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Personages of the Eleven Kingdoms in 983

Started by Laurna, March 20, 2017, 01:30:41 AM

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Personages of the Eleven Kingdoms in 983
-The majority of persons listed are from the many pages of Codex Derynianus softcover edition by Katherine Kurtz and Robert Reginald. Names and details from the Codex are in normal type.
-Persons and details added by this author for the fan fiction stories Pretender's Gambit, Dance with a Tiger, Coins of Memory, and Healer's Inheritance are in Bold Italicized type.
The (+) sign indicates a person who makes a first appearance in the introduction story Pretender's Gambit.
The (D) sign indicates a person who makes a first appearance in the story to follow, Dance With a Tiger.

Lords of Gwynedd
House of Haldane

     -Rhys Michael Alister Haldane, called "Rhysem", King of Gwynedd (922-928), Duke of Carthmoor.
Born September 29 906. Third surviving son of Cinhil Haldane and Megan Lady de Cameron. Married Michaela Drummond and by her had children: Prince Cinhil Javan Alroy, died at birth; Prince Owain; Prince Uthyr. Died June 28 928, from complications of his injury. (pronunciation: Rhys= Rees   Haldane = HAL-dane)

+   ~Michaela Jocelyne Drummond Haldane, called "Mika", Queen of Gwynedd, Dowager Queen.
Born February 29, 908. Only daughter of James "Jamie" Lord Drummond and Elinor Lady Howell, and sister of Cathan Lord Drummond. She married Prince Rhys Michael Haldane Duke of Carthmoor, later King of Gwynedd, at Culdi on November 20, 921. At the beginning of our story in 983, she is 75 years old.

    -Owain Javan Cinhil Haldane, King of Gwynedd (928-948).
Born February 29, 924. Son of Rhys Michael Haldane and Michaela Drummond. Became King at the age of four upon the death of his father. King Owain died in the Year 948, during the invasion of Gwynedd by Marek I, Pretender of Gwynedd.

    -Uthyr Michael Richard Haldane, King of Gwynedd (948-980) Duke of Carthmoor.
Born January 15, 929. Second surviving son of Rhys Michael Haldane and Michaela Lady Drummond. Married Grania MacInnis Countess of Culdi on May 2, 947. By her he had children: Prince Nygel, Prince Cinhil (died at 13), Prince Jasher, Prince Cluim, Princess Gesella (twin), Princess Estella (twin, died at two months), Princess Graziana. Uthyr died September 16, 980, at the age of 51.

     ~Grania MacInnis Haldane, Queen of Gwynedd, Countess of Culdi, Queen Mother.
Second surviving daughter of Iver MacInnis Earl of Culdi and Richeldis Lady MacLean. Married Uthyr King of Gwynedd. She died on the 30th day of November, 982.

+    -Nygel Rhys Owain Haldane, King of Gwynedd (980--).
Born September 30, 948. Eldest son of Uthyr Haldane and Grania MacInnis. Married Susanta Lady Eastmarch (daughter of Kennet Howell Earl of Eastmarch). By her he had children: Prince Corban Cinhil (died age 10), Princess Bethanne, Prince Quinnell (died age 2), Princess Venecia, Princess Mavourneen.  Nygel is betrothed to Princess Cassia (daughter of Lludd II King of Llannedd) and is preparing for his second marriage to be held on September 29, 983. At the battle of Old Argoed, September 3, 983, Nygel is 35 years old.

+    -Jasher Owain Cinhil Haldane, Heir to the Throne of Gwynedd, Earl of Culdi (951--), Sir.
Born October 2, 951. Son of Uthyr Haldane and Grania MacInnis. Never married. Lay knight of the Order of Saint Willibrord from September 29, 970. In September of the year 983, Jasher is 31 years old.

+    -Cluim Michael Reginaud Haldane, Crown Prince of Gwynedd, Earl of Carthane (953--), Heir to the Earl of Culdi.
Born April 24, 953. Third surviving son of Uthyr Haldane and Grania MacInnis. Married Lady Swynbeth. By her he had children: Prince Urien, Princess Tiphanelle, Prince Jashan, Princess Ysylit, Prince Michael Rhys (twin), Princess Michaelina Rhyssa (twin). Cluim served as General in the Gwynedd army during the wars with the Festils and Torenth in the years 983-985. (pronunciation: Cluim = Kloom or KLOO-im)

+    ~Lady Swynbeth Fitz-Arthur Quinnell Haldane.
Born May 12, 951. Daughter of Tammaron Fitz-Arthur Quinnell, Duke of Cassan and Lady Tiphane Ainslie. Married Prince Cluim Haldane Earl of Carthane on May 9, 972. Children: Prince Urien; Princess Tiphanelle, Prince Jashan, Princess Ysylit, in 983 she is pregnant with twins. (pronunciation: Swynbeth= Swinn-beth) 
    -Princess Graziana Haldane.
Born 959. Youngest daughter of Uthyr Haldane and Grania MacInnis. Betrothed to Selvase Sieur de Broun. Their marriage was delayed due to the war with the Festils.

D    -Urien Owain Rhys Michael Haldane Prince of Gwynedd, Heir to the Earl of Carthane.
Born March 31, 974. Eldest son of Cluim Haldane and Swynbeth Lady Fitz-Arthur Quinnell. Urien is royal page to King Nygel and then after to King Jasher. He is nine years old in the autumn of 983.

     -Jashan Haldane Prince of Gwynedd, Duke of Carthmoor from birth (978--).
Jashan is the second son of Cluim Haldane. His interests mark him as destined for the church.

Duchies of Gwynedd
     -Current King of Gwynedd

+    -Tammaron II Fitz-Arthur Quinnell, Duke of Cassan (948--).
Son of Tambert Fitz-Arthur Quinnell and Lady Adelicia of Horthness (daughter of Rhun Earl of Sheele). Tammaron married Tiphane Lady Ainslie on August 17, 950, and by her he had children: Lady Swynbeth, Lord Fane (twin), and Lady Nerina (twin).

D    -Fane Fitz-Arthur Quinnell, Heir to the  Duke of Cassan.
Born December 15, 952. Twin to Lady Nerina. Eldest son of Tammaron II Fitz-Arthur Quinnell, Duke of Cassan and Lady Tiphane Ainslie. Married: Ardana Lady de Courcy, and by her had a child: Tambert II. (The listing in the Codex can be found under Tambert I, on page 239.)

     ~Ardana, Lady de Courcy.
Born: c955. Ardana is a daughter of Lord Alphard (Lord Alphard is the grandson of Etienne, Baron de Courcy). Sister of Estevan de Courcy Baron of Stannzar.

     -Ewan II MacEwan, Duke of Claibourne (948--).

     -Angus MacEwan, Heir of Claibourne.

     -Jashan Haldane, Duke of Carthmoor  from birth (978--).
In 983, he is five years old.

Earldoms of Gwynedd
+    -Titus Genlis, Earl of Carcashale (982--).
Son of Theodelphus (955-982). Betrothed to Ida

+    -Cluim Haldane, Earl of Carthane (953--).

+    -Richeldis Rixa MacLean MacInnis, Countess of Kierney and Culdi.
Born on January 9, 904. Eldest surviving daughter and heir of Lord Geoffrey MacLean and Laura Lady Wynford, and a niece of Iain II Earl of Kierney. She married Iver MacInnis Count of Culdi (928-948) on March 5, 918. Children: Lady Janeltis who married Hrorik Ewan Hereditary Duke of Claibourne and Earl of Rhendall, Hereditary Count Hobard MacInnis later Earl of Kierney, Lady Grania Countess of Culdi (948-982). Lady Richeldis is 79 years old in the autumn of 983.

     -Jasher Owain Cinhil Haldane,  Earl of Culdi (982--).

     -Flynn Fitz-Arthur Quinnell, Earl of Derry (953--).
Ancestor of House of O'Flynn. Second son of Tambert I Duke of Cassan and Lady Adelicia of Horthness. Married Margot Lady Murdoch on July 4, 953, and by her had children: Lady Blyth, Hereditary Earl Lanark, Lady Shelagh, Lord Mellish.

     -Lanark Fitz-Arthur Quinnell, Heir to the Earldom of Derry.
Son of Flynn and Margot.

+    -Sighere II Howell, Earl of Eastmarch (973--).
    (pronunciation: Sighere—SIG-er-uh).

+    ~Evelyn Calvarian Howell.
Married to Sighere Howell, pregnant with Sighere's first child in the fall of 983.

      -Rolf II Howell, Heir presumptive to the Earl of Eastmarch.
Brother to Sighere.

D    -Colwyn Howell. 
Brother to Sighere.

       -Ivarr II Howell. 
Son of Colwyn.

      -Pliny Fintan, Earl of Fintan (966--).
Deceased September 3, 983, at the battle of Argoed. The earldom was escheated to the crown in 983.

      -Richard MacInnis, Earl of Kierney (948--).
Son of Hobard McInnis. Only surviving child is Glorian MacInnis Heiress of Kierney.

Kilshane title extinct after 948.

      -Angus I, Earl of Kheldour (966--).

      -Tresham MacEwan, Heir of Kheldour, son of Angus I.

+    -Muir Dauyd Cynfyn, Earl of Lendour (979--).
Born 954. Son of Erwin Cynfyn and Lady Lillian Ashburn Cynfyn. Married to Melina, a Lady from Nur Hallaj. (Pronunciation: Cynfyn = Keen-fin).

+    -Sir Washburn Iliff Cynfyn, Knight Captain of Lendour.
Second son of Erwin Cynfyn and Lady Lillian Ashburn.  Born 959. In the spring of 980 he married Camilla MacEwan. He was heartbroken by her death on Dec. 1, 982. Their son, Iliff Cynfyn, also did not survive. 

     -Camilla MacEwan Cynfyn.
Born 963. Daughter of Ewan Duke of Claibourne. She died in childbirth: Dec. 1, 982.

     -Merissa Cynfyn, also known as Sister Meris.
Sister to Erwin Cynfyn. A nun at the convent of Saint Clair.

Knights of Lendour:
+    Sir Artimus, Sir Dillon, Sir Thomas, Sir Kass, Sir Paulson, Sir Larret.

      -Brian Coris, Earl of Marley (948-983).
Killed in attack by Imre II.

+    -Comyn Coris, Earl of Marley (983-1018)
Only surviving son of Brian.

Pelagog- earldom on the western coast of Cassan
+    -Glynway Heavysege, Earl of Pelagog (949--).
Bitter man who looks to Cassan.

       -Abner Heavysege. Heir of Pelagog.
Grandson of Glynway.


      -Brion Traherne, Earl of Rhendall (957--).
Husband to Gillian MacEwan Heiress of Rhendall (948--).

     -Sir Braham Traherne, Heir  of Rhendall.
Son of Brion.

     -Liam MacArdry, Earl of Transha (966--).
Brother of Ardry, Earl of Transha (955-966), to be succeeded by Liam's grandson Naal.

      -Agness von Horthy, Heiress of Sheele (948--).
Her husband was Edward Calder Earl of Sheele (948--).

D    -Sir Richard Calder, Heir to the Earldom of Sheele.
Son of Edward Calder and Agness.

Lairds and Counts
+    -Duncan McLain, Laird of Leanshire (962--).
Born c932. He would be 51 years old in 983.

+    -Andrew McLain, Heir of Leanshire.
Born c948. Son of Duncan. Married Lady Nerina Fitz- Arthur Quinnell, and had children, the eldest being Roger McLain.  Andrew was 35 years old in 983.

+    -Roger McLain.
Born in 969. Son of Andrew and Nerina. Squire to the Earl of Lendour.

Lindestark (Lindestark is a county in the northernmost part of the Duchy of Claibourne. Unique to the peerage of Gwynedd, the title holder is called Count not Earl and swears allegiance first to the Duke of Claibourne, successor peer to the Earl of Eastmarch in Kheldour, and only then to the King of Gwynedd.)
      -Ossian, Count of Lindestark (983--).

      -Linus Heir of Lindestark,
Linus is the brother of Ossian.

      -Horne FitzOsberne.
Horne was the cousin of Linus.

D    -Anthony Peregrine Morgan Laird of Morganhall (977--).

+    -Javyl Ainslie Lord of Argoed (973--), Sir.
Son of Rhysel Thuryn. Born in 930. He would be 52 years old in 983.  Married a Deryni. (pronounced: Ainslie =AIN-slee).

+    -Rhylen Ainslie.
Son of Javyl Ainslie. At the battle of Old Argoed, Rhylen is 17 years old.

+    -Aidan Ainslie.
Son of Javyl Ainslie.

Calvaria- A small barony in the old lands of Mooryn.
      - Gabel Calvarian, Baron of  Calvaria.
He was a vintner, and not much of a warrior in his aging years. His children are Sir Artimus and Lady Evelyn Countess of Eastmarch.

+    -Artimus Calvarian, Heir to the Barony of Calvaria, First Lieutenant of Lendour.
Born 953. Son of Gabel Calvarian.

     -Caprus Baron d'Eirial (977- ), Sir.
Son of Radulf Baron d'Eirial and his second wife. Younger half-brother to Bishop Gilrae, who abdicated the barony in his favor.  (See Vocation).

    -Robert Donneral, Baron of Donneral, Sir.

      -Lady Lisa Donneral, Dowager Baroness.
Mother to Robert Donneral, Grandmother to Robby.

+    -Robby Donneral.
Squire to Sir Washburn.

Marlor- Marlor is part of the Purple March
      -Ewan MacEwan,  Baron of Marlor (970--).

      -Arran MacEwan, Heir of Marlor, Sir.
Son of  Ewan MacEwan.

D    -Richmond FitzEwan,  Sir.
The honor of the barony of Rheljan was granted to Sir Richmond, a natural son of Ewan II Duke of Claiborne and Collotte BasRhin. He was created Baron by King Cluim on December 2, 985, in recognition of his services during the recent war with Torenth.

+    -Estevan de Courcy, Baron of Stannzar, Sir. - Royal Steward of King Jasher Haldane.
Son of Alphard de Courcy and Bethany Lady Ainslie. (Alphard was the grandson of Etienne, Baron de Courcy).

      -Fulk Fitz-Arthur, Baron Viskin, Lord, Sir.
Born July 18, 907. Third son of Tammaron I Earl Fitz-Arthur.
D    -Redmond Fitz-Arthur, Hereditary Lord of Viskin.

Knights and other nobles
+    -Jerusha Evaine Jodotha Thuryn Drummond, Lady.
This Healer was born on the 1st day of January in the Year of Our Lord 918, being the second surviving daughter of Rhys Lord Thuryn and Evaine Lady MacRorie. She intermarried with Sir Cathan Drummond on the XXXth day of April in the year 937, and by him she had children: the Lady Kyriella, who intermarried with Stuart Lord MacAthan; the Lord Corwin; the Lady Evalina. After her mother's death on the 1st day of August in the year 918, she was raised by her cousin, Fiona Lady MacLean. In the  year 983, the lady Healer is 65 years of age.

+    -Sir Corwin Drummond, King's Royal Council.
Son of Cathan Cinhil Drummond (Lord Regent of Gwynedd) and Lady Jerusha Thuryn, Cousin to the King.

+    -Lord Stuart MacAthan, King's Royal Council, Sir. 
Born 933. Known as son of Ansel MacAthan, secretly the son of Ansel Irial MacRorie and Fiona MacLean.  Married Lady Kyriella Drummond and had children by her: Sir Krispin MacAthan, Ballard Makrory* born 968, Davin* born 970 (*Fan-fiction War of Three Kings by Drakensis) (Pronunciation: Kyriella – KEER-ee-el-a).

+    -Krispin MacAthan, Sir.
Born 965. Son of Stuart MacAthan and Lady Kyriella. Knighted at summer court of 983, Krispin is 18 at the time of the War at Argoed.

D    -Simon - a human physician at court.

D    -Jessa Keryell- a novice from the convent of Saint Clair.

+    -William III d'Argenson, Archbishop Primate of Valoret and All Gwynedd (981-990).
      -Claudius Alboni (979-995), Archbishop of Rhemuth.

      -Joab di Cybo, Bishop of Dhassa (976-998).

D     -Gilrae Donivald,  sometime Baron d'Eirial,  Bishop, Later Archbishop of Rhemuth 
(995-998). See the story Vocation in Deryni Archives.

D     -Hieronymus (or Jerome) Laurens, Bishop, Later Archbishop of Rhemuth (999-1000).

       -William IV Stephanis, Bishop, later Archbishop and Primate of All Gwynedd at Valoret (990-999).

    -Michael, Bishop of Cynfyn.

Notables of the Eleven Kingdoms

D    -Jernian de Corwyn, Duke of Corwyn (978--).
Jernian is married to Duchess Procida, daughter of Reynard IV Duc du Joux of the house of Buyenne-Furstan. In the year 985, the duke will be age 23 and the duchess is age 19. The duchess will be with child due in late spring of 985, when she will birth their son Stiofan Anthony de Corwyn.

      -Stiofan Anthony, Heir to the Duchy of Corwyn
Jernian's son to be born in June of 985.


+    -Imre II Nimur Tamas Furstan-Festil, called "The Pretender," Self-proclaimed King of Gwynedd, Duke of Tolan. 
Born: May 23 928. Eldest son and heir of Marek I Hereditary prince "Bastard Prince" and Titular King of Gwynedd and the Princess Charis, daughter of Nimur I King of Torenth. Imre II is grandson of Imre I, the last of the Furstan-Festils to rule Gwynedd. Imre II  married Tamara Countess of Netterhaven on December 12, 948, and by her he had children: Mark-Imre; Princess Ariella who married Duchad Mor; Princess Anastasia; plus four other children who did not live. At the time of Imre's invasion of Marley to reclaim what he considers is his birthright, he is 55 years old. (Pronunciation: Imre—IM-ray).

     -Mark-Imre Cairill Furstan-Festil, Hereditary (Pretender) Prince of Gwynedd.
Born on January 31, 950. Eldest son and heir of Imre II and Tamara Countess of Netterhaven. He married Countess Maryam, daughter of Simon Count Tsereteli on April 17, 970, and by her had children: Princess Ariella II later Titular Queen of Gwynedd; Prince Imre III; Princess Imriella Elizabeth; Prince Tamar who died at age IV; Princess Charisella who assumed the veil.

D     -Duchad Mor, Count of Tigre.
Born: April 17,952. Married first Princess Ariella on May 31, 966,  had identical twin sons born on March 22, 967: Prince Festil Angus and Prince Blaine Imre. Princess Ariella died in childbirth.  Duchad married second Saraid Lady Aileach on October 15, 967, and had children: Angus II, Lady Niamhessa, Lord Magogue, Lord Rhori, Lady Samhaoir.

D    -Kyprian II Konyves Kaspar Kirill Furstan, King of Torenth.
Born October 13, 975. He is ten years old and his regents are his grandmother the Dowager Princess Zubayda, and his great-uncle the Prince Vidar Duke of Truvorsk and Prince Bishop of Podebrad. He succeeded from his father King Malachy II and eldest brother Hereditary Prince Nimur who were killed at the battle of Grecotha,  and he succeeded his second eldest brother Prince Carolus who died several days later. "King Kyprian was ever driven by a need to avenge himself upon the Haldanes, whom he blamed for the deaths of his father and brothers...."

D    -Prince Collaroy, acknowledged illegitimate son of Malachy II King of Torenth
Older half-brother to Kyprian II, the current king of Torenth. Of an age and companion to his half-brother Prince Carolus who died at Grecotha.

Tralia, The court of Orsal
D     -Erastus Hort of Orsal, Prince of Tralia, (977--).
He would have been born around 940. I am calculating it to be 945 and therefore he is 45 years old. Eldest son of Cyric I Hort of Orsal (962-977), married the Princess Gesella Haldane, daughter of King Uthyr Haldane and Grania MacInnis Haldane. Gesella would be born after her brother, Prince Cluim, who was born in 953. She will be in her late 20's in 985.

D    -Peador,
Born 971, only surviving son of Erastus. He will be 12 years old in 983 cousin of Jathurn .

D    -Makonnen.
Second son of Cyric I, Hort of Orsal. Married Princess Anastasia, 6th child of Imre II Nimur Tamas Furstan-Festil and Tamara Countess of Netterhaven. She was likely born after 958.

3rd son of Cyric I, Hort of Orsal.

     -Jacuth Thuryn.
Son of Tieg Thuryn.  Married Elzia Lady of Horthy and had children by her:  Lord Jathurn, Lady**, Lady Orlita, Lord Ellison, Lady Jessamyn.  He died in a fire in 973.

D     -Elzia Kyriell Thuryn, Lady of Horthy.
Eldest daughter of Cyric I, Hort of Orsal. Born 942. Married Jacuth Thuryn on July 22, 959.

D    -Jathurn Kyriell Thuryn, Baron of Kythira.
Born 960.

D    -Ellison Kyriell Thuryn, Lord, Healer.
Born 965.

      -Bhair al-Salah, King of R'Kassi.

D    -Al'lsian, Queen of R'Kassi.

D    -Princess Jaroni.
Daughter of Bhair King of R'Kassi and Al'lsian.

Trevalga - A sovereign County in the Connait
D     -Murray MacGregor, Count of Trevalga (981--).
Son of Jesse MacGregor.

May your horses have wings and fly!