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Out of Character (OOC) Thread

Started by Bynw, September 01, 2017, 02:22:57 PM

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Thanks to everyone whose comments have kept us going and especially to my fellow writers.for their inspiration and help with the rules of punctuation which still elude me. Lots of hares waiting  to be set going and to run free for they are St Melangell's hares , but in the meantime there are other stories to be told and other writers to jump into the fun of story telling.
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
(Psalm 46 v1)


Quote from: Bynw on July 17, 2021, 02:45:34 PM
Given KK's rules for fan fiction. Which it would qualify as ... we already have it. As for my permission. You've got it too.

Yup.  As long as we aren't making money off her stories and aren't using her characters in a way she wouldn't, she's cool like that, and a volunteer-edited and -produced PDF of the game-story qualifies.  Although you may need to talk to Bynw for tech support re: how to host the PDF(s) should that come to fruition (and he'll likely rope me in so that more than one person knows how to bend the tech to their will . . . mwahahahah  ;) ).

That said, it's been a lovely ride, writers and GM!  Thank you all so much!
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James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


Oh, yes! That would be wonderful to have it on the fanfic page so it can be read more easily and as you said, editing out things that interrupt or occasional spellings, etc. A little job for a spare hour or so, here and there. The minute it's up I'm going to read all the way through it. But that is in no way to have you feel pressured as I know you are all weary of demands. Thanks bynw for giving permission and looking at the rules for fanfic. You have all done such a great job!
Judy Ward
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I just did a full word count.  It totaled 768,699.  I intend to leave the writer's name as the heading for each scene, but I am thinking of editing out the post number and date for each post. that will bring the word count down a little bit. Maybe the posts will count as chapters, or, I will discuss it with everyone, but we could find a way to make chapters out of several similar posts. Not sure if it needs chapter break downs? That would be for us to work out as we do the edits. But I do have it broken down into three novel length stories. We will see what we can do to make it all nice and tidy and easy to read. We promise to loose nothing that has been written.
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Laurna has put a LOT of work into pulling everything together for the "book" version.  Now that we have reached the end, I'll make time to give her a bit of help and maybe tidy up a few loose ends.  A second set of eyes can be a good thing.   :)
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I would also like to help. I have been doing the beta reading that she put on Trello and am on the last "book", the one she just posted. I agree that she has done a tremendous amount of work on the book idea. She also put in s lot of work in keeping us moving forward and helping those that most needed it (me). Hope it works out
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Thank you all for the time and effort you are putting in.
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
(Psalm 46 v1)


Everyone of you worked so hard on this, and there's no reason to not take some time off before working on getting it up in fanfic. It is a tremendous work of art and you have all put your best efforts in it. Take some well-deserved time off before tackling the job of cleanup and posting.
Judy Ward
You can buy a pretty good dog with money but you can't buy the wag of its tail.