni
Feb 11 19:59:22 <JudyWard>   Bad, Jemler!!
Feb 11 19:59:50 <Shiral>   It's hard to get royalty out of a Tudor car
Feb 11 19:59:54 <KK>   Ack, gotta run.  I miscalculated last week on when the new episode of Victoria started, and so missed the Irish famine.  It repeats now.
Feb 11 20:00:05 <Evie>   "Here is my Tudor castle. This here's the front door and this here's the back door...."
Feb 11 20:00:06 <KK>   So see you next week, all.
Feb 11 20:00:09 <JudyWard>   Bye, KK
Feb 11 20:00:11 <Shiral>   Bye, KK
Feb 11 20:00:12 <bynw>   have a good night KK
Feb 11 20:00:12 <Dennis>   Have a good night. I hope to see you in a couple of weeks, KK!
Feb 11 20:00:20 <DesertRose>   Okay, see you next week, KK!  Thanks for coming to see us!  Have a good week.
Feb 11 20:00:22 <Jerusha>   Missing the Irish famine is not a bad thing...
Feb 11 20:00:22 <Evie>   Bye!
Feb 11 20:00:27 <Jerusha>   Night KK
Feb 11 20:00:27 <the_Bee>   bye KK. Thanks for coming and see you next week, I hope
Feb 11 20:00:28 *   KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
Feb 11 20:00:31 <Shiral>   Mustn't miss the Irish famine!
Feb 11 20:00:32 <Evie>   Especially if you're Irish
Feb 11 20:00:36 <KK>   Ta-ta.
Feb 11 20:00:39 <Eyikl>   goodnight KK
Feb 11 20:00:41 *   KK has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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